LAPD provides more details on armed man shot in Echo Park by officers

The LAPD the morning identified the officers involved in last month’s fatal shooting of a man who confronted police with an assault rifle in the southern edge of Echo Park. Officer John Hendrix, an  eight-year veteran of the department, and Officer Shawn Graber, who has been with the LAPD for  more than three years, were involved in the Sept. 28 shooting of 25-year-old Jack Schlesinger, who emerged from his vehicle bearing an assault rifle after being stopped by officers near Temple Street and Union Avenue, according to a department update on the shooting  issued this morning. Early police accounts of the incident carried by The Eastsider said that officers had opened fire after Schlesinger had started shooting. But there is no mention that Schlesinger had fired his weapon in today’s account of the shooting.  Police found a loaded assault rifle and a loaded revolver at the scene of the shooting.

Police ordered Schlesinger to get out of the vehicle after determining that the silver Honda Accord he was driving had been stolen at gunpoint two days earlier in North Hollywood. Here, according to the LAPD, is what happened next:

“The officers followed the car, as they requested a back-up and support from an air unit. The suspect, Jack Schlesinger, 25-years of age from Los Angeles, proceeded to drive northbound on Union Avenue to Montezuma Place where he turned eastbound. Before additional police units were able to arrive, the Schlesinger stopped the car in a common parking area for several duplexes in the 1600 block of Temple Street. The officers stopped their car behind him and ordered him to come out of the car with his hands up and to lie on the ground. Schlesinger ignored the commands and got out of the car holding an assault rifle. At that point an officer involved shooting (OIS) occurred, in which Schlesinger was struck by the officers’ gunfire.  Schlesinger was pronounced dead at scene by LAFD Paramedics. The officers were not injured.”

Schlesinger, who had been convicted several times for possessing a weapon in state prison, was out on parole at the time of the shooting.


  1. Westlake not EP. Big Diff folks.

  2. Maybe not EP, but certainly not Westlake! Call it Historic Filipinotown, HiFi, HistoFlipto or even the former name Temple-Beaudry, but Westlake it ain’t.

  3. 1600 block of Temple is near Glendale Ave. I thought this was EP. Does anyone know the boundries of EP?

  4. historic filipinotown is in echo park and 1600 block of temple is definitely echo park and not westlake

  5. Let me see, the police originally said the guy fired his weapon, so they shot back and killed him. Now it seems that maybe he never did fire his weapon, the story is changing. I also recall the police originally saying that he was in a little alley out of the way of things — you know, kind of hidden. But now they say he was in a common parking lot for the tenants — hardly hiding out doing something surreptitious.

    Why is the police story changing? I guess the guy stole a car — unless that part of the story is going to change too — but do we now shoot and kill people merely for stealing a car? Oh yes, the police said he also had a rifle, but they don’t even say he pointed it and as noted, they’re no longer saying he fired it (maybe bullistics didn’t back of the shooting officer’s story?). They’re not saying he pointed the gun much less that he fired it — was he just laying the gun down maybe to surrender? Or is this part of the story going to change too?

    I originally thought that sounded like a justified shooting. Now I find myself wondering — thanks to the police changing the story. I tis very questionable when such stories change.

  6. @Tom: Fair enough – believe what you want.

    For my part, if you’re driving a car that was stolen at gunpoint and you come out of that car with an assault rifle, you’re taking your chances.

    Police officers are just human beings trying to make the best decisions they can. In this case, the harm that could have resulted (both to the police and to bystanders) from someone firing an assault weapon was so great as to justify the shooting.

  7. Ummm… police in this Rampart Crash Scandal/Mayday Melee section of town don’t have the best record. I mean in court it has been proven that they have shot unarmed men and then planted guns to cover it up. Heck didn’t we just settle all those cases of them unlawfully beating members of the press during the may day melee? So maybe we should question this a bit more and give it a bit more investigation. Rather than just take the word of these two cops.

  8. Whatever happened to shooting a suspect in the knee or arm? Aren’t LAPD trained marksmen? I mean rolling out of a stolen car with an AK while surrounded by cops isn’t the brightest move but I didn’t know shoot to kill was the LAPD’s only protocol when faced with this kind of situation, especially when the suspect fired zero shots at the officers on the scene. Although an AK-47 is an intimidating weapon and I’m sure it made the cops poop their pants and pull the trigger.

    • “I mean rolling out of a stolen car with an AK while surrounded by cops isn’t the brightest move but I didn’t know shoot to kill was the LAPD’s only protocol when faced with this kind of situation, especially when the suspect fired zero shots at the officers on the scene. ” – So they are supposed to risk their lives by waiting for the susp to shoot and possibly kill one of them? You are DUMB AND PATHETIC, just like the susp.

  9. @ John, K, Angela, and Jim:

    Jim is correct, this is within the eastern edge of Historic Filipinotown (a more newly designated sub-section of EP) which is definitely in Echo Park. The Best explanation and Map of the Echo Parks Boundaries is in this link from Echo Park now (no affiliation) who got the map from Councilman Garcetti’s office:

    The western boundary explanation is the most confusing since it meanders by the 2fwy and especially since Glendale Blvd. travels through Echo Park diagonally. But look on the (GEPNC) map from the LA city and try to follow.

    Western Boundary (starting from Beverly Blvd. going North): Benton Way – Waterloo Street. – Glendale Blvd. (only where it meets the 2 freeway) – Allesandro St.

    Northern Boundary: Riverside Drive

    Eastern Boundary: Border with Beaudry (north of Sunset Blvd) Harbor Freeway (south of Sunset Blvd.)

    Southern Boundary: Beverly Blvd/ 1st Street

    Echo Park itself consists, in whole or in part, of the neighborhoods of Echo Park (the area immediately surrounding the lake and extending approximately a mile north on Echo Park Avenue), Angelino Heights, Colton Hill, Edendale, Elysian Heights, Temple-Beaudry, Historic Filipinotown, and Sunset Heights.

    Hope this clarifies things.

  10. @Pedro.. Are you serious! I would love to see what you would of done if placed in those officers shoes. Shoot in the arm or leg. Wow! This ain’t Hollywood.

  11. @blackbird
    very informative and quite precise…now we know

  12. @ Pedro
    Let me guess… you’ve always been able to shoot people in in the arms and legs while playing Halo or some video game which supports your “reality” based opinion.

  13. Hmmm. Tom. Car not just stolen. Carjacked at gunpoint. Riding around with an AK47. Definitely the kind of people I want on the street. We need less of these people in the world.

    Pedro, I’m with you. They should have just tried to nick his trigger finger with the bullets, or maybe shot the hat off his head to scare him like in the old westerns. Genius.

    And yeah, Tom, he was probably just getting out of the car (as the cops yelled at him to come out with his hands in plain sight) to surrrender and thought at the last minute that he might as well bring the AK with him. Makes sense.

  14. Tom, I think you got the message wrong. Correctly, it is “MY life is not worth MY property!” It is not “Your life is worth more than MY property”! It’s okay – many have been educated with this erroneous belief! Now that you are an adult, it is okay to understand what is “really real”!!

  15. Echo park is from coronado and sunset to beaudry and sunset. And from the two fwy entrance and exit to glendale and bellevue. I know ak’s aren’t the loudest weapons. But I live blocks away from where the accident happened. Granted my gardener was working at the time n his wind blower muzzled out the noise.. didn’t hear the officers gun shots. So I can’t say if the suspect did or did not open fire… but u figure if he did open fire. You would see evidence of it.. like. Bullets wholes in car n houses.. or even a stray bullet hitting a car on the 101 fwy.. we definately need 2 know more facts on what happened… who knows if this guy even pulled it out.. he mite of just had it in the car… than again I dnt think lapd is ballzy enough to kill this g

  16. Guy* in broad day light without good reason… but what is debating about this episode.. this has been going on in l.a and around the world for yrs…

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