Teenager killed in Echo Park shooting

The male victim was shot at about 11:30 P.M. on Wednesday near Temple Street and Union Avenue in the southern edge of Echo Park, according to a story in L.A. Now.  The victim died at the scene in what is believed to have been a gang-related shooting. Office Bruce Borihanh told the L.A. Now:

“A male suspect walked up to the victim at the corner of Temple Street and Union Avenue about 11:30 p.m., Borihanh said. The suspect, described as 19 to 24 years old, fired multiple rounds at the victim with a handgun, striking the victim in the head and shoulder, Borihanh said.”

Update: Lt. Wes Buhrmester with the Rampart Division said the 16-year-old victim got into an argument with the suspect, who then fired five rounds from a handgun.  Said Buhrmester via email:

“Right now (8:00 a.m.), the investigation is still ongoing.  Rampart Homicide Unit detectives responded to the scene, and are still here, piecing things together.  The victim has been identified and his parents notified and interviewed, however because he is a juvenile his name is being withheld at this time.”


  1. Until the police go ahead the Temple Street Gang on Temple and Coronado by arresting / evicting all of them, this kind of thing is going to keep happening.

    The police know who they are and where they are. For once, why not address the the disease, instead than the symptoms?

  2. As much as I would love an Echo Park with no gang presence, the police cannot just round up gang members. My understanding, and perhaps Lt. Buhrmester could speak to this, is that misdemeanor violations do not get the police any closer to arrests/evictions. They must have evidence of larger crimes and this takes a lot of dedicated resources that aren’t available. I know that Echo Park (NE Division) just lost their city attorney – and this must have an impact as well.
    There also need to be more alternatives for kids. Keep cutting school programs and you’ll wind up with a greater number of vulnerable kids…

  3. Lt. Wes Buhrmester, Rampart Patrol Division

    We have various programs to not only reduce gang membership and incidence of gang crime, but also prophylactic measures to prevent gang membership in younger children. Arrests, for both misdemeanors and felonies, have an effect, but often on simply a limited basis. Knowing the gang members’ names and locations helps, but being a gang member is not a crime in and of itself. We continue our efforts, in collaboration with a host of agencies, trying to direct those efforts in the most effective manner. We also are lucky in that we have retained our neighborhood prosecutor.

    [email protected]
    (213) 484-3400

  4. Thank you, Lt. Buhrmester, for your response. Do you have any thoughts on ways the community can effectively contribute to these efforts?
    It is such a tragedy to lose another young person to this senseless violence. His parents, friends and family’s hearts must be breaking.

  5. Jonathan:
    All of us share your frustration with gang-members and crime. But, as Lt. Burhmester pointed out, being a gang member is not a crime. Also, the police aren’t land-lords. They cannot evict people from privately owned homes. Since the underlying problem is complex, so must be the solution. The police already do plenty (enforce laws and also do diversion programs). But what are the other City departments doing to help out? What are you doing to alleviate the problem? And, sorry, angry postings on a community blog don’t really count.

  6. this is sad I don’t think anybody should be shooting lil kids down regardless if they’re gang members, associates, or not! Sounds like the 24 year old must feel really badass what a COWARD!

  7. this is terrible. only 16, plenty of time to turn things around and have a productive life. good comments above on the importance of early intervention. drove by the spot today and you’d never know it happened. what a sad, pointless way to go. my condolences to the family and friends.

  8. In point of fact, the police absolutely CAN evict gangsters with help from the City Attorney’s office. Below is the relevant law explained. The problem is that a private landlord will almost certainly face retaliation from the gangsters, so the police need to step in / step up and make this happen without the landlord (or else offer him / her protection from the retaliation).

    3. (Amended by Ord. No. 174,974, Eff. 12/28/02.) The tenant is committing or permitting to exist a nuisance in or is causing damage to, the rental unit or to the unit’s appurtenances, or to the common areas of the complex containing the rental unit, or is creating an unreasonable interference with the comfort, safety, or enjoyment of any of the other residents of the rental complex or within a 1,000 foot radius extending from the boundary line of the rental complex.

    The term “nuisance” as used in this subdivision includes, but is not limited to, any gang- related crime, violent crime or threat of violent crime, illegal drug activity, any documented activity commonly associated with illegal drug dealing, such as complaints of noise, steady traffic day and night to a particular unit, barricaded units, possession of weapons, or drug loitering as defined in Health and Safety Code Section 11532, or other drug related circumstances brought to the attention of the landlord by other tenants, persons within the community, law enforcement agencies or prosecution agencies. For purposes of this subdivision, gang-related crime is any crime motivated by gang membership in which the perpetrator, victim or intended victim is a known member of a gang. Violent crime is any crime which involves a gun, a deadly weapon or serious bodily injury and for which a police report has been completed. A violent crime under this subdivision shall not include a crime that is committed against a person residing in the same rental unit as the person committing the crime.

    Threat of violent crime is any statement made by a tenant, or at his or her request, by his or her agent to any person who is on the premises or to the owner of the premises, or his or her agent, threatening the commission of a crime which will result in death or great bodily injury to another person, with the specific intent that the statement is to be taken as a threat, even if there is no intent of actually carrying it out, when on its face and under the circumstances in which it is made, it is so unequivocal, immediate and specific as to convey to the person threatened, a gravity of purpose and an immediate prospect of execution of the threat, and thereby causes that person reasonably to be in sustained fear for his or her own safety or for his or her immediate family’s safety. Such a threat includes any statement made verbally, in writing, or by means of an electronic communication device and regarding which a police report has been completed. A threat of violent crime under this section shall not include a crime that is committed against a person who is residing in the same rental unit as the person making the threat. “Immediate family” means any spouse, whether by marriage or not, parent, child, any person related by consanguinity of affinity within the second degree, or any other person who regularly resides in the household, or who, within the prior six months, regularly resided in the household. “Electronic communication device” includes but is not limited to, telephones, cellular telephones, video recorders, fax machines, or pagers. “Electronic communications” has the same meaning as the term is defined in subsection 12 of Section 2510 of Title 18 of the United States Code, except that “electronic communication” for purposes of this definition shall not be limited to electronic communication that affects interstate or foreign commerce.

    Illegal drug activity is a violation of any of the provisions of Chapter 6 (commencing with Section 11350) or Chapter 6.5 (commencing with Section 11400) of the Health and Safety Code.

    4. (Amended by Ord. No. 171,442, Eff. 1/19/97.) The tenant is using, or permitting a rental unit, the common areas of the rental complex containing the rental unit, or an area within a 1,000 foot radius from the boundary line of the rental complex to be used for any illegal purpose.

    The term “illegal purpose” as used in this subdivision includes, but is not limited to, violations of any of the provisions of Chapter 6 (commencing with Section 11350) or Chapter 6.5 (commencing with section 11400) of the Health and Safety Code.

  9. Being a gangmember before, my thoughts are if your child is out and about after nine with no adult supervision at night, he is most definately up to no good.”It takes a village to raise a child”many people of the community don’t even care for the neighbor’s kid, let alone for gang prevention programs. U want change, look out for the kids on your block as a community, or your kids on your street. As a village of people u will definately make an impact, On any childs life…

  10. In Cicero, a small town off of Chicago, They actually did go in and remove all gang members. And it helped a lot. i was young when this happened and I don’t know the legality or the process. I know it worked. And I think being a gang member is a crime due to the activities involved in being a gang member. Otherwise they wouldn’t be “gang members” they would just be kids doing kid things. When I was young I was out past 9 but I wasn’t doing anything illegal besides breaking curfew.

    Where there’s a will there’s a way.
    I just want to know how gang members can psychologically and morally think what they are doing is a great way to live.

  11. Anon:
    Constitutionally speaking, being a gang member is not — and can never — be a crime. It is protected by the First Amendment freedom of association. It is easy to see why. While each of us can choose our conduct, we do not choose our family. Most poor people cannot even choose their neighbors. So just because one kid is friendly with another kid does not make that kid a de facto criminal. Yes, that kid should have better judgment but that is not the same as engaging in criminal conduct.

    That is the same reason why public nuisance laws (which somebody cited above) are so difficult to enforce. People have constitutional rights. You (the government) cannot go around evicting gang members and their entire families until you have evidence of actual criminal activity. Although I am no expert in this area of the law, it is not hard to see the whole host of problems that emerges. Even if you could hold the parents vicariously liable for one of their kid’s criminal conduct (once proved), how fair is it to punish the other kids in the family for that conduct by evicting the whole family? I can’t see any judge thinking this is reasonable. I’m not even sure it is constitutional. And, aren’t you just exacerbating the problem? The family may end up homeless. Or in a worst neighborhood and the chances of them falling victims to or engaging in criminal conduct just goes through the roof.

    Look, I’m not in favor of doing nothing. But I’m not persuaded by your suggested solution.

  12. I’m always looking at both sides of the picture. And clearly if you are not a gang member and just a friend of one obviously you are not a gang member and should not be evicted. I’m also not saying that what I said is an end all be all solution. I do know that Cicero is now a safer place to live but I’m not sure what they did to do it 100% but I do know if you were caught doing any kind of criminal behavior you lost your house. And I’m sure if that were to be the case here parents would be spending more time making sure they knew what their kids were up too. I believe these forums and comments boards are to throw out suggestions and also receive them with an open ear.

    People are being murdered and if we are going to talk about the effect things like this have on family members I think the family with the dead kid has it worse.

    I also wasn’t meaning it as a solution. As it would not dissolve the problem only move it, And I know this. But there is a problem and there needs to be more thoughts of a solution.

    All of us on this post don’t know the kid that was shot but we certainly care and don’t want it to happen again.

  13. Growing up here in Echo Park…my parents made sure they knew everything…even if we thought they didn’t. You must be active in your childs life…you must spend time with them and most of all you need to show them LOVE!!! Wether you work one job, two jobs or three (your kids come first). As parents we must watch our kids even when where not home and be realistic…our kids aren’t saints!!!!

  14. I have 3 son ‘s 1daugher my two oldest one’s are not my worry’s thank god, my younger one’s my Son’s 24 & 26 these’s last two year’s had’s been the hard’s in my life, I Live for my kid’s l’ll die for them, were a family

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