New Eagle Rock property listing features a view of real estate in ruins

Views often add value when it comes to selling a home. But what about a view of a neighborhood eyesore? A new Eagle Rock real estate listing that popped up on Redfin for a three-bedroom home describes it as a “nice view property” and prominently displays one of the vistas: the concrete ruins of what had been called DHM Lofts, a failed real estate project that left behind a row of towering concrete columns, retaining walls and a  tangle of rusting rebar on Colorado Boulevard.  One Eagle Rock resident described the sight of the DHM Lofts called an “unfortunate welcome” for Eagle Rock residents returning home on eastern edge of Colorado Boulevard. The asking price – view included – is $384,900.


  1. Not only is this a eye sore it is now being occupied by vagrants, big thanks to Tony Villar for pushing this through before becoming mayor.

  2. Atcually, it doesn’t look too bad from a distance. The bigger problem is the traffic noise from the 134 freeway behind you.

  3. it still looks better than those 10foot weeds that were there before they laid down the cement

  4. Yeah, it really doesn’t look that bad. I kind of think it looks like Roman columns or something. What’s worse is those houses that look right onto the back of the ER mall. I remember one of those listed about a year ago. The view is of, well, the back of a mall. To make matters worse they park a million run down school buses back there.

  5. @Libertad – Um, it looks awful from a distance, and close-up, it’s horrible. (Maybe you mean to say the photo doesn’t look that bad, which is different. There are lots of pretty pictures of the WTC on 9/11.)

    @Omar – it was a grassy (maybe a little weedy) field before this monstrous clusterf*ck happened. It was mowed regularly by the city, and lots of folks thought it would make a great pocket park.

    @Mark – Seriously, you guys come on down to the ER sometime and take a walk around the property. Homeless hovels inside, human waste on the sidewalk outside, and years-old plastic hanging from the dangerously leaning columns above. It’s a godawful waste, and whoever approved it should be strung up by their thumbs.

    I watched the whole thing being built. That cliff was known for mudslides, and there’s a house on top that wouldn’t sell for years, I’m assuming because of the instability. The construction was incompetent — those leaning columns were screwed up weeks before the heavy rains that shut everything down.

    @J – do you have proof the Mayor personally pushed this through?

  6. I have to look at this mess every day, it looks horrible!
    @Eaglerocker2000 No but he was our Councilmember when it was approved for construction

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