Daily Archives: July 22, 2010

Silver Lake mourns the Walking Man

Many residents in Silver Lake and beyond were expressing shock and sympathy today upon hearing that one of the neighborhood's most well known and beloved figures - Marc Abrams, the shirtless Silver Lake Walking Man - had died last night. Read More »

Echo Park’s newest school becomes a takeover target

The steel skeleton of Central Regional Elementary School #14 has risen quickly on a vast two-block site that was scraped clean of more than 50 Echo Park homes and apartments. L.A. Unified, which waged a battle with residents and several neighborhood groups over the site,*  had long claimed it needed to build the 875-seat campus to reduce overcrowding at nearby ... Read More »

News & Notes from Echo Park, El Sereno, Mt. Washington & Silver Lake

San Rafael Avenue yard art | Mount Washington Silver Lake Walking Man dies. The Eastsider Late bloomers: Gold Medallion trees finally show their stuff around Echo Park Lake. Echo Elysian Forum Summer Explorer Camp begins at Vista Hermosa Park. Echo Park Now Who needs pens and pencils in class when students have tablet PCs. Cal State LA (h/t SoCal Minds) ... Read More »