$3 million buys you a Silver Lake hilltop and – maybe – some Hollywood history

The remains of a 1920s Silver Lake mansion – now carved up into five apartments – is up for sale at an asking price of $3.3 million. The 3,800-square-foot home in the 2400 block of Effie Street has not changed hands in more than 60 years, according to the listing on Redfin. The current owners have been trying to sell, asking $4.3 million last year before lowering the price to $3.8 million in March. Along with more than an acre of land and views of the mountains and downtown, the Effie mansion is also said to have been the “home of film stars Gloria Swanson and later to Mae West,” according to the property description.  Swanson did work downhill in the silent film studios of Edendale, along what is now Glendale Boulevard, and a Los Angeles Times article mentions that Swanson and her first husband, Wallace Beery, lived near those studios. but the real estate listing did not provide any evidence to back up it claim that she lived on Effie Street. Any film historians care to weigh in?

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  1. I always thought the Gloria Swanson home was on West Edgeware Rd.??? Down the street from the charlie Chaplin Bungalows?

  2. Swanson and Berry had a terrible marriage that lasted from 1916 to 1918- so years before this house was built.
    Her house has been said to be 1046 W. Kensington Rd.

  3. They’ve got to be kidding on that asking price. $874 a square foot??
    Plus it must need major work on the inside: no photos of the interior and they say to bring your architect and contractor.

  4. Trying to pawn off dubious Hollywood bull—-! Have these real estate agents no shame at all!? (And why are these so common fraudulent claims of real estate agents never prosecuted as the felonies they are?)

    Only five units, and $3.3 million — not to mention what looks like a LOT of maintenance, yard work and otherwise to tend to all the time. Now, let’s see, how much rent would you have to pay to live there? Nice neighborhood, but not so nice that anyone is going to pay the rent that price will require! So, evict the tenants and — do what to justify that price?

  5. I am the broker at Figure 8 Realty and am representing this property.

    Another story that was left out of the listing here was that, the last owner purchased the property in 1959, and was an exec and one of the major studio’s. He loved to throw lavish parties. When the current owner (his niece) was a little girl she would stay at the house on her summers off and remembered Liberace playing the grand piano for swarms of party goers. I also had an agent come by and also remark about going to some of “the best parties on the east-side” there in the 70’s and 80’s. He even smiles to himself as he recollected the good times 🙂

    The views are stunning and of the sort I haven’t seen from any other property in silverlake. The info given about Gloria Swanson and Mae West, was conveyed to me from the owner as was told to her since she was a little girl. It falls in line with research that i did and also the info given here about Mrs. Swansons living on edgeware in the late teens. She supposedly spent many years at this home, which at the time was a single story house. I did see photo’s of the house from that time.

    It’s really a special property in its beauty and potential.

  6. @ed the broker:

    Spellcheck much? there are so many typos and grammatical mistakes that one does not know where to start.

    First of all, it is Silver Lake (two words) not “silverlake”.

    Secondly, it is Swanson, not “Swansons”.

    Thirdly, you write “… the last owner purchased the property in 1959, and was an exec and one of the major studio’s.”

    I don’t think you mean the owner is actually a “major studio” and the studio does not possess anything in the sentence.

    Finally, you are working off hearsay of the owner, rather than backing your claims with any actual factual paperwork or documents.

  7. Even if it’s true, why should that really affect the price that much? Who cares when you’re looking at a major remodel?

  8. Yes, even if true — and Ed has NOT established that and is presenting rumors (or even less than that) to potential buyers as fact in an effort to get money — who cares. And now he tried to beef it up by saying there were parties there? Hey, I’ve had parties at my place, too. These kind of stories are so valuable that they tore down the old Disney Studio on Hyperion, where they made Snow White, and put in a supermarket!

    If you can’t document it, you’re committing fraud to present it as fact. Not that anyone but an idiot would pay anything extra because of it even if it were true — but then, a sucker’s born every minute, and Ed is looking for him.

    I notice Ed’s name is being given special prominence — I have to take that to mean TheEastSider endorses this crap. Nothing beats selling the news.

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