No window is too small for a burglar to sneak through

NeighborhoodWatchLogo.JPGAn Echo Park woman who lives on Lemoyne Street between Avalon and Baxter streets returned home last night to find her laptop computer gone after a burglar entered through an open window only 12-inches square. She wants to warn her neighbors to keep their windows – no matter how small – locked:

“They slit the screen on my bathroom window and slid through a 12″ x 12″ window, pilfered through all of my bathroom cabinets and stole my lap top before the alarm scared them away. I’m just glad I wasn’t home and would love for you to warn all to lock their windows.”


  1. Bad things seem to happen pretty often on or near the intersection of Echo Park Ave. and Baxter St.

  2. This is a very good point. Our house has an upstairs window about a foot wide and two feet high that a previous owner barred I don’t know how long ago after a break in. At first I couldn’t figure out why that window was chosen or how, but when I looked outside I saw it’s relatively accessible if a would-be burglar’s motivated enough to scale some exposed plumbing pipes.

  3. Dear Will,
    Have you done a test-run yet? You might as well try and get through.

  4. On our street a couple of years ago, two houses were broken into by – get this – a burglar who brought along his small son, who was able to enter these homes through doggie doors and open the doors for his dad. The cops told us that this wasn’t uncommon, and that they regularly warn homeowners to get rid of the doggie doors.

    I’m guessing that this particular burglary was another one where it was ‘take your son/daughter to work day’.

  5. Re. SilverLakeGuy

    I really hope there is a special sentence for that type of burglary, as well as a special place in hell…

  6. Yesterday happen an incident in our house, my husband was at the back yard and heard steps, he stand still to find out who was there, then a young kid short, slim, approximately 12 to 14 years old, was in front of him, then he run by the door access to the back that he opened and run and took direction to the North of Echo Park. This is the first time happened and there is no excuse to enter the property, we believe he was trying to look around and break in.

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