Silver Lake mourns the Walking Man

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Photos by Jesse Saucedo

Many residents in Silver Lake and beyond were expressing shock and sympathy today upon hearing that one of the neighborhood’s most well known and beloved figures – Marc Abrams, the shirtless Silver Lake Walking Man had died last night. The 58-year-old Abrams was pronounced dead at his Moreno Drive home, where his body was found in a hot tub. Abrams, who was seen walking in the morning a few hours before he died, had been hospitalized recently, according to one neighbor. But the cause of Abrams’ death had not been determined, according to investigator Kimberly Arnold with the Los Angeles County Coroner.

Councilman Tom Labonge, who lives a few blocks from Abrams’ home, praised him in a statement as a “great friend to the community”  whose 15-mile strolls served as a reminder of everyday ways of staying healthy. “More importantly, they were a tribute to the neighborhood.  Marc loved this City and we all loved the ‘Walking Man.’  He will be sorely missed.”

Fans of Abrams, a doctor who once operated a medical practice in Studio City, have proposed naming the walking path around the Silver Lake reservoirs in his memory.  A memorial walk to be held in his honor had been set for this Sunday.

This morning, artist Nicky Gagliarducci, who painted a Sunset Boulevard mural [pictured above] featuring Abrams, came to clean up the artwork that had been tagged recently. There, on the sidewalk, the painter found that someone had already left  a small tribute to the Walking Man: a pair of sneakers and a note that read “Walk in peace.”

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  1. I never met him, I never spoke with him. But I always saw him walking around Griffith Park Boulevard and Hyperion Avenue and Rowena whenever I went out for decades. I always liked seeing him, even without having any idea why I had a feeling that it mattered.

    As strange as it feels, I feel like I’ve lost a good friend. Yes, definitely walk in peace, Walking Man. We all liked you, just because.

  2. I remember him agreeing to do a “walk-on” during a benefit. The crowd was watching a colorful range of performers compete at the Queen of Silver Lake Pageant. As I recall, we weren’t sure exactly when he would get there, he made it part of his circuit. The crowd went wild. It made me realize what a wonderful relationship he had with the community, and that it went both ways.

  3. Yes, I remember him at the pageant several years ago. This is what makes Silver Lake such a great place to live! It’s a community with spirit……the spirit that joins us all in remembering forever someone we saw every day (sometimes several times a day!) but to whom most of us never spoke. It was so sad today…..driving around the lake knowing that I would never see him again. You said it Kevin……..we all liked him, just because. I hope he will be memorialized in some sort of tangible permanent way, more than just in our hearts.

  4. Funny, I was at that pageant too and was impressed to see him highlighted — and he certainly was Silver Lake. I was even more impressed by how wildly everyone cheered him!

  5. there are rumors that it was suicide. do you know anything eastsider?

  6. Anon:
    Police initially reported the death as a suicide but it has not been confirmed by coroner, according to an L.A. Times obit:


  7. Don’t start rumors about suicide or other! The coroner’s report will be out soon, very likely by the end of today! Geez!

  8. Michael Livingston


  9. KEVIN – I don’t start rumors, I speak only facts. Read up and get them. The rumor is that he was OCD about the walking and couldn’t take it anymore. Either way, it was the LAPD that said it may be a suicide!

  10. The autopsy has been rescheduled until Saturday, according to spokesman at the Los Angeles County Coroner.

  11. As a fellow frequenter of the Silver Lake hills route, I will miss seeing him – the patron saint of walkers in a city that loves to drive.

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