Found: Terrier in Solano Canyon

A Solano Canyon resident named Victoria is seeking the owner of an American  Staffordshire Terrier:

This beautiful young pup wandered onto our property this afternoon. My husband found her when he was pulling into our yard. We live on Solano and Bouette. Please repost & spread the word. She is really affectionate, well-behaved, clean and well-adjusted. It’s difficult to believe  someone just dumped her. I walked around the neighborhood with her to see if she recognized her home. None of our neighbors recognize her. She’s missing her mommy and daddy. You can contact me at vrharding@gmail.com

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  1. My husband just reminded me, that people might not be keen on AST as a breed. She’s a “pit bull”. A lovely, sweet, gentle pit bull. 🙂

  2. Our neighbor reading the Eastsider just informed us that she was a possible “doggie dump” in Elysian Park and has been roaming the park some nights before. We are now trying to find her a good home where she will be loved and cared for not dumped like yesterday’s trash. She deserves better than that.

  3. Poor little sweetie. My house is full, I wish I could help you out. Thank you SO MUCH for taking her in.

  4. What a sweet baby! Thank you for taking her in….I have a house full and have also found a few roving unfixed male pits over in my neighborhood that my neighbors and I have luckily found homes for…I don’t understand these “doggie dumps” !!
    You may want to try some local rescues such as Angel City Pits or Karma Rescue. Many rescues are full, but it’s worth a try! Otherwise I hope you find her a loving home soon!!

  5. I love her adorable markings 🙂

  6. She has freckles on the back of her neck, too ! Thanks for the heads up on the local rescue centers. We’re going to start in earnest with placing her. My husband and I will be calling around rescues and no kill shelters. We will also be trying to find a family for her as well.

    She’s really enjoying our huge yard and hasn’t barked at any other dogs, including our next door neighbors dogs or when i walk her in the neighborhood. this afternoon i walked her in one hand and my two year old’s stroller in another. she takes walks very well, even though she is a high spirited puppy still! if you hear of anyone interested in her, please have them email me. 🙂

  7. It’s kind of you to take her in. Please don’t place her before turning her into the shelter that covers the area in which she was found (N Central on Lacy St, I believe)
    It’s not good enough just to call shelters. They are overrun with dogs/cats/people searching, etc., and the best way to find out for certain whether an owner looking for her is to let the shelter keep her safe for a few days. They will check for a microchip, and if the owners don’t claim her, she can be adopted (by you or someone else) will be vaccinated, spayed and then she is LEGALLY yours to keep or place in a good home.

  8. @DogLvr – thank you for your input. Our vet checked her out and she’s already been spayed and does not have a microchip. I would not care to put her in Lacey because it is a HIGH KILL Shelter. Overall, Amstaffs and pit type dogs do better with a foster than they do in a shelter environment because they are very social animals.

  9. We did take one dog we found to shelter so he’d be checked for chip and neutered and my neighbor bailed him right back out after the hold. BUT, if your vet already checked for microchip and the dog is spayed I’d keep her out of Lacy. They somehow “lost” another stray dog that a friend brought in there and they are just so overpopulated and understaffed, and yes, high kill. Post found dog flyers, talk to neighbors etc, but city shelter would be my LAST resort. They are just too understaffed and full of pits right now to take the chance.

  10. And yes, agreed re the social animal part. The male pit we did take there was so scared….they’re very people oriented and do very well with loving fosters. Wish I could help you more!! She sounds like such a great pup! 🙂 Keep me posted…

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