Planning Commission approves 62-unit Echo Park housing project

The Planning Commission this morning unanimously approved plans for the 62-unit Sunset Flats housing development in Echo Park over the objections of nearby residents who had complained about the size of the Sunset Boulevard project. “This is too big. This is too tall. There is nothing flat at all [about it],” said one woman who spoke before the commission.

But the commissioners, who had asked the developer for modifications during a meeting last month, for the most part hailed the development that – at its highest point- would rise nearly 70-feet above Sunset Boulevard near Mohawk Street.  Commission President William Roschen described the project as “exemplary” and said its size and density were appropriate for Echo Park. “This is one of the most well integrated projects I have seen on my time on the commission.”

Kate Hennigan, planning deputy for Councilman Eric Garcetti, described the project as “well designed.” The council office never took a position on the project during public hearings.

The commission voted on a request by the developer to build a project that was bigger and more dense than currently allowed. Many neighbors were concerned about the height and size of Sunset Flats.  In addition, the only parking garage entrance  for residents who would live in the complex would be located at the top of the hillside lot on Elsinore Street, which would funnel more traffic into the residential neighborhood.

Today, the developer presented revised plans to deal with parking issues but, for the most part,  most of the parking spaces would still be accessed only by driving down Elsinore Street.


  1. Of course they did

  2. What a tragic decision for this community. Time for Ms. Hennigan to stop going to meetings and start returning long-ignored telephone calls.

  3. As always we suffer so business can profit.

  4. What is the point of zoning restrictions if every time a developer wants a waiver so he/she can build too much, the city just grants it, and no matter how much community opposition.

    Of course, part of the blame goes to the Neighborhood Council, which approved the project, giving cover to the city administrators who granted the waiver.

  5. I’m not really sure why the people that live in the neighborhood don’t actually have any say on developments that will take place to irrevocably change the quality and the character of the neighborhood.

    I wonder where the hell “Exemplary” Bill Roschen lives and what sort of development he would like in his neighborhood.

    I’d also like to see a copy of the petition that Mizrahi supposedly wandered around Echo Park collecting signatures for…

    Buncha Garbage.

    This place is going to be the tipping point that transforms Echo Park into Hollywood or the Westside….


  6. Some of these height concerns are a bit misleading. It’s a steep hillside. The little psychic shop on Waterloo probably towers “nearly 70 feet” above Sunset.

  7. The developer is providing a lot of affordable housing on Sunset Boulevard. In order to do that, they do need a few deviations from the Code.

    I can’t believe the audacity of people who own property directly behind a major corridor and complain about traffic impacts. Change can be a positive thing. And if you don’t like it, maybe a dynamic neighborhood like EP isn’t for you.

    • Preach it! I’m always shocked by the number of NIMBYs when it comes to the development of affordable housing in Los Angeles.

  8. These nimby folk like walkable neighborhoods, but that requires density… now they’ll have more neighbors and more shops, and perhaps a little more traffic, but the way to reduce traffic citywide is to make the city more dense, and this project is great for that.

  9. @voiceofreason: You ain’t!!!

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