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Daily Archives: December 3, 2010

Save the Date: Weekend Edition

The holiday countdown has begun and this weekend includes several seasonal events and gift sales, including the Lotsa Potsa Pottery Sale at Echo Park Pottery (pictured above).  On Saturday, Elysian Valley celebrates the grand opening of a new biking and walking path along the river and ... Read More »

The twin moons of Debs Park explained

A pair of white orbs floating over the top of Debs Park in Montecito Heights attracted a lot of attention last night.  Photographer Martha Benedict took a shot of the two objects, which were lighting balloons being used to illuminate a film shoot near the pond ... Read More »

Price war breaks out between Eastside LAPD divisions

Earlier this year the LAPD Northeast Division, which patrols the area from Silver Lake and Echo Park to Eagle Rock and Highland Park, announced  it would begin selling The CLUB steering wheel locks  for only $11 (compared to a retail price of about $30)  to help ... Read More »

Eastside Shopper & Diner

K-9 Loft, Echo Park | Photo by Beth Zeigler By Beth Zeigler Our dog, Mayor, is a rescue and apparently his mouth has never met a toothbrush. So we’re taking Mayor down to see the folks at K9 Loft in Echo Park on Sunday when they’re ... Read More »

Before Echo Park was hip

The L.A. Times today published a story – “Echo Park evolves into hipster destination” – about the neighborhood’s bustling nightlife.  The former “no mans land at night” is now one of “L.A. most densely packed night-life corridors, with more than 15 popular bars, clubs and restaurants ... Read More »