Echo Park tree people go out on a limb

It was bad enough when a ficus tree in front of Celaya Bakery on Sunset Boulevard was hacked away on a Saturday morning. Then, around the corner, another Echo Park street tree, a Gold Medallion, got a chopped. That was it for Michael O’Brien, who weighs in on neighborhood flora and fauna on the Echo Elysian forum. He proposed punishment of Biblical proportions for illegal tree trimmers and choppers:

I am not sure why people take after trees–low self-esteem, poor ego, fear that they lack large cojones, whatever–especially trees that aren’t theirs. Anyway, the penalty should be that the vandals suffer the same fate as the trees that they attack–hack off a few of their limbs–see how they like it–maybe would be a good deterrent.”

Did he really mean that? asked one person. It didn’t seem to matter because most others in the online forum supported the limb-for-a-limb punishment in a string of mostly pro-tree comments. One person threw in a good word for weeds as well:

e all have revenge fantasies. You may not understand the motive for the emotion, but I’m sure you can certainly understand the emotion. Hell, we probably all have several violent thoughts a day, just driving in traffic.

“If I’m not mistaken, trees are far more important to our existence than a tree butcher.”
“You may have found Michael’s “limb for a limb” desire shocking, but there are so many people like her [the bakery store owner], it’s really, really hard not to get very, very frustrated and not express it in language which may be over the top.”
“I don’t know why this merchant wanted to cut down the tree, but it’s just a tree! it’s not the whole eco-system and it’s NOT a person! is there a hierarchy of plant life — is it okay to weed the parkways? aren’t those plants just as “important?”
“What a bunch of scolds you all are. Nothing better to do?

Photo by Malcom Schenot

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