It better be magic gas at $4.13 a gallon

The price of fuel at Echo Park’s Magic Gas service station sent up another four cents today, a repeat of Friday’s increase. “We were too low,” said one employee who, not surprisingly, declined to state his name. He sort of had a point.  While prices topped out at $4.08 a gallon at the Echo Park ARCO station on Glendale Boulevard, the highest price at the nearby Chevron was $4.19 a gallon. Meanwhile, at Sunset Boulevard and Alvarado, the 76 station was selling gas for as much as $4.15 gallon, with diesel fetching $4.25.  The most expensive gas in Echo Park, however, was being sold  at Glendale Boulevard and Temple Street, where Chevron was selling a gallon of supreme unleaded for $4.27.

Those prices, however, might soon seem like a deal, said the employee at Magic Gas. His guess is that gas prices would hit $6 a gallon. He still declined to reveal  his name.


  1. Report them for gas gouging.

  2. it’s all BS. we don’t get oil from libya and as for the others it would take weeks if not more for gas station owners to see a change in their prices enough to pass on to the customer. price gouging is right!

    that chevron on alvarado and temple is the worst offender. they increase it almost every day. avoid them at all costs.

  3. They are taking advantage of the public. I’ve been buying there to support neighborhood business, but now I say the hell with Magic Gas.

  4. I buy wherever it’s cheapest. In Silver Lake, that’s usually Valero at Riverside/Glendale or one of the stations near Costco on Los Feliz Bl. I have to chuckle at the current hysteria over gas prices. in Aug 08, I paid $4.21 a gallon and that was the cheapest around. We’ve been spoiled with relatively low gas prices, while the rest of the world pays a lot more. This is the time when I’m especially glad I drive a Prius!

  5. People can charge whatever the hell they want for gas. We’re the (apparently leaderless) idiots who have allowed our entire way of life to be dependent on the finite resources and plentiful despots of a pretty wild and woolly corner of the world.

    As for gas at $6 a gallon, why the hell not? What are you going to do about it? Start ordering your life for the coming corrections in fuel costs and start thinking about the impacts on your everyday life.

  6. Gas station has nothing to do with gas prices … its all the compony who sells gas to gas stations. They sell for high price to gas stations thats why, gas stations are raising their prices.!!!!

  7. People are upset because gas is over $4 a gallon wait until exxon and all the other oil companies reports new record high profits.

  8. California has just about the highest gas taxes in the country. Whereas just a few years ago, we had a 17¢ per gallon excise tax on gas, similar to that in most other states, it is now 34¢ per gallon in California — that got doubled quite quietly. In addition, California applies the sales tax to gasoline, double taxing it. I don’t know of any other state that double taxes gas, applying both and excise tax AND the sales tax. And it applies that sales tax to the excise tax; that is, it taxes tax!

    At the current prices, and our 9.75% sales tax — about the highest in the country — that sales tax adds in the vicinity of another 35¢ to the price, meaning our state tax on gasoline is in the vicinity of 70¢ per gallon — that compared to more like 17¢ per gallon in other states!

    This tax is why we have the highest gas prices of any state in the country.

  9. About to get a whole lot worse, kiddies.

  10. Oh, I hate to say it, but our gas taxes should be so much higher. Not that I’d love the extra $$ every month, but … better to be spending it on taxes that might pay for decent public transit than, you know, further enriching our friends in the middle east.

  11. Ditto @Lisa ‘s comment.

  12. We are already drastically out of sync with all the other states in how much state gas tax we are paying. And do you see that huge amount of tax going to “decent public transit?” All I’ve seen is MTA fares going up! And plans for toll lanes with tolls that will be so high that only the wealthy can use them, so the rich don’t have to sit in traffic jams.

    Our much higher taxes and prices on gas here only punish us Californians without having any effect on national or international polices or actions. You cannot run international policy from the state level.

    We can be completely and drastically out of sync with the rest of the country and put all Californians on foot and see our economy crash as all businesses and residents move elsewhere.

    But as for enforcing it by high prices, that makes it so ONLY the poorer people have to lose their car and go on foot, getting them out of the way of the wealthy. It makes it so ONLY the poorer people have to contribute to the cause, the rich can continue to do whatever they want and waste and pollute as they please.

    A better, and fairer, approach would be to, say, ban all cars that get less than 30 MPG on city streets — or some other number deemed appropriate. That would make the rich help the cause as much as the poor, and we could keep gas prices at a level reasonable for all, not just for the rich.

  13. I agree with Lisa! We need to focus more on public transportation to lessen our dependency in the Middle East. Gas isn’t gonna last forever!

  14. Expect to pay more for groceries and just about everything else in the coming weeks.

  15. I have a solution!
    Dont drive I stopped driving during the week I ride my bike to work and save the money for fun stuff on the weekend!
    It occured to me I was spending my money to go to work to get more money to give away that is crazy so now I have a lot more money and my car is in better shape!

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