Police searching for clues and answers in the murder of a Silver Lake cyclist

Ghost Bike memorial for Manuel Santizo. | Photo by Will Campbell/Blogging L.A.

LAPD homicide detectives continue to search for information as to why Manuel Santizo was shot and killed while riding his bike earlier this month on the western edge of Silver Lake.  Police have said the shooting on the evening of Sunday, April 17 near Hoover Street and Del Mar Avenue was gang related. But detectives have not ruled out other motives, including road rage, said P.J. Morris, homicide detective with the Northeast Division. In addition, while the suspects are believed to be gang members, officers have found no evidence that Santizo had gang connections. “There is no indication that Manuel was a gang member. Nothing, nothing at all,” Morris said.

However, Morris noted that detectives are trying to find out more about Santizo and what he was doing shortly before a vehicle bumped his bike from behind, knocking him to the ground. The occupants of the vehicle then opened fire, hitting Santizo multiple times as he lay on the ground. Santizo, who lives near the site of the shooting, was headed home but it was not clear where he had been. His family said it was the first time the 28-year-old had ridden his bike in several months.

Dectectives are also sorting through rumors and other pieces of info. Some persons have said Santizo had been involved in a verbal argument several blocks away and that he was being followed. “But we have not proven that,” Morris said.  Also, Morris is puzzled by the fact that the shooters took the time to run down Santizo’s bike before opening fire. In most drive-by shootings, the suspects waste no time in firing their weapons and then fleeing from the scene. “It’s not indicative of a [typical] gang, drive-by shooting,” Morris said.

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Persons with any information about Santizo’s shooting  can call  Crime Stoppers at (800) 222-TIPS (800-222-8477).


  1. Very scary and sad. I hope they figure out who did this. Makes me nervous to ride my bike.

  2. Please find the culprits, LAPD. This neighborhood and the cycling community at large is counting on you.

  3. “There is no indication that Manuel was a gang member. Nothing, nothing at all,”

    really? check out the curb….

  4. D,

    What’s your point? He happened to be killed right where there was already graffiti on a curb. So what? Was he also a gardener because he was killed in front of some well-manicured hedges? Maybe he also paved streets for the city, because he was killed on a city-maintained public street.

  5. @B.E. – Considering the graffiti on the curb reads “RIP”, I think it’s fairly obvious it was not already there.

  6. I hope any who are basing the appearance of the graffiti on the curb as reason to entirely disregard the investigating detective’s statement and readily presume the deceased was a gangmember will at least consider providing less weight to such circumstantial spraying. It could have been sprayed there by a gangmember who knew Manuel. It could have been sprayed there by someone trying to make it seem as if Manuel was in a gang. Such a thing is strictly circumstantial at this point.

    So for me when I read of Detective Morris saying “There is no indication that Manuel was a gang member. Nothing, nothing at all,” I’m going to give that a lot more credibility than a few shots of Krylon on the curb near where Manuel Santizo was murdered.

  7. @D.
    graffiti does not equal gang. plenty of kids who paint have absolutely no gang involvement. it’s means of expression for some, unsightly as it may be to others.

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