Shots awaken residents near Echo Park Lake

A round of  early morning gunfire  today awakened numerous residents living near Echo Park  Lake but apparently left no one injured.  A man living on Laguna Avenue said he heard four shots at about 4 AM. “I went outside and didn’t hear any screaming,” he said via email.

Three LAPD squad cars responded to reports of shots fired but officers were not able to find evidence of a shooting, said Lt.  Wes Buhrmester with the Rampart Division.  His report:

“Officers checked the park and surrounding streets, and found no victims or suspects. Officers spoke with a couple of people on foot in the area, but none had any information regarding suspects or victims.”


  1. Why, this just adds to the flavor of the neighborhood. This is how it’s always been in EP. Either get slummy or move back to Kansas all you white complainers!

  2. Vigo, you’re a dumbass. EP hasn’t *always* been like that, it was just in the 80’s and early 90’s. And this is qualified by the fact that I’ve been in the LA area all my life.

    There’s nothing cool about gunshots where you live. I’m sure if you were in the path, you’d have a different story.

  3. frank rosehills 90032

    vigo; it could have been u and your kid get shot what would u do.

  4. Really? Gunshots add to the flavor of the neighborhood? Food, culture, self-empowerment, ethnic pride — totally with you. Gunshots (and by extension justification of gunshots as a way of marking one’s territory), not so much.

    Just to remind everyone, here’s a few things gunshots can do:

    — Kill children.
    — Paralyze people from the waist or neck down.
    — Give you brain damage.
    — Put you in jail for years on end where there’s a good chance you’ll be violated sexually or violate someone else sexually.
    — Make you lose your spleen and other vital organs.
    — Make you piss through a tube and shit through your stomach.

    Ask anyone in Echo Park, regardless of how long they’ve been here or how much of an authority they’re considered in terms of how things work, but I’d imagine they’ll tell you THESE ARE NOT GOOD THINGS. As for gentrification, who has the time or the energy to get into this today. (Not that it’s not a worthy discussion, but life’s too short.) Just responding to the gunshot comment.

    In conclusion, don’t play with guns. Not in Kansas as a member of the NRA, not here as a member of (at least according to the comment I’m responding to) the status quo. Thank you.

  5. folks, I think vigo might have had tongue in cheek on that one. a little satire of the gang apologists and anti-gentrification types that rear their heads around here. but there are those who actually think this way.

  6. Eeek! Yes, I had put on my post, it seemed to not show (cuz it was fake HTML?) Yeah I didn’t mean to freak anyone out. I just get frustrated by the comments on this site (similar to what I posted) sometimes.

  7. OK so apparently you cant put “tag” “slash” sarcasm “tag” on here, it doesn’t show up. I guess ’cause of the html. Sorry guys!

  8. Wow. Do I feel like a dick. You’re all right, Vigo. That’s actually really smart and penetrating and funny.

    Good work!

  9. Silverlaker is right, my parents moved into echo park in the late seventies and the neighborhood started to go downhill at about that time. They got out when all hell broke loose in the late 80’s.

    My mother’s memory of echo park is a LAPD officer shining a searchlight through the kitchen window so she wouldn’t see the beat down the were giving some guy they pulled over.

  10. Yes! I heard those gunshots too! Looked out the window didn’t see or hear anything else and it was just before 4 a.m.
    I was wondering what happened with that. Glad to hear it was just shots and no one was injured. Thanks for writing Eastsider.

  11. I was woken up by these shots at 3:47am, too. I counted 7 of them.

  12. Maybe it was just a rooster trying to awake everyone for chow time? Does rehabilitation really work I think not? LOL

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