Never come between a food truck and its customers

The unfortunate owner of this Honda apparently forgot to heed the temporary no parking signs and got their vehicle towed away to make room  for one of four food trucks parked  in the 1500 block of Echo Park Avenue on Sunday afternoon. The temporary no parking and lunch truck zone – where mobile foods fans munched on everything from samosas to  ice cream sandwiches  –  was part of a promotion sponsored by one of the shops, Mishka.


  1. that’s a drag.

  2. Oh well , that comes to show to look at the signs before you park. I have noticed some people in the Echo Park area that get off their cars and don’t even care how they are parked. Hopefully this person will be smart next time and notice the signs that are up for a reason.

  3. Sure it’s the vehicle driver’s responsibility to know/obey the signs, but the more these homeless restaurants negatively impact their surroundings the more I avoid them.

  4. @Will Care to elaborate on the “negative impact” of the food trucks? Just curious, as most people (myself included) love them.

  5. wasn’t the entire neighborhood up in arms over food trucks a couple of months ago when they were parked in front of Jensens?

  6. @chris here are a couple of “negative impacts”
    taking business away from brick and mortar eateries who pay higher rents , higher overhead, more taxes and fees. which actually benefit the neighborhood they exist in. they are like mobile leaches coming into neighborhoods to siphon business away from the local businesses. trash left over from people eating on the street. taking up parking stalls that are to be used by the public not businesses.

  7. @jim

    Point taken on trucks taking away from brick and mortar businesses. I don’t see taking up parking spaces as much of a negative impact though. LA needs far more disincentives for driving/parking and far more incentives to get people to use public transit.

  8. Hi Chris,

    Jim just about summed up the big picture regarding the negatives. On the smaller screen this car’s owner probably had to cough up a hundred bucks-plus to get that car out of impound.

    Again, I’m not taking the responsibility for the tow away from that person, I’m just saying no trucks, no temporary no-parking signs, no problems.

  9. so – we can hate on the hipster food trucks who siphon business away from brick and mortar establishments and take parking spaces and create a trash problem and we cannot hate on the swap meet vendors who do the same re brick and mortar shops and trash and take open park space?

  10. those food trucks, parked on that block of echo park ave take business directly away from chango and delilah’s. and the fact that they create MORE of a parking hassle, bringing in no parking signs?
    –give me a fucking break. on the weekend, when we have already dealt with the thursday/friday street cleaning, and are in the middle of the parking hassle that is dodger season, that is beyond annoying. i wouldn’t eat anything from those trucks if they gave it away. that is a busy, congested block on the weekends, and that is a lame place to set up shop. why don’t they park in the parking lot that runs parallel to sunset? oh, because there would be a fee?

  11. Yes, umm, there was a lot of “up in arms” when the food truck was parked on Logan next to Jensen’s. All the tenants on that side of the building had to put up with noise late into the night, and the workers in the truck regularly urinated right on Jensen’s! Every single night. There was constant urine smell. And don’t go telling me it wasn’t so, I personally saw it with my own eyes. There were a lot of other issues, too, like when someone got assaulted next to the truck and the vendors did nothing.

  12. There should be a parking restriction so that food trucks can’t operate within a certain distance of brick and mortar restaurants. It’s not fair to the business that is paying rent to be in that neighborhood.

    I’d like to know how much the trucks actually pay for being able to operate curbside. Is it only the meter fee? Or is there an operating fee paid to the city as well? Obviously, they had to make arrangements with the city in order to get those temporary ‘no parking’ signs put up.

  13. Depends on the food truck…

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