Man found dead near Silver Lake onramp died of drug overdose

The man whose body was found near a freeway offramp in Silver Lake last month most likely died of an accidental drug overdose, according to authorities.  The body of Karabed Garo Hoogasian, 32, of Glendale  was discovered  on the morning of April 23 near the southbound Silver Lake Boulevard onramp to the Hollywood Freeway.  The results of a Los Angeles coroner investigation “were consistent with death by drug overdose,” said Lt. Wes Buhrmester with the Rampart Division.  In a comment posted today on The Eastsider, Buhrmester said:

Narcotics and paraphernalia were found in his clothing, and there was no sign of trauma or other factor which would have caused death. Upon receipt of toxicology tests, the coroner will make a final determination of death, which will likely be an accidental overdose.

Detectives have not been able to find out who dumped Hoogasian’s body next to the freeway following interviews with family and friends. Click here for more details on the investigation.


  1. May not be the same person, but a “Jack Garo Hoogasian”, 32, male, from Glendale had multiple arrests for meth, marijuana and possession of stolen property. Doesn’t lessen the pain for his his family and friends I’m sure but may put it in some context. Sorry to see another life lost to drugs.



  2. Investigate! Liars! This was never investigated and Anthony….I’m sorry you scum…wrong drug. Cops lie. Glendale cops do drugs. I could put out names if I want. Don’t mention my cousin.

  3. I pass this area often, and till this day I personally, I have no closure. Clearly, he was dumped out of a car and because I know the streets, I didn’t even want anyone blamed for not trying to help him, because I’m sure they were all doing the same thing. I however would’ve liked to know if he planned it out, or what not, because his grandmother raised him. She went into a coma that week and they both always wanted to die together. Sure enough, we had a double funeral and I sit here wondering, if it was intentional or not. Did he leave behind any messages. I learned in college, that investigations, that have to do with prositutes and those who have records, are overlooked…ppl just have the mentality, of Scumbag Anthony above, so as long as it doesn’t effect them…it doesn’t matter. Well Garo was a middle child and given up as a baby to be raised. To be fair…his mom is severely handicap, as is his older brother, so it only seemed right, that his mom get help, from her mom…but she still had a 3rd child after giving him up, his dad was perfectly healthy/an amazing father to the other two before he passed and they are financially well off, so Garo went his whole life not having parents involved with his first words, to first walk, to school luncheons, when his parents were alive and able. My cousin was always really trying to block his hurt/pain and he never talked about it. So I’m just making sure it’s known that he wasn’t just someone with a record. He was the best cousin anyone can ask for, until he got to the age, where ppl kept criticizing, without understanding. I love you Garo and you stay on my mind and in my heart…always and forever…until I see you again.

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