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News and items from other parts of the blog & beyond. Updated during the day. “Distraction burglary” costs Echo Park household $10,000. Eastside 911 Burglars hit two Silver Lake homes two blocks apart on the same day. Eastside 911 Tree down at Avenue 60 & Monte Vista, Highland Park. HLP90042 An affordable Echo Park pre school option. School Yard Read More »

“Distraction burglary” costs Echo Park household $10,000

An elderly man living living in the 2200 block of Marathon Street on the border of Echo Park and Silver Lake was returning home last Thursday afternoon, Dec. 16, when he was met at the front door by a man who said he was there to fix the plumbing. The man allowed the visitor to go into the kitchen and ... Read More »

Burglar alert issued for south Silver Lake *

A pair of daytime burglaries in which the victims lost everything from  laptop computers to G.I. Joe dolls prompted police to issue a crime alert for southern Silver Lake.  Senior Lead Officer Mario Mota with the Rampart Division said both crimes occurred about two blocks apart on Thursday Dec. 16, with one crime taking place in the 600 bl0ck of ... Read More »

Elysian Park snowman takes a tumble

The endless rains have not been kind to Elysian Park’s holiday decorations.  The tumbleweed snowmen and snowwomen were finished only last Friday after volunteers from Echo Park and Solano Canyon offered to help Recreation & Park Department workers assemble the decorations. With park staff busy dealing with other rain-related damage, it might be a while before this snowman on Stadium ... Read More »

An affordable Echo Park pre-school option

Imelda Mazas discovered an affordable pre-school in Echo Park, and she wants to share that information with other parents who, like her, can’t afford pricey private schooling but don’t quality for free classes.  Her advice: check out the new Sunshine Academy at the city operated Echo Park Children’s Center, located at 515 Laveta Terrace near Temple Street.  Mazas said by ... Read More »

Cypress Park man molds a business and art out of metal

After managing foundries for 15 years, Gorden Bowen decided to strike out on his own, opening Arts Refoundry out of his Cypress Park home.  However, while his garage works out fine for building molds and other prep work,  it’s not exactly the place where you want to be pouring batches of molten bronze and aluminum.  So,  the 37-year-old Bowen has ... Read More »

News & Notes from Boyle Heights, Echo Park, Glassell Park & Highland Park

Boyle Heights | Photo by Jondoeforty1/flickr More empty space on Figueroa: The Pep Boys  close up shop in Highland Park. 90042 Firefighters extinguish Boyle Heights house fire on Dundas Street. LAFD Former Belmont High and Harvard grad facing deportation. L.A. Times Did you miss it? Glassell Park neighborhood council website is back. GPNC Power plant damage leaves Gold Line trains ... Read More »