Three injured in shooting outside Echo Park nightclub *

A gunman on a motorcycle shot and injured three men as they left   The Echo nightclub in loud volley of gunfire that was heard across Echo Park early this morning.  Witnesses said the gunman – who wore a black helmet, clothing and boots – was sitting on a black Harley Davidson motorcycle when he started firing a semi-automatic pistol into the crowd  leaving the Sunset Boulevard nightclub at about 2:10 AM, said Wes Buhrmester with the LAPD Rampart Division.  “The suspect fired 8-10 rounds from a handgun at the group, and rode away,” Buhrmester said in an email. “Witnesses advised no dispute or fight occurred inside the location prior to the incident, and we are investigating to find a link at this time between the victims and the suspect.  It is also not known if the victims were targeted, or if someone else was and these three were hit unintentionally.  It does not appear gang-related.”

Two of three victims – who came from different part of the city – were treated and released from hospitals. A third man with a gunshot wound in the torso remains hospitalized, Buhrmester said.

* Update: The suspect is described as a stocky White or Latino male standing 5′-8″ to 5′-11″ tall and weighing between 200 to 230 pounds, according to preliminary reports.  Rampart Division detective Rick Ramos provided a few more details about the case  late this afternoon.

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  1. What a shame. Awful for the victims, awful for the neighborhood. People go to the Echo for good clean fun. Even if there is some explanation for the shooting, the place is no thug magnet.

    Hopefully the LAPD steps up for this, makes an arrest and gets a motive for the shooting, and hopefully people aren’t discouraged from hitting Sunset at night, even late at night. I do not want to see Echo Park go the way of Westwood because of this.

    Also, nice reporting, Eastsider.

  2. Scary stuff. I may have made an error in judgment in moving to this neighborhood.

  3. Chris L, really? One incident and the place is like Beirut? Let’s ignore everything else and just focus on that?! SHRUG.

    Besides, if it was a “black Harley Davidson motorcycle” we all know it was just some dumb yuppie who couldn’t handle his pistil, er, pistol.

  4. @ Chris L…. don’t worry. This does suck, but there are so many amazing things about this neighborhood. Pinky Swear.

  5. Lt. Wes Buhrmester, Rampart Patrol Division


    You did not make an error in judgment in moving to Echo Park. And I say this being a resident of LA (Montecito Heights) myself. This was not borne out of any activity by the victims, or by the establishment. We are trying to establish motive. While it is not apparent as those of many crimes, there was some reason for the suspect to fire at the group, and we will ascertain it. Echo Park is still an excellent place to live, work, visit and do business. Unfortunately, no areas are immune to violence.

    (213) 448-5822

  6. this is awful. we’ve come a long way in echo park the last few years… and this is probably one temporary step back. let’s stay postive and when they catch this person we’ll have more info to prevent something like this again – although i do agree with a previous comment – no area is immune to this type of violence.

  7. Its not like I’m going to move based on this one incident…I really do like living in Echo Park and always talk the neighborhood up. I guess what shakes me up about this incident is that it it was someone firing into a group of innocent hipsters. I’ve lived in transitional neighborhoods far worse than Echo Park- Columbia Heights in Washington, DC for example. But the lingering violence there is always gang on gang, not against innocent people just trying to have a good time. I really hope this was just some nutjob and not some kind of anti-gentrification backlash.

  8. Been right in that area for just about 4 years and this is the first thing like this I’ve heard of. While it’s certainly horrible, I wouldn’t up and move out of the area, by any means. One of the unfortunate realities of living in LA, or just about any “big city” is, this stuff happens from time to time.

  9. Of interest – other news agencies are reporting the below description:

    The suspect was described as a man about 5 feet 9 inches tall and 250 pounds, in a Hells Angels jacket and a black helmet, who was riding an unknown-type motorcycle.

    I would also note that members of the Mongols (who used to be a motorcycle club) have begun hanging out at local bars on occasion.

  10. Chris- Just a guess, but I’d think if there was some “anti-gentrification” backlash a) it would have happened at a busier time and day (say 11pm on a Friday or Saturday and b) someone wouldn’t have shot from a Harley.

  11. Lt. Wes Buhrmester, Rampart Patrol Division

    At this time, there’s no indication it was based on gentrification. Anecdotally speaking, incidents like this often occur due to a personal dispute, and the object of the attack is often hesitant to reveal the motive. This does not mean that it has been established one of the patrons at the location is in fact withholding information. But the possibility exists.

  12. Constantine Singer

    Last year there were murders in Echo Park and Elysian Heights North of Sunset. Already in the neighborhood this year a young boy was injured by random gunfire south of the 101. Three people were shot in a parking lot off of Hillhurst in Los Feliz and Silver Lake has had several shooting victims so far this year. This stuff happens around LA and all over the country. Ten years ago it was common. Now it’s pretty rare, but it does happen. From everything described, this seemed to be a person dressed for the occasion who laid in wait for his targets — and it is a pretty good reminder of the fact that most violence in this city is personal and non-gang-related.

    If this helps to burst the hipster bubble of immunity and entitlement that allows for the wandering around blind drunk and yelling at 2 AM while pissing on cars, vomiting on doorsteps, and driving drunk through the narrow streets, then maybe some good will come out of it — this isn’t city-walk or suburbia and bad things can happen — even to boys with beards and PBR stains on their shirts. I pray the victims recover quickly and that the Echo doesn’t suffer unduly from this event. BTW, I am a strong supporter of those who are in the area because they think it’s an urban playground moving to Hollywood, though.

  13. Chris – based on the description of the suspect/incident and the type of event taking place at the Echo last night (a Warlocks show), I would hazard a guess that it’s more like hipster-on-hipster violence than anti-gentrification backlash. As others have said, things like this can and do happen anywhere (i.e., the father and son killed at a Del Taco in San Bernardino recently).

  14. heard the biker was wearing hells angels gear? and the band playing was called “the warlocks”… horribly misdirected bike gang violence ? ?

  15. the echo an the rest of the new music/bar enclaves that have ‘gentrified’ the area have turned what was once a culturally rich working class neighborhood into a piss pot drunken mayhem.

  16. Black Harley Davidson? Maybe it was a disgruntled musician who couldn’t get his hair metal band booked for the weekly shoe-gazer night.

  17. On the whole I like the area and generally feel that it is ‘transitioning’ in a healthy direction but this sort of violence that occurs more often I would expect. Just not worth it to me. However this sort of thing keeps the rents down!

  18. There has been more and more sketchy things happening in that area of Sunset. A few weeks ago I saw some guy get stabbed 3+ times on the corner of Sunset and Echo Park, (the second time I’ve seen someone get stabbed in Echo Park) and few months ago some crazy banger got out of his car at a stop light on Sunset & Echo Park and fired a round into the air because my female friend wouldn’t give him the time of day when he was hollering at her. It’s getting crazy over there and makes me think twice before going out in that area.

  19. Luke- That seems like a MEGA stretch. M E G A

  20. Echo Park was much safer before all of the hipster clubs moved in. I have been scared to walk in my own neighborhood for the last 4 years.
    Why you ask? Because the last time I did I witnessed an accident on the corner of Echo Park and Sunset at 1:30 am. A car ran a red light and broad sided another car. When the young white girl got out from behind the wheel of the car that ran the light she proclaimed to her friend “Oh no, I’m drunk. What am I going to do?” Both cars were completely wrecked- but no one was too injured. We decided to wait for the police since we were 2 of 4 witnesses. When the police got there we said we were witnesses and that the girl had said she was drunk. The police didn’t want to hear it and told us to go away and started hassling the two older women in the other car. Did I happen to mention the victims were Mexican?.
    The police didn’t even WANT witnesses.
    And then people wonder why these assholes leave the clubs drunk and barf and piss all over everything. If you treat them like entitled whiteys I guess they’re gonna act like it.
    Thanks cops.

  21. Nothing like you guys in the peanut gallery throwing out random and unverified stats, facts and accounts. It’s hard to know what to believe. And Constantine, maybe you’ll get caught in the crossfire sometime soon. But hey, it’ll make the rents go down.

  22. Constatine —
    I could not have put it better myself.

    Echo Park is safer that it has ever been. Ever. Ever. But if it is still not safe enough for you because it is a dense urban area and it still has urban problems, then you should not hesitate to move to Santa Monica. You will not be immune from random violence in Santa Monica, but the urban problems will be lessened. So, you have options and you should live in a place that suits you. Echo Park is not for every one.

  23. I go to the Echo all the time and will continue to. I’ve never seen or been exposed to any violence or belligerence (nor have I ever seen people pissing on cars or vomiting on doorsteps, for that matter!). This seems completely isolated and random. I remember a shooting in Old Town Pasadena a couple of years ago, during the day, I think. This kind of stupid craziness can happen anywhere.

    By the way, a big thank you to Lt. Buhrmester for taking the time to post on this blog and provide information related to the incident and to help quell idle speculation. Good luck catching the guy and please keep us posted.

  24. I heard from someone who was there that it was related to some Hell’s Angel members who were there to see the Warlocks play, which fits with the new description of the suspect as wearing a Hell’s Angels jacket.
    That’s not the typical type of patron for the Echo, but it’s certainly a group that is no stranger to violence.

  25. Its the same violence in the same way that has been there forever, everyone i know is aware of it, and they were probably aware when they moved to echo park, I know I was aware.

    LA has always been associated with gangs & crazy people with guns, the assumption that someone was mad enough with ‘hipsters,’ to shoot them is absurd to me, and I cant imagine anyone who is a warlocks fan being in the mongols, but I also will never understand that specific weird machismo that tends to come along with motorcycles. That same logic could apply to a Morrissey show, however those have been riddled with violence in LA for ages.

    Its the hood ppl, it always has been, and the violent crime numbers are lower than ever if I read the charts correctly. So that leads me to say, the LAPD is doing their job to the best of their ability there, and I congratulate them on a job well done in that respect.

    I used to live in lincoln heights and it was always tagged with such gems as “COME TO THE KILL ZONE,” & tons of other kill orders on walls all over the place, along with gunshots you could hear weekly. So consider yourselves lucky, all you beardo hipsters in EP.

  26. Well if it’s groundless speculation time here in commentland, I’ve got a groundless speculation to top ’em all!

    The victims were the local distributors for a biker gang, peddling their “crank” to the neighborhood hipsters, giving them the pep they need for their all-night jazz parties. But the bikers have become unsatisfied with their middlemen, and come to take direct control of the market – BY FORCE!

    HOWEVER! Unbeknownst to them, in coffeeshop corner booths and dark smoking patios, the hipsters have been gathering under the banner of Freemasonry! Arming themselves with vintage derringers and repeating rifles, they vow to defend their society against the interlopers!

    As tensions escalate and police coverage recedes in the face of apocalypse deficits, the conflict explodes into the open. ANARCHY IN THE STREETS! Biker on hipster, hipster on biker! Harleys against mopeds, leather jackets against slightly more vintage leather jackets!


    How’s that?

  27. Crime in echo park and other neighborhoods happens all the time. People just don’t know it. There is plenty of stuff going down by the lake on Glendale, right next to the echoplex. I guess people are surprised that it moved a few buildings over. Not even to mention the area by Temple.

    Seriosly, unless you want to live in Santa Monica, you’ll have to deal with this. It’s still way safer than Hollywood or Highland Park area.

  28. John — Keep your tired “Beirut-as-war-zone” analogy to yourself. It’s a cliche and if you’ve never been to the country you’d be surprised how crime-free and (relatively) peaceful it is most of the timme. I should know; I’ve been to Lebanon four times and I’m heading there June 27th for two weeks.

  29. The shooter was not a Hell’s Angel. There were a couple of Hell’s Angels at the show, but they were cool and mellow and didn’t cause any trouble. I’m told from a witness that the shooter was shooting AT the Hell’s Angels, most likely from a rival gang, like the Mongols or something.

    The Warlocks are a gentle hypnotic psych band with no ties or affiliation to any biker gangs. This is an isolated incident and absolutely not typical of a Warlocks show. This is a situation of wrong place/wrong time for Warlocks fans who happened to be leaving a club while two rival biker gangs decided to hash out their grievances on the street nearby.

  30. As long as we have people protecting us from stereotypes about war torn regions of the world, we’ll all be ok.

  31. At this point I would almost consider that stretch of Sunset and the blocks right off of it as a commercial/party drag strip from around 10pm until 2:30 am 7 days a week that has its own thing going on (for better or worse) and is not a reflection on Echo Park as a community. The Echo has a LOT to do with that. Unfortunately for me, I live right off that strip. Something fucked up like this happens about once a year, and this is bad. The randomness of it makes it scary in like a serial-killer type way, but worse has happened and will happen. It’s just somehow easier to wrap your mind around it if it’s gang-related (even when it’s dead 4 year olds, I guess). If anything, this incident might make you afraid to be on Sunset at 2:30 in the morning, which is a fairly healthy fear.

  32. This type of violence, unfortunately, is not random in Echo Park and Silverlake (S. of Sunset usually). Someone that I know was attacked on Sunset (near the Echo) by several men not too long ago. They did not steal the money that he had in his pocket, but proceeded to break his leg in several locations while beating him up against the curb. It is possible that this is a hate crime. The men who did this were not caught and now three people get shot outside of the Echo. There are many more incidents that have occurred, that we just don’t hear about. The recent surge in violent crime in our area seems to coincide with all of the people (not all non-violent) that are being let out of our jails and prisons….for the sake of balancing the state and local budgets, of course.

    The Echo/Echoplex is my favorite club in L.A.. It is also a great asset to the neighborhood. For you ‘hipster’ haters that are leaving nasty comments about the ‘rough and tumble’ musician crowd, ask yourself this: How dangerous would the neighborhood be if it were not there?

    The best line of defense for those of us who live and play in the neighborhood is to walk in groups at night and to be really aware of our surroundings. We could also contact our elected representatives to let them know that we do not take kindly to the dumping of violent criminals back onto our streets. Tell them to make the bureaucrats to do their research before they let someone out of prison. Public safety shouldn’t be downgraded for the sake of balancing the budget.

  33. Great, just what we need. More guns.

    Don’t tread on me…

  34. James, thanks for the sensitivity training and for putting sinister inferences where there are none. I’m well-aware that it’s a great city and since it’s not 2008 anymore I’d be happy to go there and sunbathe right now.

  35. last night's party

    I was there. Definitely Hell’s Angeles related. The target was one, and was there to see the show.

  36. Catastrophic Thinker

    I have decided after reading comments on this blog for the last several weeks that hipster bashing has officially JUMPED the SHARK. I love hipsters and will un-ironically praise them from here on out. Thank you and good afternoon.

  37. Yes please do move back to the WEST SIDE!

  38. I ride a bike and sometimes a motorcycle and am far more legitimately worried about the constant stream of after midnight drunk drivers on and near Sunset in Echo Park. I’ve almost gotten hit many times. That’s a real problem and one worth addressing. This is just a scary but inevitable event. Random crime happens everywhere.

  39. Sadly gun violence is not a new thing in EP, or anywhere in northeastern LA for that matter.

    Its odd that it happened in front of The Echo, but considering how many shootings have occurred in the past – for instance on Sunset Blvd, in broad daylight – you have to acknowledge that its a part of living here. And its probably not going away completely anytime soon.

  40. jos has a point. We fret about some random violence but really we are FAR more likely to die or get seriously hurt in a car accident yet we think nothing of that.

    To heck with all of it. Life is too short and interesting to live inside a bubble. It’s folly to plan your life around the worst possible outcomes. That’s why I’ll be at the Echo next week, loitering outside, noshing on a tamale. Heck, I’ll ride my bike there. If you want to talk about how wonderful the weather is in Beirut, come on down!

    In any case I’m glad the good discussion here outweighs the inevitable shrill banshee wails of fear and hipster self-hate (talk about cliche).

  41. And yeah, it seems a little weird that Hells Angels would be at a noodling psych-rock show, but then again, THE foundational noodling psych-rockers, the Grateful Dead (original name: The Warlocks) had a pretty strong Hells Angels following too.


  43. greg if by “good clean fun” you mean fags in love and dorks on coke…i certainly agree….harmless folk really. I bet it was a pissed off ex-doorman…those dudes have to put up with some shit.

  44. this type of stuff happens all the time. Last weds. my friends & I got a knife pulled on us right outside of the shortstop bar 2blocks from the echo. there is always drunken drama when the bars close to some extent. its crazy, i was suppose to go to the echo last night but my ride bailed on me huh? it would have been interesting to witness, but oh well fuck it!
    *hope victims recover quick & are back partying in ep soon!

  45. Hell’s Angels jacket?

    Well I’m no FOX TV investigative journalist or LAPD officer..so what do I know,
    but I might look into the connection that the band playing that night was The Warlocks,
    which also happens to be the name of a rival motorcycle gang.

  46. This would fit The Mongols MO far more than the Angels. Those lops will take anyone.

  47. just a stereotype

    Hipsters. Ha.

    Pretty much ever since humans began to use their eyeballs and started wearing clothes instead of running around the bush naked, they’ve adopted the look of the artists, tribal leaders, great hunters, performers, public figures, athletes, etc. they admired as best they could.

    if you have a problem with that, you should probably remove yourself from society and live in a monastery or convent. Oh crap—then you’d still be hanging out with a group of like-minded individuals. y I mean you’d probably talk amongst yourselves less and wake up and go to bed earlier than your average echo park “hipster,” but you’d still be wearing the same clothes and hanging around the same places and you’d be jesus’ biggest fan instead of the warlocks’.

  48. There was a Hell’s Angel in attendance. The gunman was not a Hell’s Angel. The Hell’s Angel appeared to had left the scene prior to the shooting even starting.

    The gunman had a motorcycle helmut on and yelled “die mother f*ckers” and shot randomly to the right of the front door first then directly into the club. He appeared to have dark skinned hands and a gun that resembled a thick barreled Glock. His motorcycle did not appear to be a Harley as some have mentioned. It had no visible markings of make. He did not have any insignias written on the back of his leather jacket.

    We should all be focusing on the patron who is still hospitalized, if anyone knows his whereabouts or condition, please post so we can send our regards.

  49. Dino Flintstone

    Pop- Said this earlier, and I’ll reiterate; that is the most ridiculous conclusion possible. Just absolutely absurd.

  50. Don't threaten me with a good time

    Woh, crazy.
    We were dancing and having a good time there last night, and happened to drive off moments before this sheeit went down.
    Totally mind boggling.
    Ya, there was a big crowd out front…but the usual…I’m still tipsy and not ready to go home yet….
    Ya, I did notice the general attire was unusually all black…hehe

    Well, as other native angelinos understand, it’s L.A. Ya Dig.

  51. It was a great night up until then. There are a lot of really great people who go to that club, it makes me sick to think that they got shot at – and that I was almost one of them. I was walking back to my car south on lemoine, and the guy drove past me heading east on park blvd. Big bike, tall handlebars, red gas tank, helmet, googles, thick goatee, no visible logos that I could see. I know it was him because I heard the gunfire, then him starting the engine and driving around the block. I think he was headed to the 101 west. At this point, we don’t know the motive – the possibilities are endless. All we know is that it really, really sucks that this happened .

  52. Lt. Wes Buhrmester, Rampart Patrol Division

    The victim who was shot in the torso is still hospitalized in serious condition, but will survive his wound. The other two victims were treated and released.

  53. Wasn’t there another motorcycle gang shooting nearby just a few months bacK? Think I read about it in some online police blotter though I remember it being the Sidewinders or the Mongols and maybe being on one of the freeways.

  54. Great new gangs causing havoc in the area. Now motorcycle gangs. EP is surely evolving in strange ways. I’ve heard and seen it all living in this area but this is unprecedented. Just hope these guys keep their trouble out of the area because the EP gangsters will go to war with anyone on their turf who dares call themselves a gang. Last thing we need is chaos to break out and hipsters, bikers, eses, hippies, and everyone killing each other in ep just for fucks sake. @Senescent that actually made for some good articulation. LOL. You are quite the writer props on your blog entry.

  55. DMAX – If you are sure you saw a red gas tank you might want to call the police because all the reports are saying the bike was black. Could be really helpful to the investigation…

  56. yeah, i left them a couple of messages

  57. Boy and I thought I had a lot of free time on my hands. Hey maybe it was the Rolling Stones that hired the Hell’s Angels to clean up this god forsaken Ghetto. Hipsters as you call yourselves, really, get out!

  58. Don't threaten...a good time

    You’re a phenominal photog.

  59. Dino Flintstone

    Anonymous- You really shouldn’t comment if you don’t know what you’re talking about, which in this case, you clearly don’t. Do a little reading/research about motorcycle gangs in the area, then come back and join the discussion.

  60. thanks, I am not going to let this incident keep me from echo park. I am a long time Los Angeles resident and things have really improved, especially in ep. If you want to know what it was like in 92 I’ll tell you all about it – if you have the stomach. Most of the people I see at the echo and ptp are not drunken slobs, otherwise I would not attend. But it only takes a few bad apples to make a stink and that is always what is most noticeable. It is irrelevant whether this guy is gang affiliated or not. The truth is this is a very unfortunate occurrence and it sucks.

  61. @ dino are you serious or are you just that retarted and new in the area? Hells angels have never been seen frequenting this area. Keyword “frequenting” hope you can understand that. I think its you that needs to do your homework. The only native gangs to this area are hispanic oh yeah and one chinese that I can think of. biker gangs have never been big in this area till the yuppies (most likely you) prolly brought their own drug dealers along with them. LOL. Like I said it is unheard of anybody doing a motorcycle drive-by in this area period!!! Biker gangs have no turf in the echo park area so you do your homework. Whether it be a clown who’s doing it, you, a biker thug or whatever. Judging from the comments of those who were there and what they said the hells angel guy left a lil prior to the gun shots. It is a possibility that maybe he came back and for whatever reason he lit the place up like a x-mas tree??? A fact no, a possibility yes! Now I wonder if it was personal and direct towards those 3 people, which is most likely the case being that they don’t want to divulge any information. Or was it just some crazy biker guy that just snapped and shot the place up.

  62. The 3 people shot have nothing to do with each other or the suspect. I was in the crowd, the shooting was random and they just happened to get hit. He unloaded the gun in a haphazard way, with many of the shots hitting the wall to the right of the door and above the door.

    The description of the red motorcycle tank and the white rider was not the gunman I witnessed shooting. Other people took off right after the gunman did so perhaps it was another motorcyclist that left the club or was driving past. The Hells Angel in attendance was a different size, shape and color than the gunman. The Hells Angel was with other plain clothes friends, both male and female. All of which seemed to had left the club prior to 2am.

    According to Police there are several biker gangs in Southern California and Echo Park is not immune to their violence. Some work with street gangs to establish territory. This is one scenario. Yet, Police do not think this was gang related as of yet.

    Both bands The Meek and The Warlocks were at the club at the time of shooting. I believe that the members of The Warlocks were still inside the venue and The Meek were out front during the shooting. None of the bands were hurt nor any employees of The Echo. There is no reason to believe it had to do with the music that evening or the Part Time Punks event.

  63. It was not a Hell’s Angel who fired on the crowd. One of the shooting victims describes the attack here:http://legmanla.com/

  64. Dino Flintstone

    IamJacksLiver- I didn’t say “Hells Angels,” I said “motorcycle gangs.” Maybe you’re not familiar with the other gangs of the US based here in the LA area and the fact one in particular has/had a club house in an adjoining neighborhood, and frequents bars in Echo Park, Lincoln Heights, Cypress Park, Highland Park, etc. Yes, “frequent” meaning ALL THE TIME. They’ve been entrenched in this area since their beginnings, and, with a little research, you’ll find out about their involvement in the east side/East LA and adjoining areas and their history with the gangs of the area and other criminal organizations. Part of the reason why you don’t see Hells Angels very often in this part of town, as opposed to other parts of LA IS because of this other organization who are a FIXTURE of the east side.

    I’m just guessing here, but, seems like you probably think all biker gangs are older pot bellied white dudes with long hair and big beards, dressed like they just left a tractor pull.

    Also, just for shits and giggles, what yuppies buy drugs from guys in biker gangs?? Does that make sense to you? I mean, it may since you use “LOL” when you write.

    So I extend to you the same message; unless you know what you’re talking about, stay out of the conversation.

  65. Dino Flintstone

    IamJackSilver- didn’t even notice the poster after you had written this: “According to Police there are several biker gangs in Southern California and Echo Park is not immune to their violence. Some work with street gangs to establish territory. ”

    Class dismissed.

  66. I’ll say it again there are no motorcyle gangs in the echo park area with turf. If a few old mostly old hispanic bikers happen to live in the area is a different story. For those few that do they tend to have family in the area. None of the local gangs share turf with any so called biker gangs. Not with the mongols not the angels or anyone else. For your information The Mongols have the green light from any southside hood to be shot down on site. There’s a lil trivia for you about gangs. So you can try and change it to east la or whatever but I specifically said “Echo Park Area” 😉 thank you very much. As a 26 year resident I know what I’m talking about. So you can do all the phony research you like! That there are people with motorcycles of course they’re everywhere, duh that is a given. LOL. The fact of the matter is there is a lot of people who talk just to lend their opinion and don’t know what the hell they’re talking about. They’re mostly just going off of speculation and speaking out their ass like a poster ^ there. As for the event that took place, I wasn’t there so I wouldn’t know but anytime something is in a public forum of sorts its open up for discussion.

  67. I think it is smart to believe the Rampart Police Dept. and the Detectives on this case over anyone else, if they say there are biker gangs that work with street gangs in the Echo Park area, I think they know what they are talking about. And, regardless if it is their “turf” or not, they will enter the area without their “colors” on and carry out violence.

  68. ANYTHING is possible. It is up to the cops now. There were around 30 people out there, there are 30 different perspectives, 30 recollections told through a haze of fight or flight, and burnt up adrenaline. The truth remains to be seen. We should be open to all possibilities

  69. http://www.myfoxla.com/dpp/news/local/3-wounded-drive-by-at-nightclub-20100621 according to this he was a Hell’s Angels member??? So who is really telling the truth who knows? Maybe somebodys trying to cover up for the guy? Oh and about police knowing better that is not always the case. As they tend to assume or go from word of mouth of other people. They just gather whatever information they can and spit out an interview to the media. Its in their interest to make everything look all nice and safe but then that is their job I guess.

  70. Could someone please explain to me what a hipster is? Does this term have any meaning anymore?

  71. Dino Flintstone

    IamJackSilver- You really don’t know what you’re talking about. I don’t care how long you’ve lived in the area. I know for a fact that members of a certain “gang” frequent bars in Echo Park, Cypress Park, Highland Park, Lincoln Heights, etc. I have met, spoken extensively with, in some cases, some of them. It’s known to employees of those bars. This isn’t speculation or “second-hand stories.” And I’m not talking about “old Hispanic men who own motorcycles.” So while there may not be a “chapter” or a “clubhouse” IN Echo Park, they are certainly a presence. Also, you may not be aware that “they” don’t wear their colors anymore.

    Also, as for your comments about the cops not necessarily knowing, etc; while in some cases, you are absolutely correct, I’d venture a guess they probably have a pretty good idea in this case since, the Feds (ATF) have infiltrated this particular group twice in the past 12 years.

  72. No you simply misunderstood me dino that is all. I meant and am correct to say that any of those visitors in small numbers (biker gangs) have no local gang territory. When a gang goes and visits an area doesn’t make it their territory.

    About the fbi, atf, ice, etc yada yada you are correct. I remember when they shot down the president of hells angels not too long ago and the mongols were at war with them. The feds and local police have been working together a lot since about the time bush was in office. You can’t even lay a fart now adays without the fbi knowing. ha ha. So kids if you’re gonna do crime do it big but what for if the feds are on everything now. Its better just to find yourself a legal way to make money.

  73. There’s no misunderstanding here. What I’ve said since the very beginning is simple; they have, and always have had a strong presence in EP and the surrounding areas and that them being around is nothing new. And they’ve co-existed (willingly and unwillingly) with the other street gangs.

  74. Just for the record, I’ve been a native in EP for decades, and bikers were never an obvious foe in the hood. EXP were too busy having shoot outs with other CHOLO gangs like Frog Town and 18st.

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