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The bruising battle between City Councilman Jose Huizar and challenger Rudy Martinez in the 14th Council District has attracted most of the attention in the March 8 city elections.  Getting lost in the media coverage is another city council race in the 4th Council District, which includes western north Atwater Village and Silver Lake. That race finds incumbent and Silver Lake resident  Tom LaBonge competing against Stephen Box and Tomas O’Grady to represent the district . Silver Lake residents will be able to meet and hear from the candidates a Thursday night (Feb. 10)  forum hosted by the Silver Lake Neighborhood CouncilClick here for more forum details.


  1. We’re way overdue for getting rid of the blowhard Tom LaBonge.

    I’m not so sure either of the opponents have the breadth of knowledge, expertise, interest, or experience, but LaBonge is just a bunch of hot air taking money. And LaBonge is REAL quick to stomp on the homeless and struggling renters while he caters to big-money interests.

  2. I know Box well and his, “breadth of knowledge, expertise, interest, or experience” dwarfs that of LaBonge. Box’s years of activism in city government on behalf of the rest of us gives him exactly the tools CD4 needs.

  3. I will admit I have not paid that much attention to this race (I live in CD13) but homeless right is very important to me- Tom could you go into details about LaBonge’s treatment of the homeless?
    thank you

  4. Tomas O’grady is very experienced in dealing with city agencies and always falls on the side of the people and the environment as attested by all his years of volunteer work. On top of that he is fiscally conservative and is proposing to find the money in the salaries and pensions of the highest paid civil servants.

  5. Doreet: As a for-instance about the homeless, LaBonge led the move to kick the homeless people who have lived for many, many decades in cars along Riverside Drive — you know, away from any homes or anything else so they wouldn’t bother anyone — out of there with No Parking signs.

    He didn’t do anything to get them into homes, he just kicked them out of there — and then stood for some publicity pictures to brag about it, with anti-homeless crony Eric Garcetti, who helped kick the homeless out.

    Of course, they were still homeless. Some showed up on a street in Highland Park, only to get kicked out of there.

    All LaBonge has done for the homeless is to constantly vote to gut the rent control ordinance so rents will skyrocket, making even more people homelesss — not exactly a move to get the homeless into housing. LaBonge is one of the biggest sellouts to the landlord lobby, and he shows how callous he is about the homeless.

    That’s just one for-instance.

  6. I believe Tomas O’grady represents the regular guy wanting to work with and for the community. He is not a professional politician but I have seen him getting it done despite the status-quo opposition. He’s been an inspiration to may of us wanting to get involved in our communities. He has kids in public schools, he understands the value of a good public education for all. He is a good business man and wants to bring fiscal responsibility to our district. He is a builder and gets the importance of sustainability.

  7. I can’t speak for homeless services in CD4 (the only one i can think of is the Jeff Griffith Youth Center at Santa Monica and LaBrea. great place) but in CD13 (Garcitties district) we have had at least 3 new housing developments for current homeles (PATH shelter near Sunset and Western) and formerly homeless (2 A Community of friends buildings). so I would disagree about Eric being a anti homelss crone.
    PS- why do I care so much about the homeless you may ask; I am a socail worker at a homeless shelter.

  8. LaBonge and Garcetti both voted to criminalize the homelessness in 2003.

    They also both voted against the rent freeze for tenants in May 2010.

    Both Tom LaBonge and Eric Garcetti voted to criminalize the homeless. The ACLU filed and won a lawsuit against the draconian L.A. ordinance that stated the homeless could not sit, sleep or lie on the sidewalk 24/7. The City was literally rounding up thousands of people who were homeless and throwing them in jail. The judicial ruling was that the ordinance was against the 4th Amendment. Given that Los Angeles only had shelter space for half the homeless population, it was cruel to deny someone the right to sleep or rest on a sidewalk when the City provided no other alternative. The City of Los Angeles lost the case.

    So what was the response from LaBonge and Garcetti? To appeal the lawsuit so that the City could continue to criminalize the homeless.

    They also both voted against a rent freeze for tenants.


  9. Stephen Box is the type of person all Angelenos need on the City Council. He is not part of the wacko fringe or living in the past of what happened where. He is responsive to all and we will all benefit from someone that does not feel an entitlement to the job or one that has other motives. None of his oponents have been part of the various budget meetings to understand the mechanism of how this great city works. Stephen listens and considers all which absolutely separtes him from the other two.

  10. ProudMom: Yes, that is absolutely so. That is another example I was well aware of.

    Doreet: Re those homeless transition places, I have not heard of Garcetti having anything to do with them being planned. The fact that someone else does something in his district doesn’t mean he did it. And ProudMom is absolutely correct that Garcetti (the much of the rest of the Council) tried to throw all the homeless in jail!

    Also, Garcetti and LaBonge not only stopped the rent freeze (even as inflation was below zero), but they have been pushing to gut the rent control ordinance in order to provide for higher rents. And Garcetti was truly horrific in the way he handled it, showed himself to be worse and more conniving and dirty than any politician I have seen in my lifetime — and yes, that says a LOT.

    BTW, I compliment any social worker for the homeless, so I compliment you.

    Just as an addendum, while I can’t cite statistics, it is my impression there are NOT enough shelter spaces for HALF the homeless. A LOT fewer shelter spaces than that.

  11. There is no were near enough space to house all the homeless in any part of LA County. And I have not read (which I admit I have not been following the current election) anything from any one running for an LA City council office is talking about it. It is a big and very complex issue, so I should be thankfully it’s not being turned into political slogans.
    Of the project in CD13 I know about (I work in another city so am not follow LA as closely as I would if I worked here), most are permanent housing for formerly homeless. And there are other projects in the planning stage. (My favorite is on Hollywood and Gower)

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