Police investigating Historic Filipinotown homicide *

The body of an elderly transient who was apparently beaten by a group of men was found amid his blankets this morning next to a Beverly Boulevard building in Historic Filipinotown. Homicide detectives were checking an eyewitness report that the man, believed to be about 65 years old, was beaten by a group of two to four men earlier today, according to Lt. Wes Buhrmester with the Rampart Division.  A pedestrian found the victim, whose face showed signs of injury, shortly before 8 a.m. at 2515 Beverly Blvd. about a block east of the Orignal Tommy’s burger stand at Beverly and Rampart Boulevards.  “Several officers recognized him from the area,” Buhrmester said.

* Update on Thursday, May 19: A 45-year-old woman was arrested in connection with the murder; three male suspects are still being sought. The Eastsider


  1. that’s terrible! i hope they catch those perps.

  2. Solano_Mom,

    You and me both hope they’re caught. This was one of the saddest I’ve seen, the poor fellow was worked over quite savagely, and by appearance, he was not a physical specimen or very imposing. Plus, he was accosted by more than one person while he was on the ground. Detectives do have a few positive leads, and I will keep the readership posted.

    If anyone has any observations or information they think may be of use, please call or e-mail me, or call our homicide unit at (213) 484-3650. The location in question is the office building on the northwest corner of Beverly Blvd. and Coronado St.

    [email protected]
    (213) 484-3400

  3. This is so disturbing. Just a few blocks from where I live. I used to walk to Tommy Burger for a late night snack after a night out. I stopped doing so when I was stopped and hassled by a couple of cholos asking where I’m from and “looking for the guy who killed their friend”. HiFi is such a safe family neighborhood during the day, but at night it can be very frightening.

  4. It brings back terrible memories of when I lived in K-town, and some perps set John on fire – John was one of our local homeless men and a fixture in our neighborhood. Please keep us posted, Lt. Wes.

  5. @ Lt. Buhrmester, thanks for the update and all your work! PLEASE keep my wonderful family neighborhood safe and get these animals off our streets!

    What type of beasts could do this to another living soul is beyond imaginable. As a long time resident (and female), I walk my dog pretty late at night and have never had any problems. I have great neighbors who look out for one another. Despite this horrible incident, HiFi is a great place and is still pretty tame overall. Let’s keep it that way! If you witnessed anything, please call it in! The animals that did this should be off “our” streets and never placed back into society as they have no regard for human life.

  6. What a shock! I saw the one Fire Department Paramedics truck and one police car as I drove by this morning… I saw a pile of blankets (was the man beneath them?) and a paramedic with a laptop…I remember asking myself if there had been a death…but didn’t imagine murder…a very calm scene masking the violence only a short time before…I’m taking a moment to reflect on the fragility of life. Peace.

  7. What the f*&^ is wrong with people? We’re not in the era of brutally beating innocent people. We’re evolved. Point Blank. Educate, get educated, please. F!!! these people

  8. To KUcello, you know what kind of people do this. COWARDS, who prey on helpless.

  9. An arrest has been made in this case. Some readers of The Eastsider will have their doubts, but the relationship between the homeless community of Rampart and the officers is not always a fractious or adversarial one. The Department realizes that while the homeless do offer law enforcement challenges regarding a degree of crime and quality of life issues, they are as deserving of police service as anyone else. Very often, they are the victims of crime. Arrests, moving these men and women around, or ignoring them are not in and of themselves an effective means of dealing with the issue.

    An interesting aspect of the homeless community is that, like any community, many of them know each other. That was the case here. Several people, homeless and otherwise, approached the officers at the scene, offering information they felt would be helpful. They were acquaintances with the victim. As a result, Norma Rios, 44, Los Angeles, was arrested yesterday at 2:30 pm. She was booked for murder at the Metropolitan Detention Center, with bail set at $1,000.000. The victim’s beating stemmed from a prior incident between the two.

    Three other suspects, younger males, are being sought, and detectives are working on that. The victim was identified as a 70-year-old Los Angeles resident, whose name has not been released pending notification of next of kin.

    Detective Chris Linscomb worked on this case from 8:10 am yesterday, when I notified him about it, until the wee hours of this morning. If you recognize his name, he’s also one of the investigators on the Michael David shooting. Again, this may spur disbelief, but homicide detectives put in a great amount of work when someone is taken from us here in Rampart and in the City, whether they be a socialite, a citizen homeowner, or a transient who is down on their luck.

    [email protected]
    (213) 484-3400

  10. @cin,….agreed…they are the COWARDS of life!
    @ Lt. Buhrmester & Detective Chris Linscomb, It’s officers like you who help restore the faith of the people here in Echo Park. It is with deepness I offer a sincere THANK YOU for the actions taken surrounding both the Michael David case and the poor homeless man on topic. The irony of the polar lives of both these men is a reminder that no life is a lesser one and both will be missed.

    Stay involved Echo Park!…..keep watch for each other and take back our streets!

  11. @ Lt. Wes Burhmester, I just want to express how much I appreciate your input here, keeping us informed and reminding us that the police really do care a lot about our neighborhood. You guys do heroes’ work every day, trying to keep us all safe while dealing with the worst that humanity has to offer. Thank you.

  12. 65 is elderly?!

  13. Thanks SO much, Lt. Buhrmester & Detective Linscomb! I know all your officers are out there every day risking their lives for us, and we appreciate it! I live in Silver Lake and just heard that a woman was arrested for stealing property from several of my neighbors. Our longtime neighborhood LAPD liason, Officer Al Polhonki did a great job in following up on several leads generated by my neighbors and she was apprehended. Thanks to all of you heros in the LAPD! You are much appreciated. Be careful out there.

  14. Thanks KUccello, Susan and Sandy ,

    No heroes, really, just guys with a fun job and taking it seriously. With all occupations, there are employees who go to work just to pick up the paycheck, but I like to think that most officers don’t go for that sole purpose, and do our jobs with a passion and knowledge of a tradition to uphold.

    [email protected]
    (213) 484-3400

  15. Norma Rios was found guilty of second degree murder yesterday. The police and prosecutors office did a great job and are still looking for the other three people involved in the crime, including her son.

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