Despite ups and downs, Dov Charney is still probably the richest man on the Eastside

Two years ago Silver Lake resident and American Apparel CEO Dov Charney sat on a pile of company stock worth an estimated $200 million at the time, making him perhaps the most richest resident living between Silver Lake and East Los Angeles.  Since then, American Apparel and Charney have endured some tough times, with talk of a bankruptcy filing earlier this year. Still, Charney – who moved out of an Echo Park bungalow in 2006 after buying  Silver Lake’s former Hathaway Estate for $4.1 million –  has staged several come backs to retain control of the company. In fact, on Thursday, the Los Angeles Business Journal reported that Charney had increased his stake in company to 39.3 million shares. That stock, based on this morning’s share price, is worth $54.2 million. That’s quite a come down from $200 million but still enough to buy more than 2 million pairs of American Apparel Cotton-Spandex leggings.

Photo courtesy American Apparel


  1. Thought you might like to see the reason Dov Charney’s so resilient: he literally lives at the end of the rainbow (or at least did when I saw this scene from our house on September 29):


  2. It’s like a little bit of Irvine in the gated community up on that hill. Very strange.

  3. The most richest?? ??????? Comeon guys. You should edit before you publish.

  4. And while your acceding to Barbara’s demand for better editing, be sure to clean up her typo, too.

  5. And while we’re at it, Will Campbell, let’s edit your post as well. (Change “your” to “you’re.”)

  6. OMG Will Campbell just got played. Change your name to “Chess”, bro.

  7. wow , im surprised you did not use “vitriol” Will Campbell.Your favorite repetitive big word .

  8. There are no parentheses – only quotes. Check yourself before you wreck yourself.

    Plus, let’s stay on topic. This is about Will Campbell.

  9. Darn! You corrected me before I was able to correct myself. It hit me this morning that I referred to quotes as parentheses. Sarah Palin makes up a word and it gets put in a dictionary . . . the rest of us must play by the rules. I refudiate this system.

  10. Ive always wondered who lived in that house. My cousins live in Elysian Heights near alvarado and baxter and as kids we were convinced that it was haunted. It was my dream to someday own that house(or a victorian house in angelino heights) but now i know thats not going to happen.

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