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Around The Eastsider

Stories and items from other parts of the blog: * A Silver Lake beekeeper serves up home grown honey in Atwater. Eastsider on the Go* Crime on a cul de sac has a resident worried. Eastside 911* A Chinatown Victorian makes a move (finally) to Highland Park. Home & History* Hermon goes shopping for a market. Eastside Citizen Photo by ... Read More »

Old homies pay tribute to handball, history and a woman named Michi

On Saturday morning, over steaming bowls of menudo served in Styrofoam bowls, the members of the Southern California Old Timers gathered within the brick walls of the Maravilla Handball Court in East Los Angeles. This group of mostly older, former prisoners and veteranos from barrios across Southern California had come here not only to attend their 20th Annual Menudo Breakfast. ... Read More »

Someone needs to tell Sunset magazine about the Echo Park Lake lotuses

They are dead, having fallen victim to some mysterious ailment, and perhaps some city neglect, after blooming in Echo Park Lake for more than 70 years. But that news apparently never reached the editors of Sunset. In the July issue, the magazine recommends that readers take a day trip to Echo Park to enjoy the non existent blooms: “Echo Park ... Read More »