Dead man found on Silver Lake Blvd. freeway onramp *

Police this morning were investigating the discovery of a body on the Silver Lake Boulevard onramp to the southbound 101 Freeway. The freeway entrance near the southern edge of Silver Lake has been closed as investigators try to determine how the victim – described as a male in his 20s – died, said Lt. Wes Buhrmester with the Rampart Division.  Buhrmester provided more details about the incident:

At approximately 10:32 a.m., multiple calls were broadcast of a possible dead body on the [onramp] phoned in by passersby on the freeway. CHP and LAPD officers responded, and discovered a male in his 20s, deceased.  An examination of the victim by paramedics revealed no visible signs of trauma, and he had no injury consistent with being hit by a vehicle.  The [onramp] is closed for this investigation.

A coroner’s investigator is enroute, and their opinion as to cause of death will guide our investigation.  If it is an overdose or natural causes, detectives will likely not respond, but if his demise came at the hands of another, they will.

*Update: Evidence at the scene suggests the victim died from a “fatal drug ingestion,” said Buhrmester in a comment to this post.

Correction: A previous version of this post said the body was found on the freeway offramp, according to early police reports. More recent reports, however, say the body was found on the on-ramp.


  1. I don’t get why they wouldn’t pursue the case had this been an overdose, what if his friends were the ones who threw him out of the car, they should be held accountable in a sense I suppose.

  2. At 12:50 p.m., the officers cleared the scene, along with the invesigator from the Department of the Coroner. The cause was preliminarily classified as being undetermined, pending an autopsy. Evidence at the scene was consistent with fatal drug ingestion. The case will be pursued, as the possibility still exists that an intentional overdosing could have occurred.

    The people who left the victim there will be located, if possible, and interviewed. We owe it to the victim, and his family and friends, to conduct an investigation and at least find out why they left him at the side of a road, rather than taking steps more befitting a person in distress and need. As of this post, the decedent has been identified, but the coroner’s investigator is working on notifying the next of kin, therefore his identity will not be made public at this point.

    (213) 484-3400

  3. Sad.

    Crazy that no one reported it all morning until 10:32am.

    Thanks Wes, you are always the best.

  4. yea thnx for the info wes, glad you guys are going to pursue it. Good luck

  5. Regarding this incident, the decedent was identified as Karabed Garo Hoogasian, 32, of Glendale. The Coroner’s Office conducted an autopsy, and their findings were consistent with death by drug overdose. Narcotics and paraphernalia were found in his clothing, and there was no sign of trauma or other factor which would have caused death. Upon receipt of toxicology tests, the coroner will make a final determination of death, which will likely be an accidental overdose.

    The family has been notified of his death, and they were interviewed by detectives, as to who may have dropped him off at the location. Friends and acquaintances were also interviewed, and none had knowledge of how he arrived there. With no further leads and the coroner’s finding that no foul play is involved, the investigation is now suspended, pending further information upon which to work. For example, should toxicology disclose an inordinately large amount of narcotics were ingested, or poisons were present, the case will be reopened.

    (213) 484-3400

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