Silver Lake gelato maker scoops up Echo Park outlet

Five years after it opened its doors in Silver Lake, Pazzo Gelato will be adding a second, larger outlet about a mile east in Echo Park’s Citibank building.  Pazzo Gelato & Cafe is scheduled to open in June on the ground floor of the Sunset Boulevard office tower, Echo Park’s tallest building, said Pazzo owner Mike Buch.  In addition to its signature gelatos, the Echo Park Pazzo will also sell sandwiches, baked goods, coffee and fresh-squeezed juices to cater to the building’s more than 250 workers as well as nearby residents.

“We like the location. There is a lot of patio space in the front,”  Buch said. “It’s a totally cool building …very ’60s.”

Buch will have 400 more square-feet of space to play with in Echo Park and Silver Lake. But Buch does not plan to offer more gelato in Echo Park, which will be equipped with a display case that can hold 18 flavors versus 24 for the Silver Lake outlet.  Instead, the Echo Park store will feature an expanded line of vegan-friendly deserts that will feature such traditional gelato flavors as hazelnut and pistachio, Buch said.

Expect the shop to open at 7:30 a.m., to serve those officer workers, and close as late at 10 p.m.


  1. Besides this beautiful weather, my health, family and job, this news just really elevated my day!!! Yeay! Keep the prices the same or lower though!

  2. Excellent news but why are we getting less flavors? We have many choices for sandwiches in Echo Park but none for gelato. Please rec0nsider this decision!

  3. This is SO great, absolutely awesome news to read!
    Hopefully the cantaloupe is one of the 18th as i intend on surviving off of it this summer!

  4. fantastic news. i always walk by this little spot and think, “hmmm, it deserves better.” dreams do come true. ; ) anyhow, it’ll be lovely seeing folks out on the patio space enjoying gelatos on warm summer evenings.

  5. Vegan options always welcome here! I hope they make lots of vegan sandwiches along with the vegan gelatos!

  6. My thinking’s been the same as Mark’s. I’ve always pulled a “wouldn’t it be nice if…” when passing that patio area. Very cool.

  7. Sounds great! Happy about the vegan options too!

  8. i love this space…but vegan?
    why do I feel like the vegans are taking over echo park?

  9. Julie’s onto something. Instead of gentrification we need to start addressing veganification!

  10. instead of complaining about people with better diets than you, why don’t you step away from the laptop and open a restaurant that serves what you’d like to eat? all food is welcome as far as I’m concerned.

  11. “Better diets”. It’s nice that all food is welcome to you, but maybe you could be a wee bit less judgmental.

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