Wear comfortable shoes and a hard hat on your next Sunday stroll through Silver Lake

Silver Lake landslide on Sunset Boulevard near Benton Way. Photo by Peter Ignacio

Peter Ignacio and his wife and baby were heading home after a long walk in Silver Lake this morning when they began to hear the  sounds of falling dirt and rock. Then a chunk of steep hillside looming over the south side of Sunset Boulevard just west of Benton Way began to tumble on the sidewalk  where they had just walked across.

“We heard some dirt and small rocks at first and then 5 seconds later, boulders, rocks and dirt came tumbling down … Barricades were already there [because] there was already some minor slide material. What came down just as we walked past was exponentially more than what was already on the ground.”

Ignacio said he and his wife had been extra careful walking along this and other sections of Sunset Boulevard located in the shadow of steep hillsides that have been falling and sliding as a result of heavy rains. None of the slides have been very big and there have been no reports of injuries. But the slides have tossed large boulders, tree stumps and piles of dirt on to Sunset Boulevard sidewalks.

This morning’s slide took place a few blocks west from where a small landslide on the border of Echo Park and Silver Lake had blocked a sidewalk on the north side of Sunset Boulevard near Coronado Street for nearly a year. The city had closed off that sidewalk to the public and warned pedestrians to stay away until that slide was cleaned up last month.  That same advice may now apply to this stretch of Sunset as well.


  1. Hard hat and caution, indeed! This section is pretty unstable. Between back-to-back early walks past the slide area Sunday and this morning, I was surprised to see such an increase in fallen hillside between yesterday and today.

    PS. If I had Hulk-like strength (or a Radio Flyer wagon) I would totally roll that big boulder home, which interestingly enough had initially fallen into the street, blocking a parking space. Funny how instead of disposing of the rock entirely, the BOSS crew just moved it off the asphalt and onto the sidewalk, where it will probably sit for the next 11 months as various city agencies ignore — I mean investigate — a solution. In that meantime, pedestrians lose again!

  2. The same thing happening on Glendale Blvd btwn. Riverside and Rowena. Large boulders & debris falling down in a couple sections blocking the sidewalk and twice over the last month blocked the right side traffic lane. Am always extra alert when walking this stretch.

  3. Another hazardous spot is on Glendale Blvd. near Loma Vista Place, just up the street from the Red Lion (on the same side of Glendale Blvd. as the Red Lion). Over the years I’ve noticed rocks and boulders that have crumbled and fallen off that hillside.

  4. There’s another similar cave-in across the street from the Silver Lake dog park/start of the new path where Rockford meets Silver Lake Blvd. A big boulder came down and blocked the sidewalk. It’s pretty messy there anyway, with the dropping of the pine needles, and dirt coming down from Rockford, but this boulder is more of the Wile E Coyote variety than usual.

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