Monthly Archives: September 2008

Twilight over Mt. Washington

Al Hermann wasted no time to capture this image of Mt. Washington from his home. “I’d just moved into this neighborhood and was pretty excited about my view of Mt. Washington. I’ve also been interested in finding a good balance of artificial light and twilight, so when the view presented itself, I grabbed my camera and went at it.” Photo ... Read More »

Singing the praises of the 110 freeway

Honking horns and screeching brakes are probably among the most common sounds you will hear along the 110 Freeway (along with the screams of drivers forced to go from 60 to zero in three seconds as they exit at Avenue 43). But come next year, L.A.’s oldest freeway will inspire a different kind of sound, an opera: “The 110 Project, ... Read More »

Floating door in Glassell Park

“This door kind of appears to be floating in the sky, but it’s actually at the side of a woodcraft shop on Verdugo Rd. at Avenue 34 in Glassell Park,” said photographer Christopher Grisanti. Photo from LA Snapshot Read More »

An Echo Park hospital is turning to a sick real estate market to survive

Barlow Respiratory Hospital, tucked into a ravine between Dodger Stadium and Elysian Park, opened more than a century ago to treat patients suffering from tuberculosis and other respiratory diseases. But last week it was some of Barlow’s neighbors who were left gasping for breath. During a meeting with a small group of residents, Barlow administrators and consultants unveiled their early ... Read More »

Enough with this Eastside stuff…for today

Is Nela the new Eastside? LA Eastside Chill out, Eastsiders. Intersections “I‘ve changed my mind. While watching the newly inflamed debate in Los Angeles right now over the actual, for-real, 100% factual boundary of what is Eastside and Westside, in a city that has always had trouble defining its boundaries to begin with, I think fluidity on those definitions from ... Read More »

Intelligenstia barista school is now in session in Glassell Park

The terra-cotta Intelligentsia coffee sign pops out from a drab stretch of industrial buildings along San Fernando Road in Glassell Park. Sorry, you can’t buy a cup of Esmeralda Especial here. This is the company’s West Coast roasting plant and training center, where baristas-to-be get their training before they are allowed to go solo behind the Clover machine in the ... Read More »

An Eastsider by any other name

It’s only been a few days since this blog went semi-public but already folks have challenged my use of the name Eastsider to describe my blog, my neighborhood and perhaps even myself. In the comments, Chimatli of the LA Eastside blog writes: “I would add that I think it’s strange that you chose the name Eastsider LA for this blog.” ... Read More »

Echo Park cop wins huge settlement

Turns out that the LAPD officer who was awarded $3.1 million by a jury in his lawsuit against the department is Echo Park’s top cop, Robert Hill. The senior lead officer is known to most residents as Bobby. Now you can call him rich, too. LA Times Read More »

Echo Park tree people go out on a limb

It was bad enough when a ficus tree in front of Celaya Bakery on Sunset Boulevard was hacked away on a Saturday morning. Then, around the corner, another Echo Park street tree, a Gold Medallion, got a chopped. That was it for Michael O’Brien, who weighs in on neighborhood flora and fauna on the Echo Elysian forum. He proposed punishment ... Read More »

New respect for Highland Park’s Wild Style

Complaints about a “gang-looking” mural on the side of the Los Paisanos market in Highland Park prompted the city last month to paint over the artwork. A second attempt to create a less menacing mural has met with a quick response, this time from taggers. The “Wild Style” graffiti, notes Cheryl Johnson on NELA Live, sprayed over part of the ... Read More »