Rock band’s music video attracts feathered fans *

The rock band OK Go has released another made-in-Echo Park music video.  Unlike the group’s last video, This Too Shall Pass,  which was recorded indoors in a Glendale Boulevard warehouse,  the new  End Love video was staged entirely outdoors by Echo Park Lake, where some elaborate, stop-action choreography attracted the attention of  a goose or two (or is that a big duck?) during the shooting at the end of March. Echo Park residents Shirley Moyers and AJ Schnack  once again served as producers of the video, which made its YouTube debut today. Apparently the couple prefers working close to home.

Update: About the goose …  it is known to some park regulars as Maria but was dubbed Orange Bill during the video shoot. Moyers said that Maria – who makes guest appearances throughout the video – was not intimidated by four men prancing around in brightly colored sweat suits:

“At first she seemed to be trying to chase them away, very territorial when they were rehearsing their moves, and then after a couple of days she adopted them.  You can’t see it because we pushed in, but she actually followed them from the sleeping bags all the way around the park to back near the pump house when you can see her again through the end of the video.  When we finally finished and I sat down on the grass to have a little meeting with the guys, she sat down behind them and went to sleep. That goose owns that park!”


  1. I watched this being made from my window and didn’t know it was OK Go until I saw this. Great use of location! What I like too is that they used a minimal crew and didn’t disrupt the normal activity in the park – I’ve seen student films with way more equipment.

    It’s a goose, by the way.

  2. At the opening I thought, more hipsters? Look at those f-ing pants and facial hair! As the video unfolded, the idea of more hipsters this creative and positive could be a welcome addition to Echo Park. This video will bring even more “new to the neighborhood” types but maybe this is a good thing. Can’t believe I just wrote that!

  3. Wow. That was some brilliant choreography, cinematography, and editing.

    Was that a ‘one-take’ deal, or did they shoot it over a couple of days? Anyone know?

  4. Cute, but they forgot to include the swap meet.

  5. I like it when Maria goes between the guy’s legs toward the very end of the video. Man, those geese scare me just passing through the park, and Maria is nipping at the dude’s nuts. Nice composure OK Go!

  6. Maria! Honk! She blocked traffic and came over to my car this winter during a rain storm. I thought she thought i was mother goose or something.

  7. Agree with EP4ME. First thoughts: Oh god, here we go. But I actually enjoyed it. But I will never understand why or how mustaches became cool again.

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