A Blockbuster of a vacancy to fill in Eagle Rock

The closure of the Blockbuster Video at Eagle Rock and Colorado boulevards has left a big empty building at one of the neighborhood’s most prominent intersections. What’s going to replace the Blockbuster outlet, one of the many stores closed by the bankrupt chain, at the northwest corner? Another boutique,  bistro or beer-making shop? Probably not. In the most recent e-mail newsletter from The Eagle Rock Assn., Bob Gotham, head of group, said the talk is the 6,200-square-foot building is being eyed by a bank:

Many years ago Security Pacific Bank was located in the building recently vacated by Blockbuster. Why not a bank again? Several folks have told me that Chase Bank will be occupying the building in the future. However, my contact in the public relations department of Chase Bank indicated that they are in the process of considering the location, but that no final decision has been made regarding a Chase Bank at the Blockbuster location.

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  1. Yep, that was a Security Pacific branch back in the day. It’s a nice enough building, and it’d be great to get rid of that awful blue awning.

  2. No, not a bank! Please open a gym, we need a good gym in Eagle Rock . Right now the only choices are XTC which costs $99 a month, Curves which is a waste of time, or Cardio Barre which is never open. A Gold’s Gym or small independent gym would be a perfect addition to the neighborhood. A gym would draw more business to the area rather than a bank, we have enough banks in Eagle Rock!

  3. A gym would be nice in that location, do we really need two Chase banks, what are they going to do open another branch and staff it with one of their two tellers at the other branch. Chase bank when you have nothing better to do than stand in line.

  4. Eagle Rock needs a good Chinese restaurant. Then again, so does every neighborhood on the Eastside.

  5. A teller at the Wells inside Vons said it was going to be another Wells Fargo Branch.

  6. Lame. no banks, something that would enhance our community!

  7. Common Optimism

    I think a new bank branch is a great idea! How about bank office building? A 4-storey building might be appropriate, maybe it include a Charles Schwab branch, too. There is one Charles Schwab in Glendale and one in Pasadena, but the Pasadena one is small. A finance center for the “ER” is a great idea!

  8. Here is what I want…
    1. An Eagle Rock Brewery and Bistro
    2. A good BBQ place
    3. A Chipotle (I know, I know.)
    4. A live music venue
    5. A decent (read: well-priced) used book store

  9. How about a martial-arts/Massage/Pot Dispensary Mall?

  10. Eagle Rock could you an really interesting home & garden center like the one on Los Feliz Blvd.

  11. Some may agree with me while others should agree… I think a Boston market should open up at this vacant location. Chase is less than a half mile away, Chinese food is down the street also (OK Chinese or Panda)…

    Boston Market IMO.

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