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Daily Archives: January 18, 2011

Echo Park Lake is getting cleaned up but toxic threats will remain

Signs have sprouted around the edges of Echo Park Lake informing visitors of an upcoming project to drain and clean up the lake’s waters, which are contaminated with everything from trash to traces of toxic compounds. One of the many challenges to keep those waters clean ... Read More »

Here’s one way to avoid waiting in the Home Depot return line

Many shoppers entering the Cypress Park Home Depot experience a “there-but-for-the-grace-of-God” moment when walking past the line of  impatient-looking  customers waiting  to return malfunctioning cordless drills or PVC pipes that didn’t fit.  At least one Home Depot customer, however, was able to avoid this dreaded ritual, ... Read More »

News & Notes from Echo Park, Highland Park & Montecito Heights

Former Phoenix bakery parking lot, Echo Park | Photo by Orrin Anderson/Flickr Monster trucks to stomp all over Dodger Stadium this weekend. Echo Park Now & Previously on The Eastsider Baby business boom in Highland Park. Highland Park Patch Echo Park bike shop to close. Echo ... Read More »