The sounds of Dodger Stadium opening day *

Brass bands-for-hire playing to a Latin-Polka beat competed with DJs and thumping sound-systems in Elysian Park this afternoon  as they performed before crowds celebrating ahead of the season opener at Dodger Stadium . Unlike previous years, today’s opening game begins later in the afternoon, at 5 p.m., which met with the approval of some fans. “It worked out a lot better,” said Oscar, who has attended at least a half dozen season openers. “You get more time to enjoy it here with friends and families.”

While many fans showed up later in the day, LAPD was out bright and early to issue traffic tickets and cite people for drinking in public, said one officer. LAPD, and even some officers with the FBI, are scheduled to be on hand the rest of the day, said on officer on the scene. In fact, police were using the former 76 gas station on the stadium property as a command center, he said.

Echo Park and Solano Canyon residents should prepare for more noise –  including swooping military jets – and traffic as the afternoon progresses.

* Update: The LAPD also seems to be a fan of the opening game’s later start time. Lt. John Cook with the Northeast Division said the later arrival of fans for tail-gate parties gave LAPD units the time “to set the tone” for behavior by issuing warnings and tickets for drinking in public, amplified music and double-parking.  Of course, there was plenty of those things going on this afternoon but no major problems had been reported as of about 3 p.m.

Also, FBI officials were on hand to help the LAPD use surveillance cameras to monitor the crowds inside and outside the stadium, police said.


  1. I’m working from home today and have been hearing sirens in the Elysian Park/Stadium area about every half an hour or more since about noon. Such lovely fans.

  2. So the annoying season begins again… rowdy fans hiding their beer cans as police come by Elysian Park, traffic down and up Sunset Blvd, and the lack of parking spaces for the real residents! Let the fun begin!

  3. Beer cans? I wish beer cans were the worst of it. We get to dodge the used condoms that litter our street. Apparently fans getting a little pre or post game action while taking up residential parking.

  4. Thanks for the heads-up! got to make sure not to run into Dodger traffic on the way home from work today.

  5. Hopefully there will less fans, due to the McCourt boycott. It was in the L.A. times yesterday that a long time fan was not buying his season seats, and that he is not going to any games, until the Dodgers get a new owner. He even turned down a lunch with Frank McCourt. Brian is the man, and I stand with him. Go Dodgers! Go away McCourts! Yeah!

  6. Does anyone have info on the time and path of the military flyover today? I assume it would be a bit before 5:00. I live in Silver Lake/Virgil Village and would love to see this from home!

  7. The McCourts are total idiots !
    Absolutely no regard for the surrounding neighborhoods .
    They stopped opening the gates to the stadium early so people can’t “tail-gate ” within’ the confines of their parking lot .
    So yeah , just let it spill on to the surrounding neighborhood and parks so they don’t have to deal with it !
    Total B.S !
    Gone are the family friendly games with the likes of Steve Garvey , Ron Cey ,don sutton , the O’Malley Family etc….
    I also remember when Bill Russell bought me a beer at the Short Stop pre its hipster re-birth .
    I used to like going to the games every year because the stadium is walking distance .Not anymore .
    As long as the McCourts are running the show , I will not go !

    No gracias !

  8. The Stadium actually opened at 1pm today so I am sure there has been tailgating. And there does not seem to be any reduction in fans as the park and surrounding streets have been busy since 7 am. 10 hours of drinking time! They may not like McCourt but they love the Dodgers! Wish they had a touch more respect for the neighborhood. I keep reminding myself that this is one of the worst days of the season.

  9. I’m glad I’m not the only one here who couldn’t care less about baseball and can’t stand the traffic. Here’s to a crappy season for the Dodgers, so that attendance is low!

  10. Dang, there sure seem to be a whole lot of bitter people living in EP. Can’t wait for White Flight 2.0

  11. What’s a comments section on The Eastsider LA without some racial epithets against white people? Thumbs up, amigo!

  12. Ben is talking about a new caffeinated malt liquor bev b.e don’t take it to heart.

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