Developer to tone down new Eagle Rock project

The corner of Colorado Boulevard and College View in Eagle Rock is dominated by a five-story, 70-unit senior apartment building called Colorado Terrace. The building has been criticized by many Eagle Rock residents as being way too big – and bright.  An exterior of shade of goldenrod makes this big building seem even bigger. There was plenty of concern among  some residents when the owner of Colorado Terrace, Kurken Alyanakian of DDCM,  announced plans to build another multistory and possibly equally colorful building next door.  The Eagle Rock Association weighed in on the issue, declaring it had no problem with the size of the new building but requested that the developer adopt a more “neutral” palate for the new project as well as the existing senior apartment complex.  In a letter to developer DDCM , TERA states:

“As the developer has acknowledged, the unfortunate color choice for the exterior accents the magnitude of the development and establishes an aesthetic disconnect with the surrounding neighborhood.”

The neighborhood group won a partial victory on the color choice. DDCM agreed to paint the new building in more “neutral tones,” according to the recent TERA newsletter. As for Colorado Terrace, TERA said the developer will plant more sidewalk greenery “to further soften the impact” of the existing building.

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  1. the existing building is way too big, and now another one? Colorado Blvd. needs a master plan, not more hodgepodge development.

  2. Not even the Amazon Rainforest could “soften the impact”.

  3. What an eyesore!

  4. Fire Eagle Rock Concil!

  5. Ummm, I think there are a heck more eyesores than this building. The only blight I see is that I think there’s empty retail.

    I think there’s more blight in both directions from this building, including some of those horrible, dumpy, dated strip malls.

    Just sayin’

  6. Those gigantic bracket lights don’t help things any.

  7. If you read the TERA website and their account of their meeting with the owner you would learn that one reason the building stands out so much is because there is nothing else around it to give it a proper scale. When other buildings and plantings are done, it will not stand out as much.
    The developer had his project approved, his meeting with TERA and his efforts to mitigating the appearance of the properties was not required…read the report, then come back and complain…or, if you live in Eagle Rock, join TERA and work from that side of the issue.
    I’m not a member of TERA and I don’t live in Eagle Rock but I patronize businesses there and over the years I’ve seen the work TERA has done —long before neighborhood councils were considered–and while there is always controvery, their efforts and achievements are considerable.

  8. Yay! This building has bothered me from day one. It doesn’t seem to be able to be leased out either. Maybe its the fact that it looks like a giant square pumpkin that you can see from any vista for miles. I can see it from my house about a mile away. I could see it when I was hiking at the Observatory! You can probably see it from space.

  9. That is not as bad as the ugly Bank of America building that was built on Temple & Beaudry St. in L.A., that has no windows. That messed up my view from Angeleno Heights. This is the ugliest building in L.A., so that is why I have been hating it since it was built. Can someone name a building that looks worst? I didn’t think so.

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