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Monthly Archives: November 2009

Atwater holiday tree lighting is back on: Last week the organizers of Atwater Village’s annual holiday tree lighting canceled the upcoming ceremony in the face of budget and permit problems. But, this morning, Luis Lopez of the Atwater Chamber of Commerce got a call from a ... Read More »

Why settle for grass when you can have carpet?

Today’s Sunday swap meet down by Echo Park Lake (this is a crack down?) included a carpet vendor who had unrolled his wares across the lawn. The 12-foot-long sections cost $25 but the vendor said he would let it go for only $20. Never worry about ... Read More »

Atwater pulls the plug on holiday tree lighting *

*Update: The tree lighting ceremony is back on. The Eastsider Last year’s elaborate Atwater Village tree lighting ceremony attracted a big crowd and controversy. This year there will be none of that. Organizers of what would have been the 18th annual tree lighting next Friday have ... Read More »

Scenes of chaos and calm on Thanksgiving morning

Everybody wants to help out on Thanksgiving Day, which was clearly the case in Echo Park this morning as lines of volunteers and cars converged on The Echo nightclub for Gobble Gobble Give, a holiday food program that has in the past served up and delivered ... Read More »

Look, above the gas station, isn’t that Echo Park?

Hipsters dance atop mural-covered buildings. Stairways climb up steep hills. A blimp hovers over Dodger Stadium and a skateboarder zips past some Victorian homes. Welcome to Echo Park as conceived by a local real estate broker, drawn by a cartoonist working from Stewartsville, New Jersey and, ... Read More »

Eastside Property Report: Echo Park and Silver Lake home prices (at least those in the 90026 Zip Code) posted the biggest increase in the area during October. But Eagle Rock and northern Silver Lake and Atwater Village were not far behind. Click on the link below ... Read More »

Speed was a deadly factor in a fatal Echo Park accident

The car involved in Sunday’s fatal accident in Echo Park was traveling nearly 70 miles an hour on Sunset Boulevard when the driver lost control of the vehicle, an investigator said today. The driver, Stephanie Silvestre, 21, of Los Angeles, was killed and a passenger was ... Read More »

It’s not easy being a snowman in Elysian Park

Workers at Elysian Park today installed this year’s batch of holiday snowmen and snowwoman – made from tumbleweeds spray-painted white – around the park. But there won’t be a snowman at the corner of Stadium Way and Scott Avenue this year, said lead senior gardener John ... Read More »

Neighborhood Watch: An Echo Park resident whose car was broken into on Lemoyne Street near Berkeley Saturday wanted to warn her neighbors to watch theirs cars and mailboxes: “I found a partial pile of some of my stuff in the bushes at Berkeley and Lake Shore. ... Read More »