Will a pentagram scare the house flippers away? *

Many a home buyer and house flipper have been able to look past  the sight of cracked walls, sagging floors and crumbling foundations to get a deal. But what about signs of Satanic rituals?  That’s what real estate agent and blogger Rob Kallick found this morning when he inspected a $199,000 Elysian Valley bungalow for a client only to find a pentagram painted in black on the floor of the home’s one and only bedroom.  There were also some candle wax and a red liquid splattered in the middle of the floor. “That was one of the scarier houses I’ve seen,” Kallick said of the 672-square-foot foreclosure on Elmgrove Street. “I got out of there pretty fast.”

But what will that pentagram make Kallick’s client – an investor- think twice about making an offer?  “That kind of stuff  would probably not bother him. But the layout of the house would totally have to be reconfigured.”  Nothing more scary than a bad floor plan.

* Correction: A previous version of this post said the house was in Cypress Park.  That’s incorrect. The home is located in Elysian Valley – across the river from Cypress Park.

Photo by Rob Kallick


  1. Cypress Park, Echo Park, Silver Lake…my the realtors just love to throw names around. This is on the eastern side of the river and I think this used to be known as Frog Town…called Elysian Valley by some…
    Since the neighborhood seems to be working to improve itself (clean-ups, Art Walks, etc) maybe the area will attract more respect from the real estate community.

    And no, I don’t live anywhere near here but I drive through when the 5 is congested and appreciate the wonderful work that’s been done on the Los Angeles River Greenway Trail (which is not far from this house…).

  2. @Gabriele. Sorry. Rob the agent told me Elysian Valley but I wrote down Cypress Park. My error. It’s fixed now. Thanks for catching.

  3. Hey, I’d pay extra for that! The goofy horror movie rituals involved in faux satanism are nowhere near as scary as the very real abuses that occur regularly within the confines of more popular forms of superstition. Any catholics care to chime in on the evils of satanism? Ha. I’m all ears…

  4. Actually, you still don’t seem to know your own area. Cypress Park is not the area across the river from Elysian Valley. That is Glassell Park across the river! Cypress Park is the next farther east, between Glassell Park and Lincoln Heights.

    Also, the area is Elysian Valley. The street gangs call it Frog Town, because of the frogs from the river (just like the Atwater gang calls its area Toonerville because they are by the train track, Toonerville Trolley, and the Dog Town gang is by the animal shelter). Some newer people in recent years seem to think it is formally known as Frog Town and call it such, I don’t know, maybe because they think it is cool.

    • Hi, Jason. While the northern half of Elysian Valley does sit across from Glassell Park, the southern half, where this home is located, is across the river from Cypress Park.

  5. Elysian Valley has always been referred to as Frog Town.

  6. Aldo Thee Apache

    Yet another saggy pants wearin’ boundary Nazi.
    Get a life Jason.

  7. Nothing that a good floor sander couldn’t fix.

    The floors are beautiful, they just need to be sanded and a new sealer put on it. Try Home Depot.

  8. For some reason frog town has not really taken off yet with the gentriflipcation. Even cypress park across the river is getting more flip activity than frog town. The fish place closing was a bummer. I think its inevitable that this area will become flipped but I dont know when

    Sky Minor

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