When dog owners attack

It’s not unusual for dogs to snap and snarl at each other in the dog haven that is Elysian Park. The morning, however, it was two dog owners that went at each other in an exchange that involved rock throwing and a smack to the face. Here’s what happened as described by an Echo Park neighbor named Mariel who was walking her two dogs, Beastie and Bella, on an Elysian Park fire road:

“I just wanted to warn folks to stay away from a woman with a yellow lab who smacked me around a bit this morning, in a very junior high kind of way. I reported it to the police, but only had the wits about me after the incident to memorize a partial plate of her car. But she’s a mean one, with a mean dog. I don’t want anyone else to run afoul of her temper.

Here’s what happened: This morning about 8:15 a.m. I was walking my two dogs, Beastie and Bella, on their double leash on the paved fire road between Morton Avenue and the Lodge. I saw the woman and her dog approach me and my dogs about 5-6 car lengths away. Her dog, a large Yellow lab, was off-leash. I asked her to put him on leash because I had seen him once before and he lunged at my dogs then. She said “he’s fine.”

He wasn’t, he made a bee-line for my leashed dogs, lunging snarling and teeth-bared. No biting, but maybe cause I kept dragging my dogs back. I threw a small rock at him (not hitting him). Not my proudest moment, but I was scared and couldn’t think of how to make him go away because the woman still wasn’t trying to restrain him or call him off. Instead she attacked me telling me she would “beat my ass” for throwing a rock at her dog. She ripped off my sunglasses with one hand, hit me in the face with the other and shoved me.

At this point, I let Beastie go so he could get in between us, which he did. Then she turned and literally ran away. That’s it.

I followed to get her car information. She drives a black Honda Accord. She’s a tall heavyset woman, about 5’10”- 6′, 180-200 pounds wearing a college sweatshirt, Her dog is a yellow lab about 80-90 pounds. If you see them, please just turn around or go somewhere else. I wasn’t badly hurt, just a sore cheek and wounded pride. But I will be avoiding that stretch of park and carrying my peppers spray in the future.”

Photo by pthread1981 via Flickr

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