The dangerous life of the cable guy

Last Friday ended on a terrifying note for a 28-year-old Time Warner cable technician whose job it was to pull the plug on an East Hollywood customer named Jesus Velasco. After confronting the technician, the angry cable customer fetched his pit bull and sent the dog charging at the cable installer, who fled to the roof of his van parked in the 500 block of North Heliotrope Avenue, reports Lt. Wes Buhrmester with the Rampart Division. Velasco then put the dog on the van’s roof, but the animal fell off. After climbing down off the van, the Time Warner worker was once again confronted by Velasco, who this time was carrying a fire extinguisher. Velasco sprayed the cable man and then hit the victim in the face with the edge of the extinguisher. Police arrived on the scene shortly after the assault, arresting Velasco. The cable installer suffered a large cut under his left eye. Velasco, who kicked out one of the police car’s window after being detained, was booked on assault with a deadly weapon (the dog and the fire extinguisher) and bail was set at $30,000. Click on the link below for Buhrmester’s full version of the incident.

A 28-year-old cable technician for Time Warner was disconnecting a cable from a residential user for payment issues, when he was confronted by Jesus Velasco, 28, who lived at that residence. While the cable technician (eventual victim) was away from his locked van, Velasco went to the vehicle and attempted to get in. The victim told Velasco to get away from his van, at which time Velasco charged him with fists clenched. The victim, who carries pepper spray to protect himself from dogs, displayed the canister and threatened to spray Velasco if he came closer.

Velasco went to his yard, got his pit bull dog and ordered the dog to attack the victim, who by now was near his van. The victim climbed onto the roof of his van as the dog charged him, at which time Velasco picked up the dog and attempted to put the dog on the roof also. The dog was not able to keep its footing and fell, uninjured. Velasco then returned the dog to the fenced yard.

Thinking it was safe, the victim got down off the roof of his van. Velasco reappeared, now carrying a dry chemical fire extinguisher. Before the victim could react, Velasco sprayed him in the face with the extinguisher, then hit him with the bottom edge, inflicting a large laceration of his left eye.

Fortunately for the victim, a parking enforcement officer had seen the pit bull attack and the victim climbing atop his van, and she had called the police. Also, after he had climbed onto the roof, the victim phoned his office at work, and they also called the police. Officers arrived just after Velasco hit him with the extinguisher, and detained him for investigation of assault. While Velasco was seated in a police car, he kicked out one of the windows. Velasco was booked at Metropolitan Jail Section for assault with a deadly weapon (the fire extinguisher and the dog), with bail set at $30,000.00.

The victim advised he would seek his own aid regarding his injury, which was not life-threatening.


  1. Cable T.V. or jail? Hmm! Jail sounds good, three hots & a cot. What an idiot! Poor doggie, to have a dumb owner like that.

  2. well at least he'll have cable in jail! what's happening with the dog? Pit bull rescue should be notified.

  3. what a pendejo ignorant latino

  4. What I don't understand is what a mean, violent individual was doing with a pit bull for a pet. That just seems unusual. (SARCASM)

  5. Hmm. Sounds like there's more to the story. It's rare that a truck roll is necessary to disconnect a single customer. If he had a digital box, TW could have just sent a ping from the headend. Or if he was one of the last analog customers, the tech could have disconnected at the pole or neighborhood box. No need to even set foot on the property, usually.

  6. satellite is such a better option

  7. Anonymous, 4-8-10, 9:01 p.m., c'mon, none of that. As far as the dog goes, the Department of Animal Regulation was advised of the incident, and will review it to see if this household is a repeat offender. The dog was left at the house, as other residents were there to take custody of the dog, and they have better impulse control than Mr. Velasco. The dog was not loose or a nuisance before it was directed by a person to attack the cable technician, so there was no need to impound it.Jerry, the technician was examining a utility pole to the rear of the houses when first confronted. It was on a public right-of-way. The technician was never on Mr. Velasco's property.Wes(213) [email protected]

  8. and you wonder why I hate people.

  9. $30,000 bail??? For that kind of assault? That seems ridculousy low. $3000 and this violent time bomb is back out and in our neighborhoods.

  10. Why is it that trashy, powerless people own these animals as pets? Pit Bulls are bred for fighting. They are banned to own in Australia. When will we follow suit?

  11. It seems like tw put their workers at risks

  12. I happen to know this Jesus Velasco guy. First of all those pit bulls that he owns are pocket pits. No larger than 35 lbs. These dogs are very sweet. They would not know what to do if told to attack. There are several children living in this home and people in and out of the gate and these dogs are so lazy. If you’ve ever seen a pocket pit, their legs ate very short and can barely walk much less run or charge. They are very unintelligent and I know this guy and I know he would not take the time to train these dogs to attack or even sit for that matter. I don’t doubt that he may have stuck the dog on top the van but the dog was probably more scared than the guy. This guy is not the sharpest tool in the shed and does have a temper but the dogs attacking is NOT TRUE!!! He should not get charged with assult with a deadly weapon from these scardy cat dogs.

  13. Regardless, the fact of the matter is this guy went off of someone who was just doing what they were paid to do. He then attempted to have his pitbull dog (a breed that is notoriously known to seriously injure people and on occassion taken the life of other animals and human beings). Regardless if the dogs attacked or not, he clearly made an attempt to have the pitbull attack the victim. Not to mention, the fire extinguisher that was used to assault him! The issue is obviously with the homeowner, Jesus who attacked the cable guy and acted like a complete monster. Maybe if you paid your cable bill…then none of this might have happened. I wouldn’t be surprised if he lashes out all the time like the way he did here. I hope the justice system doesn’t fail to teach him a lesson.

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