No matter how you look at it, traffic is ugly in Echo Park tonight

At least on Glendale Boulevard. An Echo Park resident snapped a photo of northbound Glendale Boulevard from the Sunset Boulevard bridge at 7:30 P.M. today.  Glendale Boulevard traffic didn’t look much better south of Sunset Boulevard (bottom photo).  The photographer couldn’t tell if an LAPD sobriety checkpoint on Glendale Boulevard and Berkeley Avenue was responsible for the heavier than normal traffic.


  1. I just drove past that area (going South-bound). And, yes, the DUI checkpoint is definitely contributing to the traffic. Its a gigantic production, by the way.

  2. yes, friend just texted me and confirmed, dui checkpoint northbound ..so avoid the freeway and take the streets!

  3. rosehills 932 nbc

    they should pay more attention on graffiti taggers then pulling over the good people they will make more money caching graffiti vandals so they can pay “

  4. Yes, it was the DUI Checkpoint that had traffic so backed up. They had a small army of cops and cop vehicles, and a few tow trucks on standby of course. Lots of money to be made.

  5. Friday started a two week national crackdown on DUI, with checkpoints all over the country. I presume this is part of that effort. It is not just the holiday weekend this year, but for the next two weeks.

    Still, it is unconscionable that they would do a checkpoint, interfering with already heavy traffic and closing off traffic lanes, on one of the more heavily congested streets in town and at rush hour! (While this picture was taken at 7:30., I am presuming the DUI checkpoint had already been there since rush hour, which doesn’t end in this town until at least 7 p.m.)

    They would do much better to set up such a checkpoint outside the Dodgers gates at the end of the game!

  6. I’m just gonna echo(!) what everyone else said: this is an extremely stupid idea.
    At 11pm or 1am, I get it, people are coming home from bars. But at 7pm, this is working people who just want go home. Way to shore up those image problems LAPD.
    If they want to catch drunks then they should just set up shop directly outside Dodgers Stadium. They’ll make their monthly quota in about 2 hours.

  7. if they set up in front of dodger stadium how will they explain all the drunk off duty cops they catch

  8. In response to rosehills do your research, a dui offense and a vandalism offense caarry very different fines obviously a dui is more costly and profitable for the city hence checkpoints all over the u.s. Are they checking your breath for alcohol or fingers for paint!

  9. carry …….. I can spell.

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