Wednesday, April 1, 2015

What do Eastside house flippers have against molding?

In defense of molding | Kendyl Young/Flickr-C.C. 2.0

For lovers of old homes, the flipper is often a foe when it comes to preserving a building's historic charm and character. In addition to ripping out original built-in cabinets and tile, one of the most common old house features to wind up in the dumpster is molding - the decorative wood or plaster trim found around doorways and at the top and bottom of walls. Now, urban homesteader and Root Simple blogger Erik Knutzen of Silver Lake wants flippers to think twice before they rip out that molding.

Occidental College joins the York Boulevard scene

Occidental College Buys York Boulevard Building

EAGLE ROCK -- Except for a small green metal street sign, there’s little indication that Occidental College is only a short walk away from York Boulevard. But that’s about the change after the liberal arts college purchased a York Boulevard commercial building with plans to create a more visible gateway on York and also attract more shops and cafes further west along the street.

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What’s in store for Echo Park’s bar-cade?


ECHO PARK -- From Venice to Downtown L.A., architects Rebecca Rudolph and Catherine Johnson have created some memorable and award winning restaurants spaces. Now, their firm, called Design, Bitches, is working to turn a former Sunset Boulevard Shoe Warehouse store into a bar-cade, a combination bar, restaurant and vintage video arcade.

Cars not welcome on the L.A. River path

ELYSIAN VALLEY -- The blue-and-white "Share The Path" signs along the L.A. River path are intended for cyclists and pedestrians - not motorists. But on Saturday night, Elysian Valley residents reported seeing a black, late-model Honda traveling on the narrow pathway, according to the Elysian Valley Neighborhood Watch..

Teens shot in Cal State L.A. parking lot; how a proposed Highland Park car wash went down to defeat

Highland Park | Andriana Baker/Instagram

MORNING REPORT: Two teenage males, a 14-year-old and 18-year-old, were wounded after they were shot Sunday night while "challenging" people in the Cal State L.A. parking lots ... A labor union and rival business owners were involved in helping block city approval of a new Highland Park car wash .... Bob Baker Marionette Theater plays a part in upcoming NCIS: Los Angeles episode

The aftermath of a death in East L.A.; Lincoln Heights cultural center picks up “Glee” seats; city offices closed Monday for Cesar Chavez holiday

Elysian Park | daveedkapoor/Instagram

MORNING REPORT: The friend of a 62-year-old man who was fatally struck by a car in an East L.A. park has struggled to reach the victim’s family members and arrange for his burial in Mexico ... More than 450 auditorium seats used in the set for the Fox TV show “Glee” have been donated to Plaza de La Raza in Lincoln Heights after the show went off the air, according to a Council District 1 newsletter ... City offices will be closed on Monday, March 30 for the Cesar Chavez holiday.

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  • Echo Park church is blessed with a faithful repairman

    Echo Park church is blessed with a faithful repairman

    ECHO PARK — Congregants of Echo Park United Methodist Church know that long-time church member 81-year-old Walter Elmer is the man to turn to for maintenance and repair. In 2010, he stood four stories atop the church’s dome to repaint it gold, and, as the chairman of the board of trustees, Elmer has solved numerous projects large and small with his team of handymen. Read More »