Tenant rights protesters march up Echo Park Avenue *

The early evening march was organized to protest Councilman Eric Garcetti’s decision to vote against  a proposed four-month freeze on rent increases.  The march – which included demonstrators banging on drums and holding posters of Garcetti with the word “traitor” in English and Spanish- was organized by the Los Angeles Housing as a Human Rights Collective, according to one of the women with the group.  The nearly block-line of protesters remained on the sidewalk as they headed north on Echo Park Avenue. Garcetti, the Council President,  is a resident of Echo Park.

*Update: Protesters and police have filled the street near Garcetti’s home, residents report.


  1. I have footage of the protest. Uploading now to youtube.. will post link here

  2. 4 more months of gentrification! awesome!

  3. This is great because protests ALWAYS work! I remember being in NYC for the 1 year-in protest of the Iraq war…so yeah, you can thank me for ending that war.

    Wait…what? The war is still…oh…never mind.

  4. The basketball game was much more exciting than this group of knuckleheads! Go CELTICS!!!!!!!

  5. that video is eye opening. i cannot believe how crummy that abandoned construction site looks from that angle.

  6. When will the march on Geoff Parmers(MR. ORSINI, MEDICI ETC!), house be? He is the biggest rent gouger in Los Angeles and none of his properties are under rent control, nor do they have any affordable units. he just threatens to sue the City if they try and enforce the ordinance.
    These folks should be protesting the lack of rent control on unrestricted units built after 1979 that can charge and raise rents as they please. Rent control is great –fight to expand it, not punish property owners already enrolled in it.

  7. Total idiots. Attacking their allies (Garcetti has been a consistent friend of renters, just read the news here in Echo Park, about the building where I live: http://www.cesinaction.org/CESinAction/CESVictoryCourtofAppealsProtectsTenants/tabid/271/Default.aspx) is totally idiotic. We who actually live in the neighborhood (as opposed to these westside hipsters who went for cappucinos afterwards) have your back, Eric! Thanks for being an awesome Councilman!

  8. Garcetti didn’t vote against the proposed moratorium. He motioned for it to be sent back to the HCED committee to be properly developed into some type of proposal that wasn’t simply going to inflict change in a 30 year old system of rent control without contemplating the consequences.

    This group of people are probably not aware that the promises of their ‘tenant right’s leaders’ are simply never going to happen. We have the most restrictive rent regulations in Southern California and the rights of tenants is very well defined and heavily defended by the CES and many other groups. There is no way to both eliminate rent increases AND encourage good quality housing.

  9. “i cannot believe how crummy that abandoned construction site looks from that angle.”

    Perhaps it is because of stupid laws like rent controls that nothing has been built there yet.

  10. So, you’re trying to tell me the sign that reads “Traidor” is in Spanish? But the guy carrying it is wearing a hat that says “USA”.

  11. Actually, that sign is only in Spanish – it says ‘Traidor’ on both sides. Maybe it flips over to read in English.

    Folks, try living in another city which doesn’t have the existing tenant’s rights that we enjoy. I know that every dime helps in this economy, but calling Garcetti a traitor for this is poorly thought out. This was a waste of time.

  12. To the protesters asking where Garcetti’s at: I’m pretty sure he’s in
    uniform doing his Navy duty right now. Just FYI.

  13. Uh.. He’s a politician……..

    What are you expecting… ??

    Liars.. the whole bunch of them.
    Why didn’t you protest when the DWP raised rates with the blessing of the council… including Garcetti’s vote.

  14. Why should landlords, most of whom are little guys struggling to make a living, subsidize public policy? These people are typical ‘give me more for nothing’ mooches!

  15. This is the problem with my people on the left: they can be so clueless. I might’ve wanted to join the march if the Lakers weren’t in the middle of a nailbiter of a Game 7 of the NBA Finals. Because of this, 98% of the people who share the protesters’ demands couldn’t have cared less at that particular date and time. GO LAKERS!

  16. I bought a fixer-upper duplex in Silver Lake in 1997, and my dad and I fixed the upper unit first. (I had knocked out the ceilings in the lower unit to access the old galvanized water pipes, so the lower unit was a mess.) I figured I’d live downstairs for a year or two, fix up the lower unit slowly, then move upstairs. A guy came by while my dad and I were fixing the upper unit and asked if it was for rent, and when he asked how much, I told him $875 a month (for a two-bedroom unit). At the time, I was earning $37,000 a year and the prospective renter said he was earning $50,000-$75,000 a year. He signed a year lease and moved in March 1998. Twelve years later, he’s still there. He’s paying $1148 a month for a nice two-bedroom unit plus $100 for utilities, and he won’t leave. I can’t kick him out to live upstairs. In 2008, after ten years of wishing I could move upstairs, I gave up, moved out, rented the lower unit, and got myself an apartment in Hollywood. Rent control doesn’t just dictate rents; it dictates everything. Month-to-month tenancies mean nothing under rent control; once a tenant moves into a rent-controlled building, he’s there for life unless he doesn’t pay the rent or commits some serious breach of the rent contract. Why should I be subsidizing my tenant who makes (or used to make) more than I do?

  17. Except for Noel…. Ya’ll are the reason why we need agrarian reform… Unfortunately, privilege is bliss while 60% of our population is landless. Eric Garcetti is another capitalist politician…

  18. hey "go to hell"

    did you read James story? the man makes an excellent point. he’s not even getting market value on the place. why should he have to eat it on this one? that’s not fair at all. sounds like the guy worked hard and ended up getting screwed in the process. he has to pay property taxes and insurance on the place, not like it’s free money falling off a tree for him.

    riddle me this: by your logic, if I own a grocery store and sell M&Ms for 75 cents, am I supposed to cut you a deal because you don’t have any? maybe 10 cents a pack. even when they cost me 9.5 cents a pack. it’s flawed logic. sucks that you don’t have a house, but you can’t put that responsibility on someone else.

  19. Sure, Mr. or Ms. Hell — agrarian reform is the answer to all our problems. I mean, look how well such reform efforts worked in Cambodia under the leadership of those fine progressives known as the Khmer Rouge.

  20. James can go to hell too

    As far as I’m concerned, James is just another yuppy gentrifier… In case he hasn’t read the Rent Stabilization Ordinance, there are exemptions for people like himself… AND, $1248 a month is nothing to scoff at! All you idiots talk about “market value” as if it’s something you’re divinely entitled to when, in LA, all of this out of control gentrification has driven land values way up, out of most people’s reach, and left thousands of unit’s (including many of Geoff PALMERs) sitting empty while 80,000 people sleep on the streets at night…

  21. First of all, there are no exemptions for people like me; there is no legal way for me to move into my upstairs tenant’s unit under rent control. I was living in the lower unit for ten years, so I couldn’t file for a no-fault eviction and move upstairs, because I was already living in the duplex (just not in the unit I wanted). Now that I’ve vacated the whole place, I still can’t move upstairs, because the ordinance says I have to move into the unit that was most-recently rented. There’s nothing I can do to move into my own house, short of cutting a deal w. my tenant, and I’m not willing to pay him the $9000 he wants in order to agree to move out.

    Call me a gentrifier if you’d like; just remember that plenty of low-income homeowners made out big-time in Echo Park, Highland Park, South L.A., and other parts of this city when property values rose. Go ahead and preach your Marxist rhetoric to the working-class Latino couple who paid $47,000 for their house off Echo Park Avenue in 1983, got sick of painting over graffiti on their garage door, and sold their home to a gay couple in 2005 for $560,000. Plenty of working-class folks secured their retirement that way. Try to convince them that gentrification is evil.

    As for the people living on the street, I didn’t put the whiskey bottle or rock-cocaine pipe in their hands; I didn’t abandon them as children and I didn’t cause their problems. I can’t be held responsible for all society’s ills and all the homeless people out there. See how far your Marxist rhetoric gets you in life; you don’t seem to realize that there’s no perfect system, but at least under capitalism a person is rewarded for his or her sacrifice and industriousness.

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