One man injured in Echo Park shooting *

An afternoon shooting near Echo Park Lake left one man injured in what one resident described a “Wild West” scene, police said.  The victim told police he was fired upon by suspects in a car  on Echo Park Avenue, said Sgt. Michael Mabie with the Rampart Division.  Details are still sketchy but the man – who was shot in the leg and was grazed in the back by another bullet – was able to drive himself or have a relative drive him to a nearby hospital, Mabie said.  No suspects were in custody and police were still interviewing residents.  One resident on Twitter reported hearing shots fired at about 1 P.M.:

Major gunshots just fired ’round Echo Park Lake…heard squealing tires right after. EP = OK Corral

One resident who lives on Laguna Avenue east of Echo Park Lake said his family heard shots being fired down the length of the street as at least two vehicles sped down hill, where police were seen examining bullet casings at the corner of Laguna and Echo Park avenues.

“The whole length of Laguna was the Wild West,” said the man, whose sons were outside playing and filling water balloons  “We ran inside and hit the floor.”

“It was a nice sunny Saturday – a lot of people were outside,” he said.

A large amount of gang related tagging was visible near by on Laguna Avenue at Laveta Terrace. But there is no word whether the incident was gang related.

* Update @ 5:34 P.M.: The shooting does appear to be gang related, according to a Rampart Division officer. The shooting victim,  who is believed to be a gang member,  is “not really cooperative,” said the officer, who declined to be identified. Anyone with information about the shooting should call the Rampart Division at (213) 484-3400.


  1. You know, I love living in Echo Park, but a mid-day shooting at the lake is pure insanity. Unacceptable.

  2. I said it before, everytime I’m out of town the shit seems to hit the fan.
    In this case it was right in front of my place. I sure hope everyone is ok, and that the police get the suspects. I wonder if this shooting has anything to do with the one I reported at the end of July, Shots were fired on or around Laguna ave and Echo Park Ave.

  3. First thing I screamed as I went outside is anybody hurt? It has been over 15 years since I have heard so many shots. Thanks to all the neighbors on Laguna for the descriptions given to the police. Those of us on Laguna could not believe that no one was hit. It started with black suburban at Patra’s watching a gold vehicle looking at the tagging. Then pow it started and went to Laguna and Echo Park and gold vehicle went north and suburban went south shooting all the way. Saw the shell casing at the corner. So sorry that someone did get hit and I hope he is going to be ok.

  4. Eastsider, can you help here? I called 911 because I saw the Shooter driving like a maniac north on Echo Park Avenue- he was in a brown old car, buick style, 4 door, his back window was all cracked like it had just been shot. He almost ran over pedestrians and ran into parked cars, blowing by stop signs. He was latino, short black hair, bulky guy, white shirt- and he was driving really low, like he was hit or something. I called 911 to report this guy – but nothing!!! Can you find out from the northeast office if anyone followed up on this?? I want to keep my name anonymous in case one of the fucking loser EXP idiots reads this blog…and if you are reading this – GET A LIFE!!

    • @Anon. The shooting took place in the Rampart Division (Northeast covers crimes north of Sunset Blvd). I will check in with Rampart to find out who to call or email with any information about today’s shooting.

  5. Thanks Eastsider. I just called 911 and they told me there were about 15 other calls. Why wasn’t there a helicopter tracking this car over Echo Park???? Are the cops in their pocket or what?? I mean talk about a prime opportunity to catch the bad guy! It was definitely EXP gang related- and this is another reason why it’s CRUCIAL to call 311 whenever you see any type of tagging. The majority of gang violence starts with tagging! Eastsider, you should do a post on how serious tagging is and how the community needs to step it up and call 311 every time they see it. I call 311 everytime I see any kind of tagging.

  6. Yeah the EXP gangsters read blogs, while drinking earl grey tea and ordering shit from the GAP on their MAC book pros from a local coffee shop .


    People dial 911 every day and dont get “follow up ” calls . I think they are busy taking calls from people all over this huge city ?!?!
    They do what they can . Cops/detectives follow up on all leads , ie: killing at pot store and shooting at the Echo .

  7. Did anyone hear gunshots this morning on Echo Park Ave near Park St. around 6:25a.m.? I was asleep so I didn’t see anything, but it sounded like the target was next door. I moved in to this house a couple weeks ago and there is some really weird stuff going on next door. Are their neighborhood meetings to bring this stuff up at? Is it helpful to go to the police station and try to talk to someone there? I know the police have a lot to deal with, I’m not expecting personal hand holding, just want some more advice on how to confront this. Thanks for the advice on calling 311 about tagging, anyone have other suggestions?

  8. those EXP guys actually do read this blog. very smart to not give up too much info about yourself online.

  9. hope this wasn’t payback for the shooting on Ewing the other night (over a dozen shots fired from a car).

  10. I think a war has been brewing for the past couple of years with obs and exp I suspect those two gangs are related to this

  11. How fucking exciting welcome to the WILD WILD WEST!!!!! That’s nothing it used to be rocking and popping off on montana street for almost 3 years I wonder what happened there that its so quiet now.

  12. anon 6:12 – yes, there are neighborhood meetings. i think that the positive energy meeting is still happening last wed of the month at the edendale library. good meeting to get safety issues addressed. there is also the EPIA meeting at Barlow Hospital. also, i would recommend the $18/month or so for select patrol. lastly, i think your senior lead officer is either officer lou ford if you are south of sunset or officer bobby hill north of sunset. get to know your SLO and call, call, call.
    it’s pretty disturbing whenever this happens but middle of the day is just totally scary and unacceptable.

  13. a word about guns

    From a fellow concerned blogger who summarized the destructiveness of guns well:

    ‘Just to remind everyone, here’s a few things gunshots can do:

    – Kill children.

    – Paralyze people from the waist or neck down.

    – Give you brain damage.

    – Put you in jail for years on end where there’s a good chance
    you’ll be violated sexually or violate someone else sexually.

    – Make you lose your spleen and other vital organs.

    – Make you piss through a tube and shit through your stomach.’

  14. Definitely stemmed from the graffiti wars up by Laguna & Laveta. Shooting all the way down Laguna, and then more INTO THE PARK as the fleeing vehicle turned north on EP Ave. The choppers were on it, and the cops responded in force. Hopefully this will result in increased police presence around here.

    @ Anon 3:53:
    The car you saw was the one being chased, not the shooter. The pursuing black Suburban was doing all the shooting. Weird thing is an hour later, I saw the same goldish-brown old Buick-type with the shattered back window being driven north on EP Ave near Scott by an middle-aged/older woman. Presumably the relative that drove the “victim” to the hospital. Sigh.

  15. To anon–hope the officers who were down at Laguna called you to find out more information. I did not see the brown car going north on Echo Park but other on my block saw it. The shooter was pointing his gun towards the north on Echo Park at the intersection. I saw the graffiti and it was bad. On one wall it says “you are now entering EXP” or something similar. I will try to have it painted out on Sunday. Fairly quiet here on Laguna tonight. For tagging always call 311 or send a request on line. I can be reached at 213-241-0908 during the day M-F.

  16. I know many of you who read this blog care deeply for Echo Park and the surrounding Eastside communities. As we’ve seen—and heard (gun shots)—far too often recently, the destructive lifestyles of a few selfish and troubled individuals can really make it a less safe place for everyone—regardless of age or background.

    It’s crazy to think that this type of destructive activity can become normalized. We talk about it when things flare up and then life returns to normal until the next incident.

    At times, it’s easy to feel powerless when we witness and/or hear about all of the senseless violence in our own backyard. But there is actually a lot we can do, and it’s really easy and straightforward.

    We all have cell phones these days, and when we see something suspicious, REPORT IT. Stop something before it happens and help the police put pressure on those who harm or intend to harm our community.

    Most people can easily sense what ‘suspicious’ means…Like small groups of mainly young men hanging out in cars, alleyways, yards, and on the street with similar colored clothing, tattoos, mocking words and other indications of gang involvement. I suspect many of us have been made quite uncomfortable by things like this in the past.

    Reporting both suspicious activity as well as the obvious yelling, gunshots, tires screeching, etc. is important, because you are the ones who will notice things first, and therefore can prevent violence from happening.

    Here are the numbers. Please put them in your phone’s contacts:

    Rampart Division Police (our closest station):


    Graffiti Removal (this is a major preventative action, even if you don’t live there, report it):


    *** Just make sure you’re a safe, unrecognizable distance when you report things and don’t associate yourself too closely with where you live.

    That’s it, it’s really very simple for the average, non-violent, Echo Park onlooker to not feel powerless in their own community. Keep an eye out and just report things that seem ‘off’ to you. The police are an asset to us and their sole purpose is to help keep our community safe. Your gut-feeling could save someone’s life. The people who hurt us and make us live in fear need to know that THEY ARE NOT WELCOME HERE. I think we’ve been too easy on them. Guns, gang violence, and murders are not normal. Please do your part.

  17. a word about guns

    Because gunshots and gang violence do not occur in isolation, let’s look at a recent timeline of incidents:

    – 8/14, 1PM!!! – Echo Park Lake vicinity – 10-12 shots, one man injured

    – 8/6, 10:30PM – northern Echo Park (Ewing St?) – between 5-18 shots, possibly semi-automatic/automatic

    – 7/31 12:30PM – Angelino Heights area – 5 gunshots heard

    – 7/28 3:30AM – Angelino Heights (Ridge Way) – 6 gunshots heard

    – 7/25 3:00AM – Echo Park Lake vicinity (Montrose St.) – shot fired during bike robbery

    – 6/24, 4PM!!! – Pot clinic robbery/murder – 4 men rob business, killing 1 and severely injuring another, both victims did not resist.

    – 6/21, 2AM – outside The Echo club – 8-10 shots fired at crowd injuring 3

    – 6/30, 2:30PM!!! – Near Rosemont Elementary (Temple at Rosemont) – several shots fired.

    – 5/18, 4:00PM!!! – Edgeware and Court St. – gun shots critically injure gang-member (this occurred one block from where 4-year-old Roberto Lopez, Jr. was killed by a stray bullet a year before)

    – 5/11, 3PM!!! – Echo Park vicinity (stairs near Belmont and Bellevue), 18-year-old injured in shooting

    This is just a shortlist of the past few months, meant only to put things in perspective. Despite how peaceful it seems most of the time, we have a REAL, UNACCEPTABLE problem in Echo Park. And recently things seems to be getting worse. All of these bullets land somewhere.

  18. Lets have a take back the hood day! Let’s take back our neighborhood from all these low life pieces of garbage, I’ve just about had it. I’ve been here 14+ years. I don’t like seeing people giving up on this great neighborhood. What the city and state fail to see, we see everyday. They want to cut budgets, and it’s obvious the money will will come from programs like El Centro Del Pueblo & Central City Action Committee.
    If it wasn’t for those kinds of programs in our neighborhood, the crimes would be much more frequently, and out of control. I don’t see any of the property owners in Echo Park Or anywhere else in Los Angeles coughing up the money to up keep the * graffiti * from the great and the not so great rental property’s that they own across this fine city . I sure hope this gets you thinking about what *we* as the members in this community need to start doing to the neighborhood back.

  19. As one who does not live in Echo Park, but spends a lot of time there, I am concerned about the increase in graffiti also.

    The only phone I have is a cell phone with an area code from another city.

    How do I call to report graffiti in EP? Will just dialing 311 from my cell phone work, or is there another number that I can dial to report?

    Thanks Eastsider.

  20. wow at first I thought it was the average just gun shots. But it seems somebody is really targeting exp gang. most likely culprit are the crazies. they’re the only ones who rival exp in the area.

  21. I heard one set of shots, then saw about 5 cars driving around the intersection of echo park and Baxter at Midnite. Another round of shots were fired, and all the cars took off on different directions: up & down echo park ave, north on Baxter… Tried to report to 911 but no thanks to AT&T they couldn’t hear me.

    Minutes later police cars arrived, and a chopper, but by then it looked too late. I saw them systematically searching block by block but the never stopped anyone.

    From where I was on the stairs on the opposite side of the canyon I also saw at least 4 people out running around on Fargo street while shots were fired.

  22. Stan here is another number 213-473-3231 to use for your cell. Also you can go online to LA City board of public works, graffiti removal and enter the information. Be sure to leave e-mail or phone in case the people who remove the graffiti have any questions regarding the property. 90% of the graffiti request that are for Echo Park pass through my hands.

  23. STAN – yes, you can call 311 from your cell. or report it on-line here http://anti-graffiti.lacity.org/welcome.cfm?CFID=866&CFTOKEN=54FB0F39-E3AC-4A9E-B5F2FE82911298B8

    CHEESEBURGER – your comment makes no sense. you’re assuming the owners live on the premises which they probably don’t. it’s up to the renters to call 311- why aren’t you calling 311? don’t make a righteous comment if you don’t take any action. i’m a property owner in echo park and i ALWAYS do my part. we need to stage a protest demanding a better quality of life like the residents did to protest rental prices going up. that was about money, this is about our safety. let’s organize!!

  24. If we in EP really want things to change, I would encourage people to go to some of the community meetings. I went for a year and it was usually the same 6 or 7 people. If we had a large turnout, and a large vocal population, they would need to devote more efforts to eradicating the gang violence (and deal with the other issues people take plenty of time to type in detail here….)
    But, and I am guilty of this too, once the immediate outrage passes, people lose interest and stop going to community meetings or calling their SLO or council office. When I’ve been diligent, I’ve seen a good response from both the police dept and the council office, but the onus is definitely on the citizens to organize and be heard.
    Also, I want to put in a big thank you to Central City Action Committee for all that they do to cover the graffiti in EP.

  25. Lets be realistic here removing of graffiti is not gonna stop gang violence. Sure the walls will look cleaner but that’s about it. Especially where gangs are already known in an area as having an established turf. Lot of the ideas given on here I hate to say are rather idealistic. As long as there is violence around the world and wars so there will be gangs, white collar crime, blue collar crime, criminal groups of one form another etc. At best people can only hope to make things somewhat better but that is all. It seems to me more then the long time residents of the area lot of the newcomers are rather delusional about what is going on in the area and think they can change a whole area 100 percent in a few days a year or whatever.

  26. Thank you boombala I will pass this along to the crews.

  27. @anon I heard those early morning shots by the lake yesterday as i live very close by. i thought i was going crazy but went back to bed. why is there so much violence in such a beautiful neighborhood?

  28. to IMJACKSLIVER -very clever by the way, you like Fight Club so you must like violence thus your lame comment. no, removing gang graffiti not only cleans up the hood, it REDUCES GANG VIOLENCE – and that is a fact. the quicker the graffitti is removed, the calmer things will be. ask any cop, any gang member, any historian – this is fact. yes, there are wars in the world, but that doesn’t mean there has to be a war in our backyard. you can choose to stay home and watch Fight Club on autoplay while the rest of us try to do something pro-active about our neighborhood.

  29. @anon Your neighborhood? That you moved into when exactly? Eastside gangs have been fighting here for over fifty years, longer than the Bloods and the Crips have existed. The Rampart police have been fighting them just as long, understand this neighborhood’s situation and its history a lot better than a bunch of outraged hipsters bitching online or having a positive energy meeting at the library. Please! You moved into Echo Park because its “cool” and now you think you are going to solve its gangster problem? You think 911 should call you back and thank you? What world do you live in?

    Before you attack me, I’m not saying we should just be complacent. I do think we should report graffiti. I do think we should all be a positive force in our community. But you can’t descend on a neighborhood and start telling it what to do. You need to respect the community you moved into. Many of us have been here for GENERATIONS. We aren’t going to take kindly to a bunch of hipsters with one year leases telling us what to do.

    And yes, gangsters have computers (maybe even yours!) and they can read, and they know who their neighbors are, and they protect their neighborhood as much as they destroy each others. Yes, its a strange world. Welcome, be careful, and be polite.

  30. reality – can you explain to me (outraged hipster) exactly how gangsters protect THEIR neighborhood (and also please explain to me how it’s THEIR neighborhood and yet, you take issue with someone who says OUR neighborhood?) and THEN please explain to me just how you are being a positive force in the neighborhood, while taking issue with real efforts (positive energy meeting) to be a positive force in the community?
    i think your reality needs some clarification.

  31. Boombala, Didn’t you say you went to community meetings “for a year” with the same “6 or 7 people”? I have been a public school teacher for 12 years.

    Gangsters are our neighbors. This is their neighborhood as much as it is ours. The boys on my block have always watched out for “teacher lady” and are always polite to me. That gives me the in, the ability to talk to them, and the ability to help them.

    Clear enough?

  32. Good points @ reality!!!!!! I remember being a kid growing up in that neighborhood before all these hip and so cool and whiney ass people moved in and having burglars break into my house. My mother was alone with me and 3 other young siblings all under the age of 9. My mother called the cops do you think they ever got there? An hour later they called back and asked are you still in danger? we would’ve been dead if we didn’t know some of those so called bad people,criminals, thugs, or whatever you want to call them who happened to be our neighbors!!! I grew up in that area I don’t and won’t ever forget the Rampart Scandal. I also know the police can only do so much for u unless they’re present! I don’t trust police to keep me safe or have my best interest at heart many times they’re out to get people to admit to crimes they havn’t committed or that just fit a racial profile. Now I’m sure if I was white when I grew up in this neighborhood cops would have never harassed me or people I know in the area. Police response time however has increased in the area from what I see now. This is only recent of the last few years and you people still complain? Who understands you newbies with this territorial attitude that you’re only inclined to this neighborhood and not the diversity that flourishes through it.

  33. lady schoolteacher and iamjacksliver: you’re delusional. just because they gave you a cute nickname, doesn’t mean that you’ve got a cloak of invisibility when the bullets start flying. neighbors or not, they are violent thugs. not cool. it’s not like they’re at risk youth smoking a little pot. you say they “watched out” for you; from whom? they are the only threat here. there are plenty of people in LA who do just fine without a gang to “watch out” for them.

    Iamjacksliver: why didn’t they keep your house from getting robbed in the first place? so tired of this “mi vida loca/mi barrio folklore BS. crime is crime. anyone who thinks that EP is “down for life” or something like that is crazy. a lot worse neighborhoods have been cleaned up (manhattan for example). EP is not immune. I’m not a newbie/hipster/1 year leaser (was here while most of these guys were riding their little bikes) and I grew up in a neighborhood worse than EP. crime is crime. don’t rationalize it because it makes you feel like you’re a part of some romantic/historical social movement.

  34. Aldo Thee Apache

    Well put ‘whatever’.
    Crime is crime and I’m sure these wannabe gangster apologists would change their tune in a heartbeat if it was their 3 year old that got shot (as my neighbors’ did). But until then they’ll just fill up this blog with complaints about a much more pernicious boogeyman i.e. the ‘hipsters’ (whatever they’re supposed to be these days).

  35. For folks who aren’t clear on why removing graffiti is important: tagging is a kind of message meant mostly for other gangsters. If one gang crosses out the tags of another, it amounts to a threat, likewise is one gang tags territory felt to belong to another. So quarrels among gangsters can spring up on the occasion of tagging and these quarrels can lead more or less directly to violence.
    Some gang violence is “business” related – drug debts for instance can’t be enforced through the courts! But some gang violence on the other hand is related to territory, honor, petty disputes that grow as insults are traded etc etc. I think that its important to see that gangs are a “culture within a culture”. Changing culture is more than a law enforcement project.
    I remember that some time back there was a long term truce in South LA between the major gangs – it was negotiated between the parties but was facilitated by civilians if I remember, and it seemed really effective…
    My guess is that more flow/communication between gangs and civilian organs is whats really needed – but do paint out graffiti!

  36. @ reality: you are annoying. I have been living here for over 10 years, my family is from el salvador -so yes, i am one of “them.” screw you for assuming i don’t have a right to take care of my neighborhood. i own my property, do you? i have kids, do you? HOW DARE YOU SAY I MOVED HERE BECAUSE IT’S COOL – HOW DARE YOU. We moved here because it was all we could afford!!! So shut your trap and go hang out with the EXP losers which you seem to relate to. The rest of us will work on getting this neighborhood cleaned up. and @ IAMJACKSLIVER -I am convinced you are a 15 year old because you sound so…uninformed. Keep watching that Fight Club.

  37. @anon Fight Club is a great movie and so what. Sounds like you should take some boxing for self defense because pansies like you really need it. @whatever That’s nice there’s plenty of people who have been here in the area for a long time who are sick of you people too pissing on peoples lawns,hitting their fences taunting peoples dogs, yelling at the top of your lungs on a weekday at odd hours, taking up all parking space with your annoying ass elitist and many times racist friends. You can’t get rid of everyone in the area nor sway everyone that you’re all here for the best of the area. Get over yourself please you can call peoples experiences fake all you want but it sounds like you’re just another newcomer by your stupid post. Yeah how are you gonna keep your house from being robbed when you’re an elementrary kid and so are your siblings and your mother is alone at the time!!! The house was broken into on two ocassions within 3 months this was on N. Alvarado. Keyword broken into shattered glass need I spell it for you in ENGLISH!!! LAPD responded the first time after an hour. 2nd time we didn’t bother we called family and nearby friends who came within minutes!!! So you can say your limited point of view delusional this and that but my experiences are reality not fiction!!! I don’t apologize for my opinion, nor should I have to to anyone, especially not some newbies that want to change everything with no regards of the people who have been here a long time not just one year LOL. By everyone I mean the whole entire community and all its diversity who encompasses it. I realized you gotta speak careful amongst these retarted newbies they’re bound to twist your words around. They’re also known to dismiss everything you say with their arrogant attitudes. They’re not capable of a debate as college bound and educated as they like to make themselves seem. You people are so stupid that you think only gang members are capable of doing crimes. So tired of the whining and bitching. Go back to your suburbs if you don’t want no crime whatsoever because you’re in one of the biggest cities of the nation. So it appears to me you’re rather delusional,elitist, and rather damn annoying with you’re “I’m more entitled to this area then you are because I’m helping gentrify it”. No wonder your family came from salvador it is gang ridden nothing close to l.a. what is that imported trash gang that is now nationwide a plague called again? MS lol……
    …… I’ll say it again the police are doing the best they can with the amount of officers and funding they have. Crime has also reduced signficantly in the area. Not because people like you have moved in the area. I find that hilarious!

  38. Iamjacksilver:

    okay man, you’re getting all worked up over nothing. i didn’t ask why “you” didn’t protect your family; and I never said you were lying about the incidents you mentioned. i said: “why didn’t they keep your house from getting robbed in the first place?” meaning the gangs who keep the neighborhood “safe.” you claim that they are protecting Echo Park.

    of course other people besides gang members commit crimes. that wasn’t the point of the discussion. you took it into a whole new direction: racist remarks against Salvadorenos, more hipster nonsense, and broad sweeping judgements of people you have never met (including me).

    you have no argument. just unfocused rage and hatred. i feel sorry for you.

  39. @whatever blah blah blah whatever!!!!!! LIKE TOTALLY!!!!! LOL.

  40. thank you for proving my point that you’re an ignorant 15 year old watching fight club on autoplay. wow, what a loser!

  41. Actually it was all saints day for me to day. So to fit the mood I was watching The Boondock Saints 2. Its a really good movie you should watch it but I must warn you, since you’re rather squeamish, there is lots of violence! It is only a movie. 😉

  42. then you would love to know that i worked on both fight club with helena and boondock saints with norman- and let me tell you, you would be a laughing stock on the set. they are much more manly than you 2 losers would ever dream to be. keep fantasizing that people care about your viewpoint.

  43. Oh nevermind that peasant. He’s probably one of my family members tenants!!!! They own 4 properties in the area and they’re not going anywhere!

  44. Lt. Wes Buhrmester, Rampart Patrol Division

    Regarding this shooting, the Rampart Gang Unit is handling the investigation and following up on leads. The victim, a documented gang member, was hit in the leg and treated and released at a local hospital. There are several tips which have been received regarding vehicles involved, and those are being addressed. This shooting is unrelated to the shooting at the 7-11 at Sunset Blvd. and Rosemont Ave.

    [email protected]
    (213) 484-3400

  45. Why don’t you people meet face to face?.. its a lot easier to express yoursf via internet. You guys who live in this community know where you can find these gang membes.. why don’t you walk up to them and tell them what you think. I’m sure you will get more info and response. To all your issues and questions.. just walk outside your door. This is your community. Do something

  46. Good Luck to all of you that think you will clean up EP…. If you can’t stand it Leave.. Unfortunately this is a reality that happens not just in EP..Street violence is EVERYWHERE and it affects EVERYONE and it is not just caused by GANGMEMBERS…Watch the news! GOOD LUCK in the cleanup.

  47. i believe this incident had something to do with the angelino heights gang and the infamous echo park gang they have been going at it like wild men by the echo park lake i was with my children one day and these 2 groups started yelling out f bomb this f bomb that angelino heights this echo park that then shooting followed right after i dove over my children and after the shooting i took them to the car and got the heck out of there !

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