Will the Dodger Express keep rolling next season?

The county Metropolitan Transportation Authority has declared the  Dodger Stadium Express a success, with more than 117,000 Dodger fans getting a free bus ride between the stadium and downtown’s Union Station during the last playing season. The Dodger Express provided a bit of traffic relief for the fans as well as Echo Park and Solano Canyon residents who live near the stadium. But will it be back next season?  The service was paid for by a $300,000 government grant to finance projects that cut air pollution. An MTA official said the agency is seeking more funding but none has been secured so far. “Because of the success of the program, Metro will continue to work with its funding partners on how to possibly fund this service in future years,” the agency said in a press release.


  1. as a born in LA native i used too love the dodgers back in the 1980s . well now a dodger hater “

  2. Well, let’s see …. $300,000 divided by 117,000 fans is $2.60.

    Would folks pay $3 for this convenience?
    Is this cheaper than parking at the stadium?

  3. The Dodger Express is anything BUT an express, at least pre-game.
    45-55 mins. to go from Union Station to the stadium. No bus lanes or unique access makes me wonder if the $300,000 wouldn’t be better spent on subsidizing the MLB’s beer prices inside the stadium. We should slap an ambulance siren on these buses and let them roar through the stalled chaos that is rush hour in LA.

  4. Admittedly I’ve never ridden the “Dodger Stadium Express” (because as a season ticket holder I can actually afford to park there) so I have a few questions that I’m hoping someone can answer…

    1. Does the bus have hydraulics on it? And if it does, does the driver do a “Diamond Tilt” all the way up the hill?

    2. Is there an “Elote Man” on the bus and if so… how much does he charge for the corn with extra mayo and chili on it?

    3. Is there an actual mariachi band on the bus or does the driver just put in a CD with “Low Rider” and “I’m your Puppet” on continuous replay?

    4. Do the video monitors on the bus constantly run old Raiders football highlights, “Secretos” reruns and clips from the movie “American Me”?

    5. Along with the driver is the bus staffed with a barber that shaves heads and a tattoo artist that specializes in prison tattoos?

    I’ve got soooo many more questions but if I can just get these answered to start, it’s be much appreciated!

    Go Doyers!!

  5. Couldn’t we just pass on the expense to guys like DJ Bento Box? I’m sure he could afford it.

    Hey DJ Bento Box, a few questions:
    -Do they ever have Bach symposium’s on replay when you are in your box watching the game on a flat screen tv?

  6. There’s a way to encourage ridership, a dedicated bus lane.

    With that kind of service, people would actually pay for their fares.

  7. I’ve ridden the Dodger Express before, to get home from the Union Station LAX FlyAway. It’s great, quick and I’m home in 15 min. I hope it continues to run!

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