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The Eastsider seems to have been reporting from Animal Planet this week, with stories about 200 dead fish found in Echo Park Lake and disappearing bear murals in Silver Lake. There are two more animal-related stories to report, a reminder about rattlesnakes in Elysian Park. An Echo Park resident named Chad described what he found in the park Friday morning:

“I was taking my dog on a hike today in Elysian Park near Park Dr.
and I saw a rattlesnake shedded skin. It was about 4 feet long. I did not have my camera with me so I was not able to get a photo. I was also told by the owners of Blue Collar Working Dog that other people have seen rattlesnakes in the park. Just passing the info along for others to be on the look out when hiking with dogs or kids.”

If you still want more Eastside animal news, click on the link below regarding a hairless dog/Chupacabra sighting in Elysian Park.

A person named Terry who drives through Elysian Park to work downtown writes asking if anyone else has spotted a strange and sad looking dog. It was spotted last week on Stadium Way near Academy Road. Here’s the description:

“Have you heard anything about a seriously strange looking
dog in Elysian Park? I saw it two years ago and couldn’t really even ID what it was. Not a coyote, not really a domesticated dog. I saw it again yesterday, along with the other morning commuters, and it’s completely bald with tufts of white hair hanging off of it. It looks like some kind of chupacabra. My coworker’s son has also seen it twice in the echo park area. It’s definitely a survivor, living in the brush of the park like many other dogs and people. Just wanted to know if you know anything about it, or it’s name or something.”

Bottom left photo from Wikipedia;bottom right photo by MikeBaird/Flickr

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  1. I dropped my son off at Grand Arts and drove back home through Elysian Park. It is only 8;10 am and I have see a lone Coyote going home. Last week I saw a large hairless grey bony Dog like animal very muscular frolicking around on the grass in the park. I took a double look as it was not a Dog or a Cayote and had a unusual shaped mouth I looked on line and it was a “Chupacarbra”. I wanted to report it.!

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