Three men shot, a chicken head found & naked hipster girl strikes a pose: just another day in Echo Park

The first day of summer seems to find Echo Park a bit unhinged. Last night, three men were injured after a man riding a Harley Davidson opened fire outside a Sunset Boulevard nightclub; a few hours later, the same woman who last week came upon a headless goat and bird of prey in Elysian Park found the remains of a chicken – in the same spot.  Then, before noon, a nude woman was seen posing for photos at Echo Park Lake, reports resident Dean Decent, who snapped a photo of the woman he described as a “naked hipster girl.”

“I think she was doing a performance piece,”  said Decent. “She was talking and posing. I was just jogging [around the lake]. She was gone on the next lap.”


  1. We’re a cool, tolerant neighborhood, but c’mon! There are children who live here also. So, keep your clothes on! This is not your private playground, this is a neighborhood you share with others. Act like it.

  2. Why doesn’t that photo enlarge? Enhance, enhance! 😛

  3. Anon @ 1:32 offers an important and often overlooked bit of public health and safety info – most people don’t realize that children will spontaneously combust when they come across any sort of public nudity. Such kid-splosions are a very common phenomena at nudist colonies – the lamestream media simply covers it up. Protect accordingly.

  4. Hipsters (98% L.A. Transplants) always invade the neighborhoods and fuck ’em up. Go shoot your nude art piece back where you came from (Kansas, Iowa, whatever). You’re Lame.

  5. how do you know she was a hipster. if she was nude then she didn’t have the typical apparel of a hipster.
    I would imagine that a headless goat and chicken would be more of an issue of concern.

  6. It was probably a porn shoot. This is LA after all.

    I’m highly concerned that there isn’t a larger photo of the naked girl available

  7. Mr. Super Angeleno

    Yes, no one from LOS ANGELES would EVER take their clothes off in public. She must be from the midwest!!

  8. Chico, are you aware how similar your sentiments sound to those of the Minutemen? Talk of “invasions” and “sending people back to where they came from”, etc.? As for “fucking neighborhoods up”; heaven forbid someone be able to buy a decent cup of coffee or fresh produce from a farmer once a week, rather than the rotting, fly-infested fare available at any dimly lit bodega. A few cool-headed, non-hysterical academic studies have shown that when so-called gentrification happens at the right pace, the result is often neighborhoods that are still diverse, culturally and economically, and much improved.

  9. If a guy were to pose nude in Echo Park, he would be arrested, charged with indecent exposure and made to register as a sex offender for the rest of his life.

    She gets idolized — and all we do is make the sex offender law against men worse and worse.

    Yes, guys convicted of mere misdemeanor indecent exposure for no more than what she did have to register as sex offenders for the rest of their lives and are hounded to death. The idea that sex offender registration is just for serious offenders and child molesters is VERY wrong. It gets mere misdemeanants, too.

  10. No, that’s not a performance art thing. That’s a shoot for one of the many nude-in-public sex sites on the Web. They specialize in porn showing naked woman out in public. But they normally are shots from European countries.

  11. Yo Graciela Jones …. I was born and bred here. 40 years. I’ve seen the negative effects of the Echo Park gentrification. Trust me, I know. I don’t care about any academic studies…This is Real Life.

    Bodega? Ha! You’re definitely NOT a local.

  12. Q: How many local bigots does it take to change a light bulb?

    A: All of them – one to change the bulb – and the rest to talk about how much better the old bulb was!

  13. Henry, I’m pretty sure nobody’s allowed to pose nude in the middle of Echo Park. Man or woman. That’s why she wasn’t there the second time “Dean Decent” came jogging around the bend, camera phone poised for another snapshot. Also, if you call having people take your photograph and posting it on the internet without your permission idolizing somebody, then I guess child pornographers have been idolizing children for years! It’s all a big misunderstanding!

  14. I think it is perfectly fine for this person to go in a park naked. Its not too nice to have naked people indoors with you but outdoors is something we should be allowed. Not that I would, I am speaking from the heart when I say that I feel oppressed by laws even when they prevent me from doing things I dont really care to do.

  15. RE: Henry, Mr Nice GUY:
    Henry makes a good point whether it is strickly legal or not. If this was a guy, the police would be looking to identify the picture.

    Google, on ‘indecent exposure~riverside’ and you should find a case in the news in which a judge threw out an indecent exposure case against s a women who repeatedly exposed herself to a 15 year old male from her balcony.

    The judge said the law reads “exposes his person” not “her person”

  16. Cowley, that’s nuts! I was being a bit of an ass. I’m actually not entirely against what Henry has to say. I agree with the person who said it was probably part of some “nude in public” porn. Hey, it could even be hipster porn, who knows! Also, sorry everybody, but the hipsters aren’t leaving Echo Park until they get priced out by B-level celebrities and Actually Rich people. It’s the American way.

  17. This girl would be charged with indecent exposure, and if she did any touching of her “breasts, buttocks or groin for the purposes of sexual gratification of herself or others” she could be made to register as a sex offender for life.

    This law is abused by judges after trial all the time. It was intended to be used to make people convicted of crimes that appear to have not been completed as sex offenses such as a battary that appears to have been sexually motivated but the facts did not support a conviction for sexual battary, or a burglary in which a person was caught breaking and entering for sexual purposes but did not have the chance to carry out his plans.

    Judges are using it to make people register for “lewd conduct” that doesn’t involve any people actually being present, i.e. someone driving past in a car, a jogger passing by at echo park, what ever.

    There is nothing restricting that discretion per se, only that :

    “[T]o implement the requirements of section 290, subdivision (a)(2)(E), the trial court must engage in a two-step process: (1) it must find whether the offense was committed as a result of sexual compulsion or for purposes of sexual gratification, and state the reasons for these findings; and (2) it must state the reasons for requiring lifetime registration as a sex offender.” ( Hofsheier , supra , 37 Cal.4th at p. 1197.)

    There is not provision that a judge must resort to a report from a psychologist or anything.

    There are people on the Sex offender registery who forwarded by email a picture of their girlfriends sent to them by their girl friend, people taking videos in public places for person use between lovers, etc..

    Its insane. The Pedophile molester, or Rapist is not the most common person on the megans law registry now, it is a person who had consensual sex with a girl under 14 years of age when they were young, and since they are on the registry for life, since 1947, they update their pictures every year, it looks like a bunch of old men and 13 year old girls are getting together willingly.

    Sex offender registration is the law run amuck. Thank God they dont make homosexuals register as sex offenders like they used to!

  18. Uh, hipster has become such an outdated, boring word with almost negligent meaning since that one website.

    It’s a default go-to word for those unable to better define or understand the many trends and events happening in the world around them. It seems better to use the general label and attach to it a negative meaning.

    Everyone in a certain age group is a hipster in relation to someone else. My uber christian preppy friend fresh from mid America is a hipster to her friends back home, and she’s a Diana Krall addict (not hip).

    This girl was nude. How could you tell she was a hipster. Maybe she was doing a performance piece–does being an artist make you a hipster? She was young and had stylish hair/shoes? Is this a definition?

    So be more specific please. It works against your favor otherwise.

  19. “Hipster” = “Indie”
    Artsy types who dress from op-shops and like to think that they are above mainstream society (even though large parts of mainstream society cater to them now… LOL).

  20. @like wonderful – Couldn’t agree more. Its a catch-all phrase that people use to describe any number of subcultures they do not understand. The only place I’ve seen someone try to understand it more deeply was that article a few years back (in Adbusters maybe? or the Atlantic?) where the author explained hipster subculture as the reaction against a commercialized society that attempts to rip-off every subculture and sell their own styles back to them, prepackaged, thereby making it uncool.

    @loop I couldn’t agree more with you either. The sex offender registry is a travesty. You can get get on the list for something like public urination, and be branded with a scarlet letter for life. I read a story the other day about a guy who got on the list when because he was an adult when his girlfriend was underage (16). They are happily married now and have children, but he’s still branded for life. He can’t drop their kids off at school, and can’t keep a job even though he has his PhD. He is constantly harassed by police, and their family has been evicted dozens of times.

    The charges for things like murder are nuanced- Murder 1, Murder 2, accessory to murder, etc. Wouldn’t it make sense to have different degrees of sex offenses, some not warranting getting your name added to the list with rapists and pedophiles? Its a cruel joke. Sadly, every politician would rather appear tough on crime to their constituents than to actually fix a broken and unjust system.

  21. Wow brings back old memories when I went streaking with a bunch of friends to the park in the late 90’s… thankfully there was lil to no one else there cuz it was pouring down. We mooned a car full of white people passing by and they looked at us odd lmao. Back then white people were scarce and something to just stare at and marvel in the area ha ha how times have changed. Just had to post I found this ironic and it triggered a flashback of those early teen years.

  22. On this blog “hipster” is code for “white person in their 20’s-to-early-30’s”. This is how a nude white woman (presumably) in her twenties is a hipster. “Yuppie” is code for “white person in mid-30’s-to-mid-40’s”. I don’t know what the codes are after that.

    My main thing I resent about the hipsters and yuppies is how they replaced a perfectly good Pioneer Chicken with a Little Caesars. When will the relentless gentrification stop?

  23. That Pioneer Chicken was the grossest, dingiest roach infested bad chicken i ever had. I got sick the first time I tried it. And I’m pretty 100% sure that Little Ceasers, not the hipsters, are responsible for putting in a store AFTER PIONEER WENT OUTTA BUSINESS for serving certified poop disguised as nutrition. The second I meet even two hipsters with enough coin, business acumen and desire to work to open a (in the hipster world, extremely uncool) Pizza chain, I will let you know so that you can find them on a motorcycle and do your thing.

    Echo Park is fine. This was a one-time, probably random nutbag doing whatever god was telling him to do to save humanity or something of the like. The hipsters, mexicans and other Angelenos of Echo Park are getting along fine without a bunch of people with nothing better to do than speculate and gossip adding fuel to any hate or tensions that might be groaning under the surface.

    Now let’s all play nice with the other kids and return to adding posts that might actually help the police find the nutbag.


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