Echo Park’s car wash corner draws more development

The Echo 1030 Live Work Lofts that sit next to Sunset Auto Spa  at Sunset and Alvarado are finished and up for lease. Now, around the corner on the other side of the car wash, two empty Sunset Boulevard lots are up for sale, with plans and building rights to construct a five-story project (pictured above) with storefronts topped by more than 20 apartments. The $2.19 million asking price buys the lots, which once served as a flea market several years ago, as well as plans and the development rights, said broker James Adner (the car wash property itself is not part of any development.).  The plans call for 15 two bedroom apartments, some with fire places, as well eight, one-bedroom units.  Adner said a buyer could move quickly with a “shovel-ready” project as proposed or build something totally different.  “We’ve definitely gotten a lot of inquiries about it,” said Adner of the property, which went on the market two days ago.

Photo from theMLS.com

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  1. YES! it’s about time they clean up alvardo and sunset. once that area gets cleaned up, the rest of echo park will follow

  2. @betsy – Agreed. I wonder though if NIMBYs will try to stop this one they way they tried to stop the restaurant opening in the vacant movie theater down the street. Seems like an awful lot of people seem interested in keeping this intersection at the status quo, even if the status quo is pretty dismal.

  3. We’ve got a property down the street and we’re very excited about the prospects for that corner. Between American Apparel, the new PETA headquarters, the new restaurant going into that old theatre, etc., that park of the neighborhood is going to end up being very nice.

  4. If I remember correctly the last movie shown at that movie theater was “GHOST”. I’ll never forget the smell of dirty bady diapers. Now I head out to Highland Park for the same you cant beat 2 bucks. Funny I remember Franks from the Echo saying that once their business was in place the rest of Echo Park would follow. Follow What?? Went from a barrio to an upper Middle class place for white kids to score what there medical marijuana card can’t get em. and then some…. Hey I remember that song. ” White kids on dope’.

  5. Good to see the area improving. this is what should be promoted for most of Los Angeles. Now if the city could kick in some money to repave, landscape and clean up the streets, it would only help.

  6. yes yes, American Apparel always screams CLASS. I think in any vacant lot surrounding Echo Park needs to be vegan gastropubs, american apparel outlets, and eco-friendly places to get a colonic.. Because only God knows how much crap I’m full of. I’m glad the hipsters- the stormtroopers of pop culture, have a name for us not inclined not to see more east coast trash move in to this neighborhood- NIMBY’s
    What was wrong with Williamsburg, really?

  7. The Sunset Blvd of 2020 will be one giant continuous wall of high density condos from silver lake to chinatown. I don’t think there’s much that can be done to stop it, its one of the transit corridors the city planners use to grant automatic approval to any mixed-use development along the route

  8. The mark of a true residential neighborhood is whether it has a supermarket. Two is even better. A Trader Joe’s is muy bien.

  9. @M*O*Leee

    You know what else screams class? Calling people from the other coast ‘trash’, and demeaning efforts to improve your own neighborhood.

  10. Glad the vacant lots that have been an eyesore for most of my life are finally being used to do something.

    And I don’t what parts of the rest of Echo Park need to be “cleaned up”, betsy. Please, clarify.

  11. To slightly change the topic, what are they going to do with that aborted devlopment next door to Chango’s? What a friggin eyesore!

  12. This is great, finally this area is being developed enough to enjoy it just as if you were in silver lake junction. Between this project, sunset flats and the movie theater hopefully all the homeless will move out and we can enjoy walking to shops at knight. For all the people against development I think you should move to a national forest and live in a tipi then for sure you have no traffic or development next to you

  13. @Al, The homeless move out? That would imply that they had an “in” to move “out” from.
    Al, please stop pushing your “sunset flats” and ruining the neighborhood for those of us who didn’t move to Sunset Junction and chose Echo Park for a reason.
    And a big PS. People in Echo Park are not against development. If you survey development-related posts on this blog, you will see some are for development but many ARE against ill-conceived development, overly dense development, and out-of-scale development. Perhaps you’ll find a climate more supportive of all development elsewhere?

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