Monthly Archives: November 2008

News & Notes from Boyle Heights, City Terrace, Echo Park & Beyond

Customer loses appetite over Echo Park food photos. LA Eastside Eastside Turkeys: Councilman Jose Huizar gives away 1,600 meals in El Sereno after Councilman Ed Reyes serves up 600 families at Dodger Stadium. Boyle Heights community activist Ross Valencia dies. EGP News Do all CD 14 residents get this kind of service?: Council staff delivers Thanksgiving Turkey to Zumma Dog. ... Read More »

Giving thanks to Garcetti

A Thanksgiving Day LA Times’ editorial listing things to be thankful for included Echo Park resident and Los Angeles City Council President Eric Garcetti. He was listed after bus drivers and before Prop. 8 protesters: “We don’t appreciate everything the City Council does — it bobbles its share of issues and expends a fair amount of hot air. But Garcetti’s ... Read More »

A Thanksgiving story from 1963

On what must have been an even slower than usual day for news, the LA Times paid a Thanksgiving Day visit to a local animal hospital to check on the condition of Room 8 cat, the beloved feline mascot of Elysian Heights Elementary School: “The children at Elysian Heights Elementary School will be happy to know today that Room 8 ... Read More »

News & Notes from Atwater, Boyle Heights, Cypress Park, Eagle Rock & Echo Park

Authorities offer a $95,000 reward in the August shooting death of a deputy sheriff outside his Cypress Park home. LA Times A Boyle Heights palm tree attack. LAist Vandals at Eagle Rock high leave classrooms and book storage flooded; damage might reach $500,000. Eagle’s Scream Homeboy Industries operating on a “payroll to payroll” basis. Witness LA Los Feliz cancels its ... Read More »

Young actors rediscover the Elysian Park amphitheater

A long forgotten stage and amphitheater in Elysian Park came back to life Tuesday morning thanks to an actress and a recreation center for people with disabilities. Children took to the stage of the Elysian Park Therapeutic Recreation Center to perform “A Thanksgiving Story” under the direction of Alejandra Flores, an actress and founder of the Los Angeles Theatre Academy. ... Read More »

City to consider creating overnight parking and sleeping zones

Anyone near Bellevue Avenue in Echo Park or Riverside Drive in Silver Lake is familiar with the sight of people sleeping and living out of their cars, vans and RVs. It’s illegal to do so, under city law. But that might change under a proposed ordinance that would permit people to legally sleep in their vehicles over night in designated ... Read More »

Silver Lake paid the price to remove a bit of billboard blight from Echo Park

This is probably of little comfort to Silver Lake residents angered over that new digital billboard blazing over Silver Lake Boulevard near Effie Street. But that sign probably helped lead to the removal of traditional billboards in Echo Park. Echo Park residents can be forgiven, however, if they have not noticed the reduction in blight or for failing to send ... Read More »

Big plans for Boyle Heights apartments have residents on edge

The housing market continues to tumble, but the owners of the sprawling Wyvernwood Garden Apartments in Boyle Heights are preparing for an eventual rebound. Many Wyvernwood tenants, however, are preparing for trouble . More than two hundred of them expressed their concerns at a meeting about the owner’s plans to eventually demolish the 1,800, post-war apartments and build more than ... Read More »

News & Notes from Atwater, Echo Park & Glassell Park

Saturday night stabbing in Echo Park. Echo Elysian Forum Would you like some Scotch Rarebit on your burger at the Tam O’ Shanter? Serious Eats What’s this? Call for artists from the Elysian Park Museum of Art. EPMOA Glassell Park is not all that bad. LA Times Read More »

Will the Dodger Trolley be dropped from the 2009 line up?

One of the few major successes for the Dodgers this year was the launch of the Dodger Trolley, a free shuttle from Union Station to Chavez Ravine. But that shuttle was not free for Los Angeles tax payers, who paid about $150,000, or twice what was budgeted, to keep the shuttles rolling. With the cost of the shuttle expected to ... Read More »

Why would anyone want to open a business these days?

The Dow has plunged, unemployment has soared and everyone is thinking twice – make that three times -about spending money. It’s probably not the best time to open a store, but it’s too late to turn back for several entrepreneurs who have recently or are about to open up shop in Echo Park. A few owners spoke about their prospects ... Read More »

Perhaps he should have advertised on a blog

Some residents get angry over tagging. Others by abandoned sofas. But for many on Mt. Washington, the most hated form of urban blight are those fliers stapled and taped to light posts. A group is now seeking punishment for a C.P.A. who blanketed the neighborhood with his ads, printing his name, phone number and address on the Nela List. I ... Read More »

New format for Dov Charney’s used clothing store

What happened to California Select? American Apparel opened the Echo Park vintage clothing and accessories store last year on Sunset Boulevard as part of a new retail concept. But the Echo Park store is now gone. Did American Apparel founder Dov Charney overestimate the demand for used mini dresses and 1980s Swatch watches? Apparently not. While Echo Park’s California Select ... Read More »