Silver Lake street vendor stabbed *

A street vendor was stabbed during a late afternoon today robbery near Bellevue Avenue and Micheltorena Street in the southern edge of Silver Lake. The victim is in stable condition, according to Sgt. Joseph Sanchez with the Rampart Division. The vendor was stabbed at approximately 6:30 P.M. Lindsey Barrow who lives nearby reported seeing an ambulance drive off with the fruit vendor. “I really hope he is okay.”

* Update: The Silver Lake Neighborhood Council has organized a Town Hall for Thursday, August 19 at 5:30 P.M. to address crime and safety concerns, according to neigborhood council board member Rusty Millar. The  town hall will  held at Holy Virgin Mary Russian Orthodox Cathedral  at 650 Micheltorena St.


  1. How awful, what’s going on this week with all this violence going on.

  2. The Eastsider does read like the police crime blotter this weekend. But it does not look like the shooting at the 7-Eleven or vendor stabbing are in anyway related to each other or to Saturday’s shooting near Echo Park Lake. The Rampart Division – which covers the portions of Echo Park and Silver Lake south of Sunset Boulevard – said there were no other major crimes to report in the area.

  3. Let’s admit it we may think our ‘hood is cool and edgy, but it’s a dump.
    Can’t wait to move away to westside.
    Maybe this place will clean up and be nice when I have kids and they are all grown up.

  4. I am outraged by this! I stopped by to find out what happened and learned about the stabbing. What is wrong with these people? What kind of person would stab a fruit vendor.
    There is a wave of new thugs going around tagging and intimidating people. I am asking the LAPD to target these drug dealers and thugs south of Sunset. Enough is enough.

  5. I recently moved near bellevue ave and silver lake blvd and now I’m having second thoughts about living in this area. I was walking down bellevue not too long after the stabbing. Is this area safe? How often do crimes like these happen? I’m a young female and now I feel pretty vulnerable.

  6. @ Andrew, Perhaps you just need to admit to yourself that Echo Park is not your septic “cool/edgy” area that you were lead to believe when you bought your half million dollar bungalow.

  7. @Silly Hipster, Perhaps you just need to not generalize people you don’t know in tired cliches and then assume all sorts of things about those people and their financial brackets.

    I’d submit that our good friend Andrew might be more in shock about a*holes like you who live around here rather than his disappointment about the lack of edginess in said neighborhood.

  8. Some of the increased violence may be due to the release of so many from California’s prison system (I know we were warned this could happen) who return to their original life of crime because they know no other. I’m not excusing it, just stating what LAPD already knows.
    While we see a fruit vendor as a non-threatening, peaceable person, the thief sees the same vendor as an easy target and nothing more.
    Life in prison taught them little of the world we want to know, instead they learned violence is the way to control things, gangs rule and you’ve got to take what you want as no one’s going to give it to you.

    And I don’t think it’s just a Silverlake or Echo Park issue; we read about it and care about it because it’s our neighborhoods. I’m sure the same or worse is going on in other areas it just doesn’t make the news.
    It’s a citywide problem and there’s no guarantee the problems won’t make their way west as well. I think if you ask the police they’ll tell you the gang problem is very serious and is going to require more than just extended patrols and temporary crackdowns. It’s like the hydra–cut off one head and another one grows back.
    We need their help and they need our support. The police can offer advice but solutions require money–and we all know LA doesn’t have any…

  9. @”Silly Hipster”: comments like yours are tiresome and do nothing to further the common good. Echo Park has a long and interesting history, one that is far richer and certainly more diverse in terms of class and race and ethnicity than the usual characterizations. Even so-called hipsters – some artists, musicians, writers and poets, others are just regular folks struggling to make do without money (news flash: white people can be poor too) – have long been integral to Echo Park. It’s the mix that makes a neighborhood great. Unfortunately, for too long, contaminating that mix are the gangs which have helped ruin neighborhoods and lives across Los Angeles. The truth is that gangs have existed in Echo Park at least since the early 20th century – back then they had names like the Rolly Gang and the Forman Gang. (Check out “The Gangs of Los Angeles” by William Dunn for more history.) This fact should have been intolerable to the city and the city should have eradicated the gangs. Of course that didn’t happen, for all sorts of reasons, including systemic racism and corruption in both the government and the police. But just because the city and the police have historically neglected Echo Park, like so many deprived neighborhoods, does not mean that we should embrace the status quo. Everyone has a right to safe streets – the poor families (Latino and otherwise) and the much-maligned “hipsters” (white and otherwise) – who together have made this such a wonderful, vibrant neighborhood. So, please, put aside your easy cynicism (and clichés) and join your neighbors – of all colors and ethnicities – in making Echo Park better, safer and happier.

  10. @Ray & GG, I’m the asshole?…hmm, must have hit a nerve. I’m not the delusional one I’m well aware of the history of Echo Park. And I too am equally fatigued, by the whiney attitude by newbies (hipsters) who use euphemism like “shocked”…no kidding! Violent crimes are shocking and unsettling help be the solution. And make good on your promises and high-tail it back to the westside if you desire. I for one could do with one less hipster or gangster.

  11. @ Esme:

    Yeah, Bellevue’s a pretty bad street. The whole thing. Seriously.

  12. There is a growing group of us that are trying to be proactive in fixing the problems in the area South of Sunset. There are a number of neighborhood watches in the area. The one that is closest to the stabbing incident will be having a meeting at the Gateways Wellness Center on August 25th at 6pm. Its 433 N Hoover.

    If you are really concerned about the crime and safety in the neighborhood please come out.

  13. what is going on? is everyone in EP so hateful of each other that they need to vent in a thread about a horrible crime that happened in ANOTHER NEIGHBORHOOD? grow up.

  14. i live on tularosa dr (1 block away from the incident) and have lived there my entire life. the neighborhood has definitely cleaned up over the years. recently crime has started to pick up again, but nowhere near what it used to be. like gabriele said, we have stronger feelings about it because it’s our neighborhood. hope the vendor will be ok.

  15. Plata Neighborhood Watch:
    Thank you for informing us about the next meeting. I’m a long time resident and have seen the wave of crime come and go dating back to the early 1990’s. Bellevue Ave. is a highly transited street and may not be the safest but this incident should really raise the question of “how safe are we?”

  16. Bellevue Resident

    @Esme I’ve been on Bellevue for 8 years, and it’s definitely not as bad as Skeeter says it is.

  17. This is too funny.Silly Hipster has a point that none of you understand.
    I grew up in SL and went to all the local schools. (Marshall Class of 89) The area where the vendor was stabbed was where I used to hang out with all my friends (that you would consider hoodlums) SILVER LAKE & ECHO PARK HAS ALWAYS HAD GANGS and there is nothing you can do about it!!! I know the original members of a gang that originated in SL and they are still around (CYS).
    You people really have no idea how bad the gangs was in Echo Park, Silverlake, and the surrounding areas during the 80’s.
    Funny thing was…through FB I reconnected with old friends from school, we decided to go for drinks at El Chavo restaurant and people were staring at us like we didn’t belong…WE GREW UP HERE!!!
    It’s true that a bunch of “Hipsters” moved in and is trying to turn SL into the new Melrose…don’t get me wrong, I’ve enjoyed the changes and I will always be proud of being from this area! But for those of you that just moved in…you have no idea what the history of the neighborhood is like unless you lived here! GOOD LUCK!

  18. There will also be a Neighborhood Council Town Hall Meeting regarding the crime in this part of Silver Lake soon. Check on our website, or join our mailing list for more details.

    I live down the street, and am always at Cafecito. I hope he is okay. I am also concerned for all of us who have to walk long distances at night due to the lack of parking.

    Crime is not as bad as it used to be, but we can all definitely make it better by getting involved with neighborhood watches, and bringing our concerns to the Neighborhood Council.

    You can email us at board@silverlakenc.org


  19. @Raised in SL: I know where you’re coming from. My family has been in SL and EP since the 1950s. I was born, raised and still live right where this happened. Me and some of my friends sometimes get those looks too when we go out like we don’t belong even though we have lived here our entire lives. I never joined a gang, mostly because I was more scared of my mom kicking my butt if I did then having a gang beat me up, but I knew a bunch of guys that were in gangs.

    I love this neighborhood and it has always been good to me and my family. Like other people said this stuff happens everywhere but we feel more strongly about because it’s in our neighborhood. It used to be a lot crazier back in the day and I’ve seen a lot worse but it has gotten a lot better and the neighborhood has changed for the better. I also do like the diversity that the neighborhood has. It’s a shame that a story about the orange vendor getting stabbed has people writing hateful things to each other. I would see him there all the time and I just hope that he’s ok and that they find whoever did this.

  20. On Thursday Aug 19 from 530-8 the Silver Lake Neighborhood Council will be hosting a Town Hall meeting at the Russian Church to respond to the crime in the area. Aside from LAPD we will also have Parking Enforcement, Dept of Sanitation (bulky items), to help out the residents.

  21. @Born and Raised:
    Right on…it’s good to hear from someone that definitely knows what I’m talking about. I wouldn’t be surprised if you know my friends depending how old you are, it was just the lifestyle back then and it seemed to be the fad with all the Gangster rap that was being played on the radio.

    I recently moved back to Silverlake and I was surprised with all the changes that have happened (don’t get me started on Cafe Tropical)
    Overall, I do believe that it has changed for the better and even though I might criticize all the trendy hipsters, they kinda helped bring the community together in their own ignorant way because I can’t agree with how they react when they see people like us walking around, I have someone lock their car door when I walked out of a liquor store…it almost seems that they drew a line of us against them and they rather drive us out! That’s why you see those ignorant comments!

    As far as the vendor, it’s messed up! Man trying to hustle his money and they gotta mess with him…I know he didn’t have much! The hipsters need to be careful cuz they own a whole lot more than he did. It still isn’t as bad as before but to them, it’s the sign of the Apocalypse! Instead, send prayers to the vendor. If they really care, help create a fundraiser for him and his family for their losses. God knows they have the money for it, considering how high the real estate is in SL now.

    In the end…I’ll always be proud of being born and raised in Silverlake…best place to live in LA!

  22. @Raised in SL:


    It’s funny that you say everyone is throwing around “ignorant comments” when all you’ve done on both your posts is labeled everyone who lives in this area (who wasn’t born or raised here) as “trendy hipsters” not taking into account the slew of diversity that exists in the Silverlake/Echo Park area.

    Hate to break the news to you but there’s a whole bunch of kinds of folks who live and work here. Me, I’m a boring married dad who wouldn’t know hip or trendy if it hit him on the head. Our neighbors are gay yuppies on one side and a Thai family of 15 on the other. In fact, I haven’t seen a pair of skinny jeans in a 3-block radius of our home.

    Also, take it a bit easy on assuming these people you all lump together are also racist and avoid “people like [you]” as a rule of thumb. No one benefits from stereotypes, not locals, implants, imports or transplants. We all live here together and are a diverse bunch–that’s what makes the area so great.

    Do us a a favor and try and be a little more open-minded about the type of people who live in your neighborhood.

  23. My son has lived on Tularosa and Michletorena for the past 15 years. I walk his dogs on Bellevue when visiting. I think the neighborhood is terrific regardless of its so called history. The best thing to do is report to the police any and all activity around the time of the crime. It may lead to something meaningful.
    My best regards to the vendor. Next time in town I will purchase some fruit from him.

  24. @Skeeter

    True..point well taken.

    I guess the reason why I refer to the newbies as “hipsters” is because of the reputation that SL has now. It wasn’t like that when I was growing up. It’s only obvious when you hear surprised remarks by people that are not used to how it was. Believe me, I’m glad things aren’t the way it used to be but don’t think that you’ve escaped crime because you live in SL now. It really isn’t as bad as it used to be but we still have to live with crime.

    As far as the stereotype remarks, read some of the other stories, some of the remarks people are making feels like I’m reading the comments on the Orange County Register. For instance, how do you think my friends and I felt when we’re around the corner from our old Junior High School and people are looking at us strange…it is true that we stuck out but back then, we were the norm. We all noticed it so it wasn’t just my observation. But your right, a negative plus a negative equals negativity. I want more for my old neighborhood!

    But trust me, I’m very open minded because SL has ALWAYS been diverse. Going to school out here, I had friends from all different backgrounds and nationalities. I have a memory of a gay student fighting someone and all the tough gangbangers had his back because he was “from the hood” So due to my upbringing, I never judge people by race or lifestyle but by character. I might be wrong for some of the things I said, but so are other people. But I do respect what you had to say. My apologies if I offended you but I get tired of people thinking that living in SL should be like living in Beverly Hills! The Rampart division has their hands full in these neighborhoods compared to BH so just deal with it and always be aware of your surroundings.

  25. Ok honestly does it really have to have been a drug dealer or a Gang Member that did the crime? Who ever it was the person was a psycho. What kind of person would do these things. It’s a crime! And it’s not fair that you people are accusing the “Thugs” that walk around, the “Gang members” that have always been around, or the “Drug dealer” around the corner. Just about a month ago some random “crazy” lady ran over my friend because my friend didn’t cross at the cross-walk…so this lady ran over her right in the corner of Bellevue Ave. and Silverlake, in front of the Liquor store that I walk to often with my daughter. This crazy lady took off and several people saw the whole thing. We cannot point fingers until we really find out who it was. Hopefully when the vendor feels much better he can tell us who it really was, and describe to us the criminal that did this. I really hope LAPD catch this person because I live two houses down from where the crime happened.

  26. Wow. Is it really about Hipster v. Gangster v. Old Time-ster around here? What if you’re just a resident that appreciates city living, culturally diverse neighborhoods and understands that crime is everywhere and sometimes it happens in your neighborhood? Who are you supposed to hate and who hates you then?

  27. Concerned neighbor

    I live 2 doors down from where this happened and my neighbors & I were horrified. This is someone we all know & buy fruit from …and in broad day light no less! After he was rushed to the hospital the police stuck around for a bit. We all assumed they were securing the crime scene and waiting for crime scene investigators. However, all at once they just packed up and left, leaving pools of blood in the street & sidewalk and a pile of bloody clothes on the curb. Whose to say that some of that blood didn’t belong to the assailant? If it did, we’ll never know and we’ll probably never catch who did this. Also, from a sheer safety prospective- is it ok to just leave human blood everywhere? Fortunately, everyone watching grabbed a handful of dirt and we did our best to cover it all up. Somebody also threw the pile of bloody clothes clothes in a bag. VERY disturbing in more ways than one.

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