Daily Archives: March 14, 2011

The most important artist you probably never heard of lives in Solano Canyon

The New York Times’ T-Magazine blog visited with painter Roger Herman, who helped start the Chinatown art scene and has called Solano Canyon home since 1986.  Herman, described as “the most important artist you’ve never heard of,” and his wife,  photographer Eika Aoshima, live in two adjacent homes in a compound that has served as the artistic center of the ... Read More »

Will dark stucco and sleek style sell an Echo Park apartment house?

The architectural firm Marmol Radziner brought its reputation for sleek contemporary design to Echo Park when it created a dark box of stucco and glass for a steep hillside lot overlooking Sunset Boulevard. The four-unit Edwards Apartments on Quintero Street was completed in 2007 and stands in contrast to the conventional looking (some would say fugly) Quintero Townhomes built at ... Read More »

A story about a lost wallet, karma and a bike rider named Eduardo

Alex Mikolevine returned to his Silver Lake home on Friday night when he realized that he had left his wallet atop his car after stopping at an Echo Park gas station.   A nighttime search proved fruitless and Mickolevine had given up trying to recover the wallet when a pack of young bike riders showed up at his home Saturday afternoon. ... Read More »

News & Notes from Highland Park, Mt. Washington & Silver Lake

The poop deck atop the Echo Park Lake boathouse. | Photo by Ken Shelton/Flickr The “delightful and not dangerous” fog of Mount Washington. Patch Is this why there is so much graffiti in Highland Park? ASNC Highland Park community garden gives away more than 400 fruit trees. Patch Warm weather and big spiders return to Silver Lake. Corralitas Red Car ... Read More »