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Monthly Archives: September 2009

Don’t show this photo to your feathered friends

Echo Park residents near Macbeth and Quintero streets awoke this morning to find small drifts of white feathers on the street and on cars. Scott Fajack, who took the photo, assumes they must have fallen off a truck. It may look messy but feather dumping is ... Read More »

A walk and talk around Echo Park Lake

A group of Echo Park residents, city employees and consultants took a walk around Echo Park Lake this morning to review some of the changes and improvements proposed under an $84 million plan to rehabilitate the lake. The focus of the project is to improve water ... Read More »

Clifford Street Elementary Fostering Learning & Good Character


Our goal at Clifford Street School is to offer a rigorous academic program that fosters learning and is also focused on building good character.  This can be accomplished by implementing the principles of effective learning and positive social skill development and interaction.  The Big Idea is ... Read More »

Scenes from an Echo Park accident

An early morning traffic accident at Sunset Boulevard and Echo Park Avenue left one car on the sidewalk and another vehicle smashed in the middle of the intersection, according to the Echo Park Trading Post, which also published more photos from the accident scene. The small ... Read More »

Gushing over Elysian Park

The sight and sound of a small creek and waterfall is refreshing on a hot day like today. It’s also surprising because, in the case of Elysian Park, there is no permanent creek or water fall – until a water line breaks. This morning a small ... Read More »

What’s more pathetic than a headless palm tree?

How about two headless palm trees. These twins palms stand behind an Echo Park house on Alvarado Street near Vons. The Eastside skyline is marked by many palm poles, including one in Glassell Park on Eagle Rock Boulevard near El Paso Street. Echo Park’s Twin Palms ... Read More »

Eastside Shopper & Diner

What Silver Lake Happy Hour offers duck-fat-popped popcorn? Where in Highland Park can you buy grass-fed beef? Who is selling more than 30,000 CDs for only 99 cents each this Sunday? Find the answers in Eastsider on the Go. Read More »

Citrus bug hunters arrive in Angelino Heights

Residents were supposed to have been notified in advance if workers, including contractors hired by the state, needed to enter private property to spray the pesticide. The biggest threat posed by the psyllid is that it can carry a disease called huanglongbing, which can sap away ... Read More »

Plants that make a point

This row of spiky agave planted in Silver Lake near Corralitas Drive are not the most welcoming sight, and that’s probably intentional, says Diane Edwardson of the Corralitas Red Car Property blog: “With dumping, late night parties and abandoned stolen cars,is there any wonder why neighbors ... Read More »

Save the Date

Take a Jeepney tour of Historic Filipinotown/Photo from Pilipino Worker’s Center Thursday, September 24* Live music, dancing and maybe even some shopping at Atwater’s Summer Nights on the Boulevard Friday, September 25* How hot do you like it? Find out at the “Seize the Sizzle Salsa ... Read More »

Eastside Crime Watch

The Sunset Boulevard corridor through Silver Lake got hit with several reports of personal thefts while Atwater and Highland Park suffered through multiple burglaries. Read more about major crimes reported during the week of Sept. 14- 20 in Eastside 911. Photo by bcmacsak1/Flickr Read More »

DWP, where are you?

Water was gushing from a deep hole in the middle of Morton Avenue in Echo Park this afternoon. Another one of those“major blow outs” popping DWP water mains across the city? No, not this one. A crew with a Gas Co. contractor broke the water main ... Read More »