Seclusion has its price in Elysian Heights

There are two ways to get to a newly listed, four-bedroom house in the Fellowship Park section of Elysian Heights: One is down a footpath that changes from brick to gravel to dirt as it descends down a steep hill; the other is a short drive on Fellowship Parkway, a winding road so narrow that an SUV would have trouble squeezing through. But it’s that sense of seclusion on a wooded hillside that has drawn people to Fellowship Park for the past century, including  Rev. Benjamin Fay Mills, founder of the Los Angeles Fellowship, a man historian Carey McWilliams said helped bring the metaphysical movement to the city.  It’s not clear what Mills paid in the early years of the 20th Century when he purchased the hillside that became known as Fellowship Park. But, today, joining that fellowship of property owners has become quite pricey. The asking price for that nearly 3,000-square foot home on Fellowship Parkway is $829,000.

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  1. The house is in Echo Park

  2. Does anyone know what the difference between Echo Park and Elysian Heights is? What are the borders?

  3. this home is in the hills of Echo Park. Elysian Heights is a marketing name created by realtors to distinguish homes higher up in the hills. It’s also the longstanding name of the elementary school at Baxter and Echo Park Ave.

  4. @ jw. I also once thought Elysian Heights was a marketing trick. But if it is a marketing ploy, it’s one that’s been around for more than a century. Stories from about 1900 make mention of an Elysian Heights Improvement Assn. and the name “Elysian Heights” can be found on old tract maps. I don’t know of any specific boundaries but it seems that the name Elysian Heights has been applied to that section of Echo Park north of Elysian Heights Elementary.

  5. Thats funny, what JW says is actually quite the opposite !
    On my tract map from 1927 on Cerro Gordo it says Elysian Heights Tract.
    The marketing ploy was when people started saying “Echo Park Hills ”
    Oh yeah , with “curb appeal”

  6. Just to clarify, although it has kind of been said: Elysian Heights is a section of Echo Park. That is, it is part of Echo Park. So there are no boundaries to divide Elysian Heights FROM Echo Park. As for boundaries of Elysian Heights, I don’t know of anything specific or official either. But Fellowship Park certainly would be part of Elysian Heights.

  7. The LAUSD website for Elysian Heights Elementary says the school was built in 1915. There’s no reference to a name change — so one assumes that Elysian Heights Elementary has been the name of the school from the first. Echo Park includes various neighborhoods including, for instance, Angeleno Heights.

  8. hey, thanks for the specific information, all! I didn’t mean to imply certainty when I made my statement…I just wanted to emphasize that Elysian Heights isn’t distinct from Echo Park–it is within Echo Park.

  9. I’ve lived in the area since 1950 when I was three years old! As long as I recall, Elysian Heights is the area north of Baxter Street. Boundaries include, to the west, Allesandro. To the east, Stadium Way, and to the north, Riverside Drive. It is really that simple and has always been that way. Land/Property north of Baxter Street has, for some odd reason, always commanded a premium and has been considered to be significantly more desirable.

    I hope this brings clarity. Thanks.

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