Police shut down Echo Park performance space *

Photo by Jared Eberhard/Flickr/Creative Commons

The owners  Echo Curio Curiosity Shop & Gallery, a small but active performance and art space on Sunset Boulevard, said they will be meeting with the Los Angeles Police Department on Monday after apparently before forced to shut down, according a post on the Echo Curio blog.  It’s not clear what prompted the LAPD to order the closure or for how long it will last. The Echo Curio blog posted the following notice on its blog:

“We still love you all but sadly we’ll be doing it from our respective homes for the near future…. We’ll know more on Monday when we visit the LAPD and start signing forms and paying dough… hopefully it will only be a short time before we’re back up and rocking your faces…. but one never knows….”

The storefront space, whose founders were featured in a  recent issue Brand X,  had been booked with performances through October, prompting one group to move to the Fretted Frog on Alvarado.  While music shows have been postponed for now, art shows will continue, according to an Echo Curio Twitter posting. In August, following complaints from neighbors, the nightspot was forced to prohibit the drinking of alcohol during performances after a visit from the LAPD vice squad, according to Pop & Hiss.

* Update: Grant Capes with the Echo Curio provided more information by email: “We were closed down because we did not have a cafe entertainment license … we’re trying to figure out just what that is… none of the officers who stopped us could really tell us, only that we need to go to the police commissioner on Monday and find out more.”


  1. this sucks. echo curio is a great space for music and it’s only doing good for the neighborhood.

  2. Yeah, puke and broken glass in front of houses is great for the neighborhood.

  3. we at the Echo Curio do appreciate all the of the positive and negative responses to our space… We certainly don’t condone disrespectful behavior by anyone, but also still hold out hope for humanity’s ability to self-regulate… that being said, I bet there will be puke and broken glass outside of echo park homes long after we’re dead and gone.

  4. I’m actually surprised they weren’t shut down a long time ago. Pretty obvious underage drinking going on, and a questionably legal entertainment venue. When they opened I made bets with people how long it would take before the city shut them down.

    Not that I don’t support independent art and music, but when there is loud music and crowds of drunk teenagers mulling about in the streets in front of a small storefront multiple nights a week on a busy corridor, it really draws attention…

  5. Lindsay, leave town.

  6. How exactly do you attribute puke and broken glass to that (or any other) venue in specific? Maybe you should be more concerned with, you know, the huge gang problem…

  7. Listen Lauren – we have seen people go from Echo Curio to break glass and puke on the street. That’s how we attribute. Your second comment makes no sense because gangs have nothing to do with Echo Curio.

    That said, I support Echo Curio and hope to see them back. But let’s be real about the challenges facing our intrepid heroes. Denial = failure.

  8. Hello Grant,

    Follow this link to the LAPD website where you will find the information below. Good luck with the process.



    Permit Requirements for Cafe Entertainment/Shows

    Cafe Entertainment/Shows P519
    Los Angeles Police Commission Police Permit Requirements

    Reference: L.A.M.C. 103.102 / L.A.M.C. 12.70/ board rules – none

    Any business which regularly provides any form of live entertainment including karaoke is required to have a live entertainment police permit (p519)

    This permit is not required for: musicians or vocalists at dances where a current dance hall permit(p519) exists in conjunction with carnival permit Requirements

    Who must apply? All legal owner(s) of business must apply.

    A) Corporation: three (3) officers of the corporation

    B) Partnership: all general partners (not limited/silent partners)

    C) Sole proprietorship: legal owner of business

    Documentation Required:

    Corporation: articles of incorporation, minutes from annual general meeting stating election of officers. Statement of domestic stock.
    Partnership: notarized legal partnership agreement (state form, all partners’signatures ).
    Purchase agreement (of business) i.e. escrow documents.
    Deed or lease to location of business.
    Zoning referral slip from building and safety department.
    Copy of current liquor license (ABC license).
    Property will be inspected by commission staff upon receipt of application.

  9. The reason drunk fauxhemians are roaming on Sunset is probably because there’s a bar on the corner near the Echo Curio.

  10. Loved seeing the band “The Nocturnes” perform there, hope you can open up again fast.

  11. Anyone know how much a “cafe entertainment license” costs?

    There’s another word for what this is: racketeering.

    cops and gangs – what’s the difference?

    Answer: one has the law on its side.

  12. A more specific word for what this is: extortion (a form of racketeering).

    a criminal offense which occurs when a person unlawfully obtains either money, property or services from a person(s), entity, or institution, through coercion.

    Take out the words “criminal” and “unlawfully” and that describes exactly what the cops/city do everyday.

  13. Hipsters don’t need permits….so uncool man. Whatever…we don’t care…too cool to care.

  14. Curio is an awesome place for local and out of town talent! For some reason the lapd has had a bug up their ass recently re: these kinda of places(hyperion tavern just got shut for the same reason)..as far as drunk folks on sunset..well..you could point yer finger anyway and there are bars both sides of the street…from the gold room up to el compadre…

  15. No Lindsay DO NOT leave. but John you get the hell outta town. California is paradise lost because too may people here accept a sub-standard existence & think rules don’t apply. it’s all about to change. you let something beautiful rot for too long, now it’s about to be reclaimed by those of us who care enough to bring it back to the greatness this state deserves. puke on the sidewalks & thoughtless morons roaming everywhere … you’re time is extremely f’n nigh. I repeat: the state’s about to be reclaimed. dummies with low standards like john face extinction.

  16. I own a house a commercial building and business nearby and totally support EC. Its been a great addition to the neighborhood. Reminds me of whats LA underground scene (used to be) is all about. Love the vitality, youth and creativity that it brings to the neighborhood. Wish you the best and hope you can rebound ASAP. A cafe entertainment should not be too hard to get as long as you don’t ask for a liquor sales as well. There is a lot of red tape and some costs involved. I wouldn’t be surprised if “Lindsey” called the cops on you. What a wet blanket!! (and dude Mcfartstreet you don’t make sense but from the gist of your blather I’d say you’d fit right in in Arizona/Utah/Santa Barbara.)


  17. Oscar, I actually fit in beautifully in eagle rock now, e.p. & h.p. in the past. I wouldn’t waste my urine in utah/arizona/sb. this isn’t a case of simple politicized reductionism that you’d like to turn it into so you can easily grasp it. it’s about common courtesy, taking care of each other & putting this state back on course. It starts locally. I love e.c., too, & all the opportunities its given to my friends’ bands & creative pursuits. My post was about all the clowns who yell “GO AWAY” when someone challenges a socal neighborhood to be better.

  18. Striving for Civility

    I live off of Sunset and see all sorts of no goodniks wandering about and can tell you that the Echo Curio crowd on any given night makes the area much, much SAFER. There is a long dark gap between the Little Joys/Shortstop/El Compadre area, and the Gold Room/Echo/Masa area that the Echo Curio bridges. The Echo Curio crowd also deters people who might otherwise be getting up to stuff in the Patra burger parking lot as well as the darkness of Laveta beyond.

    The Echo Curio has always seemed to me to be a well-lit, friendly, safe place, focused on supporting the diverse artistic community that lives in the area.

    I know Lt. Wes Buhrmeister has been great in the past on the Eastsider in letting us know what’s going on in vis a vis police/community interaction. Maybe he could chime in?

    Also, as far as people stumbling out of businesses and puking all over Sunset Boulevard… I see more of that coming from Lot 1. But that’s probably just the food.

  19. @ no lauren honey

    So because you’ve seen a few indicents of someone leaving Echo Curio and then throwing up or breaking a bottle, you’re concluding that behavior is typical of their patrons? Did it occur to you that it could have been a coincedence?

    Taking into consideration the proximity of establishments like The Echo, The Gold Room, Barrigan’s, Short Stop, El Prado, Little Joy, etc. that actually SERVE booze, your claim that there is a direct and exclusive correlation between EC and that behavior is pretty ridiculous. Have you ever actually been there? Because I have been to most of the venues/bars around that area of Sunset, and the EC is probably THE most mellow, not to mention that they already banned alchocol a month or so ago.

    As far as gangs, I will ignore the fact that you are being condescending and elaborate on my point, which is that the AREA has a gang problem. If you are concerned about disruptive behavior in your neighborhood maybe set your sights on homicides, gang graffiti, and drive-bys instead of an art gallery that has shows.

  20. Speculation, since I don’t know enough about this, but from a purely practical standpoint, there’s some fairly obvious reasons they would be shut down.

    Galleries downtown can likely get away with performances without a venue permit because they A) are not in residential areas where neighbors would complain B) tend to be large enough to fit most of the crowd inside the property, not spilling onto the street C) don’t have an event like twice a week

    When you try to fit essentially a small concert venue (+ serving booze with no liquor license?) in a teeny tiny shop on a busy street in a busy neighborhood, you’re asking for all kinds of trouble from the city. Not just the police, but zoning, fire dept, taxes etc. There are tons of rules about this stuff. If you’re going to break the rules you have to be more discreet about it, IE hide it in a warehouse district or tucked away in a shifty neighborhood. Otherwise you have to go through all the city BS like everyone else…

  21. Just as everyone rants that vendors cannot sell illegally in the park, it should hold true that venues cannot operate illegally without proper permits. Calling one “creative” shouldn’t change that.

  22. @ Ron

    They don’t serve booze, and never did. I know you weren’t aware of that, but just to clarify…

    I’ve only been there a few times, but the impression I always received was that the people who ran the place were very conscientious and encouraged patrons to respect the rules and the neighborhood. There wasn’t a feeling of a chaotic free-for-all like at some diy spots that exist purely as music venues.

    I think the people on this board who have a negative opinion of the venue are misinformed, or had the misfortune to witness a disrespectul patron who is the exception not the rule.

  23. Mcfarstreet you get on down the road…eagle rock is not far enough.
    We want all closet republican reagan wannabes out..You are not
    reclaiming nothing it was never yours..You and your kind don’t belong..
    I suggest ventura bud.

  24. No one has a clearer understanding of what’s been really going on on Sunset except those of us who are open late night and deal with it.

    There are many bars in the community and as a result there is a lot of urinating and throwing up going on up and down Sunset Blvd. and within the nearby residential areas. It’s just a fact. Let me tell you first hand, as the owner of the building on the corner, staying open late night, I have never witnessed anyone specifically doing either of these things during the performances at the Curio. Rather, I have seen Justin, operator of the Curio, sweeping up the sidewalk at the end of every event. Unfortunately, on many occasions I have cleaned up the throw up and hosed off the urine from the corner. Is it OK? No. However, the Curio has added a venue that adds to the creative vibrancy of Echo Park and certainly can’t be blamed for that. It’s more likely that the bars that are giving such great drink deals contributed to that as well as the illegal street food vendors.

    I support the Curio and hope that they are able to get up and running very soon as I have a vision of the corner with late night legal drinking, eating, shopping and viewing of art and other performances at the Curio and DIY Gallery.

    One thing everyone should know, the city has not been very helpful to any of the small business operators along Sunset Blvd. who have struggled to keep their businesses open, growing, and evolving during these rough economic times.

    @Striving for Civility

    Lot 1 has not been open in the evening for a very long time. We have just legally been approved to serve food late night. So no puking on the Blvd. can be attributed to us, as of yet.

  25. they’re not creating that much of an impact on the neighborhood, they don’t sell booze (people bring it with them, just like throughout history). I’m old and have never been there, but I hope they re-open. I had cool places to hang out when I was young, and I think so should these kids. I have no problem with arty kids socializing and having a couple of drinks in some storefront. They are far less problematic than some other young people who drink on various local sidewalks.

  26. I”ll testify if need be, to keep Echo Curio happening!
    It is an important part of the community and a super positive space for all types of people doing all types of things, run by two of the most awesome and supportive dudes around.

  27. GOOD POINT boombla.

    I mean really , so sorry you got shut down etc….
    However , as a business owner , you should have figured out what you needed before you opened up .

    Echo Park is not as grass roots and underground as it used to be
    You totally missed that curve . Now its just a bunch of yuppies, hipsTers and has beens wearing designer duds and acting like they have “created” something .

    Puhleeze !

  28. This is painful to read. I agree with the last comment.. when you can’t even figure out what a cafe license is, we’re supposed to feel bad for you? This is still a city.

    I went to EC once. Drank 3 tallboys out front because it was too hot and packed inside with bad music. Then pee’d on the corner because there was no bathroom. I’m not proud, just telling it like it is. I wasn’t alone on that either. The owners sound like stoners though, I dont feel bad at all. Every other biz in this city applies for the permits and figures it out, why cant you?

  29. It’s a bit grungy, but there is definitely a bathroom in Echo Curio.

    It’s unclear to me how Echo Curio counts as a “cafe” when it doesn’t serve anything other than art and music. And entrance is a suggested donation.

  30. @Matt-

    I personally know Grant and Justin, and I can assure you as I am sure others can attest as well , they are NOT “stoners” Please don’t throw that term out without even knowing them. They indeed do have a bathroom that is OPEN to anyone. I am sure if you would of just asked one of the many patrons, or Justin or Grant themselves, they would have pointed it out in the next room.

    The cops were looking out to get them for awhile because of a few bad apples once. Grant and Justin even banned the drinking of alcohol last month, so that they wouldn’t have to deal with the trouble. So it wasn’t as if they were blatantly making it some sort of underground speakeasy place. The fact that the cops didn’t even know exactly what a “Cafe Entertainment License ” was or how much it would cost speaks volumes. All they did KNOW was that they needed one. Echo Curio has been operating for almost 4 yrs now without any major incidents, so it’s a little curios the LAPD would NOW all the sudden the be asking for a license. (Forget the hundreds of times they’ve passed the place the last 4 yrs)

    It’s just an unfortunate oversight, which will hopefully be corrected soon. I also can assure you, there are other galleries nearby that are basically running the same operation as Echo Curio, that ALSO do not have an “Cafe Entertainment License” ( these will remain nameless, but just goes to show you, that Echo Curio was targeted)

    They are extremely supportive of all local arts including music and movies. It is important for an establishment like that to exist, if anything but to just give people a place to congregate and do something productive and creative. It’s a place to promote positivity and not negativity.

    On another note, I witnessed on a few occasions, Grant kicking unruly patrons out if they were indeed smoking or being too drunk (Yea, Like a true Stoner would, eh) They are stand up guys, who are contributing good things to that area. They have an urban garden class starting there this week! And that would be growing vegetables and cooking herbs…and not the kind you smoke, although Prop 19 should take care of that next month 🙂

  31. Ugh.

    More misplaced Hipster angst at another venue being shut down for not…. wait for it…. following the rules everyone else has to follow?


    As much as the owners have their hearts in the right places with creating a space for local art and music, you have to do it the right way or suffer the consequences that all other business owners must if they fail to do the same things that EC has. Just because the place is frequented by Hipster scum doesn’t make it a beautiful or unique snowflake immune to those pesky laws and necessary respect for it’s neighbors.

    Being a Silverlake resident for more than a decade and watching the true artists and tastemakers be forced out of their area by the Urban Outfitter and faux trendsters living 6 to an apartment just so they can carry the zipcode, I’ve been front row center to watch these hipster jackasses holler and puke while staggering to their cars at 2 in the morning. I feel for the residents in EP just like I do for us in Silverlake.

  32. As one of the space owners, I can relate to almost all of the points in this extensive conversation. We never asked to be pitied in our situation, such things were done by the various reporting agencies and we are happy they are spreading our story, but we know we have let our fans and bands down by not following the rules of law, however cryptic they may be. We never set out to be.a full time venue but the overwhelming positive reaction got to us, I guess. We will work to fix these issues buf I can promise you all that we are not trying to become the next Echo or Silverlake Lounge.

    We’ll figure it out, but in the meantime Matt, stop peeing in our driveway. It is where i smoke my dope

  33. Striving for Civility

    I’m a little surprised at the number of “law and order” commenters on the board here who feel that “hipster privilege” and a refusal to obey the law are the real story behind this…

    So I thought it might be interesting to post some selections of the L.A. Municipal Code regarding what it takes to get a Cafe Entertainment permit and the laws in question…

    (b) The business shall provide separate dressing room facilities for entertainers that are exclusively dedicated to the entertainers use.

    (c) No portion of the interior of the premises shall be visible from outside the premises during the hours of operation.

    (f) The business shall provide separate restroom facilities for males and females.

    (g) No operator, entertainer, employee, agent, or manager of the business shall knowingly permit any patron to intentionally caress, or fondle the clothed or unclothed breasts or genitals of any operator, entertainer, employee, agent, or manager of the business, or knowingly permit any operator, entertainer, employee or agent to intentionally caress or fondle the unclothed breasts or genitals of any patron.

    (p) No permittee shall knowingly allow or permit any act of sexual intercourse, sodomy, oral copulation, or masturbation to be committed on the premises, or knowingly permit or allow the premises to be used as a place in which solicitations for sexual intercourse, sodomy, oral copulation, or masturbation openly occur.

    (r) There shall be no beds on the premises accessible to patrons at any time.

    Anyone who feels that this is simply a case of the Echo Curio refusing to follow the law should take a closer look at a law that regulates strip clubs in the same breath as live music and continues that old Mayflower Puritan view of equating Music with licenstiousness. No dancing on Sunday either.

    P.S. — Lot 1 — Points for having a sense of humor.

  34. for the neighborhood

    I am extremely surprised to hear all the negative comments directed towards Echo Curio. I understand that for a very long time there is this resentment of locals feeling like the hipsters are taking over their neighborhood. And honestly in some ways, I can completely understand that resentment. Who wants rowdy young adults pissing on their streets, or breaking glass all over the sidewalks? And the fact of the matter is, that some of these venues bring patrons who engage in this behavoir. However, I do not agree with the stereotyping that this venue brings these types of people that do these acts, and these don’t etc. You have a venue that is open late at night, has alcohol (whether for sale or not) and people are going to get drunk and sometimes do shitty things. This is not the fault of the venue. It is the PATRON’S job to be responsible for their own behavior and actions. If someone in the neighborhood were to go to a local bar, let’s say the Gold Room, get wasted, and come out and shoot someone in the street, do we shut down the Gold Room, and blame the Gold Room for that type of behavoir? No….. we are all individual beings responsible for our own actions.

    However, I DO believe that a venue has the responsibilty to do as much in it’s power to control these situations as possible. And as pointed out above by Lot 1, Grant and Justin do many things to be sure their patrons respect the community the Curio stands in. I have too seen them sweeping the sidewalks. I have also seen them tell people multiple times to come inside the venue if they are being too loud in the street. They also DO NOT allow (when it was allowed) drinks to be brought out in the street.

    I feel like the Curio is the one venue in the neighborhood, that trys to be as diverse as possible. That tries to give back to the community in which it stands in, while not adding to what some feel is the “hipster take over”.

    I’m sure their rent is super expensive, and all they ask if for a donation. The space encourages artists from the community to adorn it’s walls, and everyone is welcome.

    It is the one venue in all of Los Angeles where I have not felt like there is a “scene” or I am not welcome, or that everyone looks the same.

    Yes…..they should have followed the rules like everyone else. I do not disagree. But when the cops don’t even know what the exact guidelines are, how do you expect a couple of D.I.Y shop owners to know them by heart?!

    I think the bottom line is……..They are NOT asking to be spared, or be an exception to any rule. They are not trying to dodge the law, or say that they should be exempt. Now they know that a law is in place, they are doing everything they can from here on out to follow it. Give them a break! They offer an outlet to the community. A place where youngsters are welcome to enjoy music, and art, as opposed to roaming the streets and playing with guns. Do you want more kids in the streets with nothing to do at night?

  35. Not a good point at all boombla.

    Stealing shit from your neighbors and pulling crap off the streets then selling it on blankets in a public park has nothing to do with creativity or improving neighborhood culture.

    Plus, Echo Curio is private property.

  36. While in theory the EC is fine…..great even, if you are a in your early 20s and spend 3 hours to like you just rolled out of bed….but as somebody who lives close enough to hear the (in my opinion) terrible music from my bedroom and to hear the drunk/not drunk annoying patrons stumble back to their cars at 2am…This is a residential neighborhood and the businesses around should respect that. i am beyond thrilled that they got shut down. Whenever I see the crowds outside the EC I dread the night ahead. We have to pay for permitted parking on our street, yet I still see cars without permits parking there and hipsters wandering down to the EC. This along with the general annoyance it creates outweigh whatever good it may bring to the neighborhood. That whole block could go away and it would be fine. Lot 1 is a joke of a business. They opened for about 2 hours 1-2 days a weekend for the last year or so, and now they insist on pretending to be a legit restaurant by staying open late? That could have been a great addition to the neighborhood….but like the EC, the execution is all wrong and now we are stuck with it. The creepy second hand store next door as well. The list goes on. I’m sure the scary ashtray of an owner supports the Curio in the hopes that the patrons may be so drunk when they leave that they will actually eat at her establishment.

    the vomit and broken bottles aren’t ideal…..but thats par for the course when you live in Echo Park.

  37. @Jack – You actually make my point for me. I was hinting at this becoming a completely hypocritical complaint. Echo Park (to generalize) cannot demand illegal vending to be stopped in park and laud illegal venues in the same breath.
    You imply that the park vendors were thieves? I find it offensive that you could say such a thing and then even hint that you would know what improving neighborhood culture means.
    Additionally, if the police targeted EC, it’s because of complaints. That is the only reason they will actively seek to shut down something. So, I would say that EC should do some canvassing of their neighbors and find out if it’s one disgruntled person or whether they have a bigger issue on their hands.
    And @Jack – re the private property argument – There are licenses and codes that everyone must follow – from fire dept regulations to municipal codes to BOE requirements. Property that opens its doors for goods and services becomes subject to regulation.

  38. Beside the permit, they need a security guard. Bottom line. We used to live next door and had Curio goers constantly trespassing, pissing on our house, beer bottles/trash left on our stairs and it was always a task getting in/out of our shared driveway at night becuz people were sitting in it. Someone even had the nerve to knock on our door once to use our bathroom.

    All the other venues/bars in that area have a “respect your neighbors” sign and security guard outside. We talked to them about the trespassing issue and requested a gate at the bottom of the driveway. They put up a gate in the middle of the driveway that neither locks nor closes properly. Being musicians, we really wanted to support the Echo Curio and did until it became a privacy issue for us. We even had our record release party there. The music was never an issue to us, just the trespassing. The first 8 months we lived there, they only had a few music shows a week. It was more of an art space and wasn’t getting as much traffic as it is now. I’m happy for their success, but greater success requires heightened security. I am all for the Curio reopening (I appreciate what Grant & Justin are doing for the indie music community), but think they need to take off their blinders and get up to code.

  39. “That whole block could go away and it would be fine. ”

    This is the attitude of a small but extremely vocal minority in Echo Park. If you live in Echo Park, but curse it’s independent businesses, you are a bitter, curdled, spiteful creature who needs to move your solipsistic corpse to a gated community and let the rest of us have a thriving culture The only reason I follow these hideous, bitchy NIMBY blogs is to keep track of your latest spew of poison. I live in Echo Park. I see the hipsters. I hear the bar outflow. I roll my eyes at the idiotic engine revs up my street at 3am. And to those who cheer the closing of a tiny, independent venue — you are FAR worse. You are the dead weight around the neck of civilization. You are the rotting complaint that must be monitored and placated like a festering toe. You contribute nothing but your century old regulation and misdirected fear. And on some level you realize how sad it is to live in the heart of a city, and curse it for being a city. The world is on your lawn and you want it off. The world must deal with you. But that’s the way the world is.

  40. Some people try hard to grow & evolve, sadly some do not & others don’t know how to support their community.

    @ resident – thx you made me feel a little better.
    @ minks – here’s a link to how the building looked before I bought it & legally removed the drug payphone, painted it (myself), lovingly restored it and built a cafe where it just felt right for the community I love.


  41. incontrolofmybodilyfunctions

    minks you crazy. drugs? really?

    I went to Lot 1. It was pretty great, and I managed to have two beers and some french fries and not puke or pee anywhere. The owners were quite nice. I will go back when I’m in the area.

  42. Minks, your list of accusations and insinuations is telling.

    When you accuse a small restaurant of being a drug front because it isn’t open often enough, when you make a tiny art gallery responsible for the parking issues along one of the city’s largest and busiest streets, when you commingle your personal vision of “decency” with the authority of the state… When you do these things, you reveal yourself to be a shriveled person.

    But your mode of uncharitable, poorly-grounded spite is something cities have always had to deal with, like gum on the shoe of urban society. And so the small restaurant will have to work harder to stay open. The gallery will have to jump through still more hoops to have a band. While you’re at it, maybe you can get a community garden shut down, force a playground to get some extra permits, keep people from loitering on the sidewalks. Indecency and disrespect are rampant, are they not?

    You would be happier in the suburbs, surely. Perhaps somewhere with air-tight code enforcement. Matching paint on the garage doors, carefully manicured lawns with Platonically precise geometry. But perhaps you feel more fulfilled being in opposition. Fighting the people who try to build. Tearing down what you can. Some people are like that.

    But people will keep finding ways to gather and be joyful with each other, indecent though it may be, extra expense and permits though it may require. So it goes.

  43. May I just add, that the spirit of diy venues (I can’t believe I’m saying this because it sounds so cheesy, but it’s really true) is irrepressible. For each venue you shut down another will pop up to meet the demand. In fact, I was just at another spot that just opened within site of EC a few nights ago.

    Needless to say, I was laughing at the futility of these neighbors’ absurd quest to live within the heart of a city and control positive elements that are a natural product of the environment.

  44. in favor of EC and lot 1

    amen @resident. amen.

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