Second night of Echo Park gunfire

Echo Park residents living near Sunset Boulevard and Laveta Terrace reported hearing gunfire at about 11 p.m. tonight but police could find no evidence of a shooting.  “As far as I know, no one there was  injured,” said Sgt. Herb Chang with the Rampart Division.  A police helicopter hovered overhead for several minutes as LAPD patrol cars arrived on the scene.  One woman who lives near Laveta Terrace and Laguna Avenue said in an email that she heard two shots “super close to me” shortly before 11 p.m.:

5 minutes later helicopters were roaming, then a couple of patrol cars down Laguna Ave …. silence for a couple of minutes .. now I hear them further away … now they are right above again.  Hope everyone is ok.

Tonight’s reports of shots fired comes after gunfire was heard at about the same location on Sunday night. In that case, one  merchant said he spoke to a man who said he had been grazed by a bullet. However, police this morning said they had received no reports of injuries.

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  1. I lived at the corner of LaVeta Terrace and Allison Ave (one block South of Sunset) from 2004 – 09 and heard gunfire All The Time, starting the first week I moved in. Usually 5 rounds in rapid succession. In ’08 – I heard rounds almost every other Sunday night, for months on end. Now I’m in East LA’s City Terrace, where the sidewalks roll up at 7pm. In more than two yrs only 2 search choppers have flown over my house. Glad to be out of EP.

  2. @ City Terrace

    Yeah it’s really interesting. I lived in Echo Park from 2004-2008 on Allesandro and Berkeley. We heard this crap all the time. Sometimes drive by’s going up Berkeley at 3:30pm on a Thursday, or 9:00pm on a Saturday, 2am on a Sunday. Sometimes 3 nights in a row. Right before we moved to West Adams/Adams-Normandie area we had a gun battle in front of our building and heard two people running into our back yard of our complex to hide. It was really rediculous. People thought we were crazy for moving to South LA but I have heard gunfire 2 times in 3 1/2 years here, where as there I heard that about 3-6 times a month. It’s really interesting people’s impressions of “scarier” neighborhoods and how they compare to EP sometimes. We have a neighborhood watch. I am friends with all my neighbors here, and i have my Senior Lead Officer’s cell phone number. The 3-4 years I lived in EP all my neighbors ignored my attempts at saying “Good Morning.” No interest in knowing your neighbors across the street.

  3. Four years or so ago we were in our home in Montecito Heights watching the Sopranos when someone let off four or five rounds right outside our window. We hit the floor and called 911. (OK, the irony was not lost on us.) Since then gunfire has become less frequent. I think for sure it’s because of the Eastsider blog, social networks, etc., leading to better communication with the LAPD and more importantly–and regardless of all thorny issues related to gentrification, what is Eastside, etc.,– making gunfire unacceptable in our neighborhoods, which is good for everyone, especially kids.

  4. @EP to WA–funny, I had pretty much the opposite of your experience. I lived in West Adams while going to USC, and in those 4years I had to sprint away from muggers, had two bikes stolen and was stuck in my house for 2 hours while SWAT teams with guns combed the streets looking for murderers (to name a few examples). Echo Park is the friendliest place I’ve ever lived. I’m friends with all the neighbors on my block and I’ve never felt unsafe–people watch out for each other around here. Don’t judge the character of an entire neighborhood by your bad experience. Martin is right, things are getting better.

  5. I heard the two very loud shots last night, too. The subsequent choppers flew overhead and then came the cruisers. If this coming summer is anything like last summer, I expect gunfire to increase as the temperature rises.

  6. i’m an echo park native and have realized that echo park has many “micro” neighborhoods each seemingly very different. it’s interesting that we’ve all had such disparate experiences there..

  7. thanks for your input “ep born”. interesting point you make. in the past ten years i have worked and lived all over Los Angeles. i think there are dangerous areas in every part of town and with the flow of so many people passing thru, it seems as if any where can be dangerous at a moments notice. i have run into “bad guys” every where from Bel Air, Hollywood Hills, downtown, Pasadena, Santa Monica, and all the places in between.
    mostly, i run into respectful, hard working people that are very diverse.
    always watch your back and be aware, it’s big city.
    really appreciate the thorough reporting on theeastsiderla.com.

  8. Within neighborhoods, it really is block by block (even house by house). Living in an area with a lot of multi-unit buildings is an entire different experience than, say, a block of single family Victorian houses. Several years ago when I was living in Angeleno Heights a pedestrian was fired upon @ Laveta and W Kensington in the middle of the day. The cops came by and circled the nine bullets on the ground, took photos, and left. Just another day. It’s a stunning juxtaposition: violence right next to million dollar houses, in one of the most gentrified and aspirational neighborhoods on the East Side.

  9. @ Becca I wasn’t saying i don’t like Echo Park at all. Actually I love Echo Park. So my comment was not a “screw that place” kind of thing. It was just a comment on personal experience AND i’m not surprised you had that experience at all in West Adams. Like the above comment said, micro neighborhoods. Even where I live, a lot changes 4 blocks south or 2 blocks West, so I don’t doubt you had a bad experience. I happen to be fortunate enough to live in a small area that has a really intense neighborhood association and that system works.

    I was just speaking from personal experience. I mostly moved to West Adams to cut my commute in half and rent an amazing 1912 craftsman bungalow for pretty cheap, but the community aspect was something I didn’t expect. So TRUST ME, i didn’t move to West Adams because i thought it was safer.

    That strip of Allesandro behind AM/PM I just had some disheartening encounters with my neighbors. Like witnessing my hispanic neighbors screaming at the black kid in my building because he moved his trash cans so he could park. A parking spot turned into the dude and his wife calling him the N word repeatedly infront of his toddler and telling him to go back to Africa and threw a brick at him which fractured his wrist. Not to mention the constant domestic violence issues in my building which usually would work their way through our building or out in the street.

    There was a lot of racial tension and drama on our block and the gunfire was just icing on the cake. We actually expected the same BS in WA but as soon as we moved in our neighbors of all ages and races welcomed us with open arms. I know some areas of EP are nicer than others and we just lived on one of those blocks where the same house was getting shot at constantly. So same for you don’t judge an entire neighborhood based on your experience. I was just adding to City Terrace’s comment.

    Again I love Echo Park.

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